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Immanuel German Evangelical Lutheran Church
Membership List
Belvidere, Illinois

Now known as Immanuel Lutheran Church

Transcribed and Contributed by Martin W. Johnson, Historian

First List Compiled About Aug. 17, 1870

Formatted here by K. Torp

Some Surnames Have 2 Dashes Above A, O, U. = Ae, Oe, Ue. E Is The Only Letter Pronounced.

Buhmeyer, Ernest B. 5-25-1863 D. 10-11-1863. Son Of Johann Buhmeyer.
Buhmeyer, Henry B. 3-21-1862 D. 3-23-1865. Son Of Johann Buhmeyer.
Buhmeyer, Johann Ernst Heinrich B. 8-31-1818 Velthien, Germany. Wife=Maria.
Buhmeyer, John Jacob B. 8-29-1841 . Son Of Johann Buhmeyer.
Buhmeyer, Maria Dorthea (Striker) B. 7-29-1836 Unterriexingen, Wurtemburg,G.
Buhmeyer, Minna B. 5-11-1866. Dtr. Of Johann Buhmeyer.
Elfs - See Mrs. Minna Thiess.
Elhs - See Mrs. Minna Thiess.
Ells - See Mrs. Minna Thiess.
Fiebrantz - See Johann Gahlbeck.
Fiebrantz, Wilhelmine Of Usterbadt (Wusterbarth?), Hinter (East, Pommern.
Frahm - See Bekka Suhr.
Franck - See Frank.
Frank, Friedericke Of Rackow, Vor (West) Pommern. Dtr. Of Frank & Lina (Weise).
Gahlbeck, Johann Of Krimm ?, Pommern. Married Wilhelmine Fiebrantz.
Gierhahn, Johann Joachim Theodore B. 7-6-1835. Wife = ?
Gierhahn, Johanna Maria Friedericka Caroline B. 2-3-1868?
Gierhahn, Maria Eliz. Carolina B. 8-1-1870. D. 8-17-1870. Dtr. Of Johann Gierhahn.
Grawe - See Augusta Munter With 2 Dashes Above U.
Grawe - See Mrs. Johann Suhr.
Grawe, Auguste Friedr. Anna (Thoms) B. 11-30-1849 Bartow, G.. Wife Of Christian.
Grawe, Carl Christ. Son Of Joachim & Chr. Sophie B. 6-25-1848 Sophienhoff, P. G.
Grawe, Caroline B. 8-29-1860 Pensin, Pommerania. Dtr. Of Christ Grawe's Brother.
Grawe, Christian B. 2-27-1846 Sophienhoff, (In Pommerania Prov.). Wife =
Grawe, Christiane Fredericke B. 8-20-1812 Rakow, Germany. Wife Of Joachim.
Grawe, Friedrich Carl Christian B. 6-5-1848. (Not Christian Grawe).
Grawe, Heinrich August B. 8-21-1869 King, Co.?? Illinois.
Grawe, Joachim Christian B. 12-8-1811 Passow, Germany. Wife Is Christiane ( ).
Grawe, Johann B. 9-27-1837 Forbei, Germany. Death Entry.
Grawe, Johanna Sophia Maria (Martens) B. 3-11-1838. Son Carl Grawe ?
Grawe, Wilhelmine B. 4-10-1869 Chicago, Ill. Dtr. Of Christian Grawe.
Grehn, Sophie Married W. Mathies.
Grehn, Sophie Of Lichmansdorf, Co. Strahlsund, Neu Vor (West) Pommern.
Grundt - See Mrs. Maria Kraft.
Grundt, Theodore Johann B. 6-15-1801. Father Of Mrs. Maria Kraft.
Haut, Friedericke Of Folsdorf, Pommern Dtr, Of Joseph & Caroline (Schult).
Haut, Joseph (Hauth) Of Co. Krimm, Strahlsund, Neu Vor (West) Pommern.
Haut, See Caroline Hoppe & Friedericke Haut.
Hauth - See Caroline Hoppe.
Henning - See Mrs. Maria Sturm.
Henning - See See Mrs. Johanna Sturm.
Henning, Maria Friedericka Dorthea (Wohlen) B. 11-11-1812. A Widow.
Henningen - See Mrs. Maria Sturm.
Hoppe, Caroline Of Gross Runow, Koslin Co.? Married Joseph Haut (Hauth).
Huber - See Elizabeth Zimmer.
Huber, George, Son Of Bernhardt & Catherine. B. 9-14-1845 Weissenburg, Elsas,Fr.
Johannes, Friedrich Ludwig Christian B. 11-5-1842 Gelelsdorf (Deyelsdorf ?).
Johannes, Joachime Sophia Dorthea (Kuster) B. 10-30-1841 Tribohm, Germany.
Johannes, Moritz Carl B. 5-1-1869. Son Of Friedrich Johannes.
Kamholtz, Ernest Of Wusterbart, Hinter (East) Pommern. Married Auguste -.
Kkuppler, Johann B. 1-20-1828 Ecklinen / Er, Wurtemberg. Death Entry.
Kleasner, Amelia ( Klusner) - See Wm. Schult.
Klisner - See Wm. Schult.
Klusner, Bertha B. Wordenick (Wotenick ?) Neu Vor (West), Pommern. Death.
Knut - See Carl Stegeman.
Kraft - See Riedel.
Kraft, Anna Hermenia Caroline B. 9-13-1869. Dtr. Of Heinrich.
Kraft, Augusta Maria Friedericka B. 2-11-1864. Dtr. Of Heinrich.
Kraft, Heinrich Friedrich Christian B. 12-18-1835. Wife Is Maria (Grundt).
Kraft, Louise Maria Christina B. 9-13-1861 D. 6-14-1869. Dtr. Of Heinrich.
Kraft, Maria Dorthea Christiana (Grundt) B. 4-15-181835. Wife Of Heinrich.
Krueger, Fritz Of Kuefzig By Demien(Demmin?) A Widower. Married ????
Kuster - See Mrs. Joachime Johannes. Kuster Has 2 Dashes Above U.
Lettow - See Laura Munter.
Lettow, Albert Friedrich Johann B. 1-27-1856. Son Of August Lettow.
Lettow, August Friedrich Ferdinand B. 4-13-1824. Wife Is Johanna (Rode).
Lettow, August Julius Johann B. 5-6-1854. Son Of August Lettow.
Lettow, August Of Greifenbergb. Son Of August Lettow & Johanne (Rode).
Lettow, Auguste B. 11-7-1850 D. 11-14-1850. Dtr. Of August.
Lettow, Carl Friedrich Berdhold B. 12-27-1865. Son Of August Lettow.
Lettow, Edward Carl Ferdinand B. 2-23-1852. Son Of August Lettow.
Lettow, Edward Of Griefenberg, Hinter (East) Pommern. Married Bertha Stege.
Lettow, Franz Johann Auguste B. 2-22-1863. Son Of August Lettow.
Lettow, Johanna Maria Auguste (Rode) B. 1-13-1829. Wife Of August Lettow.
Lettow, Ottilie Friedericke Wilhelmine B. 10-28-1860. Dtr. Of August Lettow.
Lettow, Theodulle Auguste Wilhelmine B. 1-21-1858. Dtr. Of August Lettow.
Lettow, Wilhelm Julius B. 12-16-1867. Son Of August Lettow.
Luhman - Youngest Son Of Oldest Luhman Was A Son By His Son. See 3rd Obit.
Luhman, Carl Heinrich B. 7-22-1860. Son Of Simon Luhman.
Luhman, Caroline B. Kalldorf, Westph. (Lippe) Germany. Married F.Meusenkamp
Luhman, Caroline Wilhelmine B. 9-15-1855. Dtr. Of Simon Luhman.
Luhman, Johann Carl B. 9-20-1863. Son Of Simon Luhman.
Luhman, Louise Henriette B. 11-6-1857. Dtr. Of Simon Luhman.
Luhman, Simon B. 1833 Kaldorf, Westphalia In 3rd. Obituary After Funeral.
Luhman, Simon Christian B. 6-5-1868 Son Of Simon Luhman.
Luhman, Simon Heinrich B. 1-1-1830 2nd Wife = Sophie (Stass Or Staas. See 3rd Obit.).
Martens - See Johanna Grawe.
Martens, Johann Friedrich Christian B. 8-14-1842 Roesto, Germany. Death Entry.
Mathies, W. Of Gardelegen, Magdeburg, Sachsen (Saxony).Married Sophie Grehn
Meusenkamp, Friedrich Adolph Of Freeport,Ill. B. In Ehventorp??, Westphalia.
Munter, Augusta B. 9-23-1850 Torgilow, Pommern. Married Carl Grawe B. 1848.
Munter, Augusta Mar. Friedr. Dtr. Of Ernst Julius Harmon Munter & Friedr.
Munter, Laura Married August Lettow.
Munter, Laura Of Stettin (By ?) Dtr. Of Ernst Munter & Friedricke.
Peal - See Johann Peel & Peel.
Peel, August B. 5-9-1866. Son Of Johann Peel.
Peel, Emma B. 5-1-1869. Dtr. Of Johann Peel.
Peel, Johann B. 1805. Father Of Johann Peel B. 1833.
Peel, Johann B. 3-21-1833. Wife = Sophia ( ). (Maybe Levi Peal In Belvidere Cem.
Peel, Louise B. 8-17-1858 Rogetz, Mechlenburg Schwerin. Married Carl Schmidt.
Peel, Louise B. 8-17-1858. Dtr. Of Johann Peel.
Peel, Sophia ( ) B. 10-21-1836. Wife Of Johann Peel.
Peel, Sophia B. 3-15-1855. Dtr. Of Johann Peel.
Pundt, Frederick Of Bretwisch ,Pommern. Son Of Joachim & Sophia (Schwebke).
Pyunk, Caroline B. 8-13-1828 (Milow), Pommern. Married Heinrch Reichenbach.
Rahn, Maria B. 12-10-1800. Mother Of Johann Suhr Or His Wifes Mother??
Raywood - See Rewoldt.
Reichenbach - See - Caroline Pyunk With 2 Dashes Above Y.
Reichenbach, Heinrich A Widower B. 8-12-1817 Berghausen, Gr. Herzogtum, Baden.
Reimer - See Wilhelm Rewoldt.
Reimer, Friedrich B. 2-7-1840 Upost, Germany. Wife Is Johanna ( ).
Reimer, Johanna ( ) B. 7-31-1847 Demmin, Germany. Wife Of Friedrich Reimer.
Reimer, Minna B. 2-29-1867 In Belvidere, Ill. Dtr. Of Friedrich Reimer.
Rewoldt - One Family Chaned Name To Raywood.
Rewoldt - See Marie Suhr.
Rewoldt, Wilhelm Of Langenfelde (Pommern). Son Of Joachim & Frdr. (Reimer).
Riedel - Germany Church Records Show He Was Adopted From Kraft? Family.
Riedel - See Both Mrs. Friedericke Suhr Women.
Riedel - See Marie Suhr.
Rode - See August Lettow.
Rode - See Mrs. Johanna Lettow.
Rubach, Sophie (Rubeck ?) Of Greifswald, Vor (West) Pommern. Married C. Stegei.
Rubeck - See Sophie Ruback.
Schmidt, Carl B. 6-24-1848 Ranzin. Neu Vor (West) Pommern. Married Louise Peel.
Schult - See Frederick Pundt.
Schult, Wm. Of Nue Vor (West) Pommern. Married Amelia Klisner / Kleasner.
Schwebke - See Frederick Pundt.
Schwebke, Theodore B. 1-23-1844 Bretwisch, Pommern. Married Bekka Suhr.
Steffen, Auguste Married Ernest Kamholtz.
Stege, Bertha Of Griefenberg, Pommern. Married Edward Lettow.
Stegeman, Carl Married Friedericke Frank.
Stegeman, Carl Of Zarnikla, Vor (West), Pommern. Son Of John & Marie (Knut).
Stregei, Carl Of Griefenberg, Neu Vor (West) Pommern. Married Sophie Rubach.
Striker - See Mrs. Maria Buhmeyer.
Striker, Dorthea B. 10-10-1810 Wurtemburg Prov. Germany. Mother Of Maria.
Striker, Jacob B. 7-17-1803 B. Wurtemburg Prov. Father Of Mrs.Maria Buhmeyer.
Sturm, Carl Ludwig Firedrich B. 5-12-1846. Wife Is Johanna (Henning).
Sturm, Joachim Carl Johann B. 2-26-1841. Wife Is Maria (Henningen Or Henning).
Sturm, Johanna Maria Friedericka (Henning). B. 7-12-1848. Wife Of Carl Sturm.
Sturm, Maria Friedericke Jochime (Henningen Or Henning). Wife Of Joachim.
Sturm, Sophia Maria B. 2-12-1869. Dtr. Of Joachim Sturm.
Sturm, Wilhelm Friedrich Franz B. 7-1-1969. Son Of Carl Sturm.
Suhr - See Mrs. Sophie Wesebohm.
Suhr - See Theodore Schwebke.
Suhr, Bekka Married Theodore Schwebke.
Suhr, Bekka B. 4-30-1848 Langenfelde, Pommern. Dtr. Of Joachim & Friedr.(Frahm).
Suhr, Carl B. 3-10-1865. Son Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Caroline Catharina (Wascher). B. 5-1-1833. Wife Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Caroline Friedricka Johanna Maria B. 1-23-1869. Dtr. Of Christoph Suhr.
Suhr, Christian Wilhelm Carl Martin B. 10-23-1867. Son Of Christoph Suhr.
Suhr, Christoph Wilhelm Friedrich B. Aug. 30, 1844. Wife Is Friedericke (Riedel).
Suhr, Friedericke (Riedel) B. 12-5-1829. Wife Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Friedericke Maria (Riedel). B. 2-23-1843. Wife Of Christoph Suhr.
Suhr, Friedrich B. 9-23-1858-9. Son Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Georgine Lina B. 4-14-1864 Pensin, Pommerania. Dtr. Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Joachim B. 4-4-1855. Son Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Joachim Carl Heinrich B. 10-22-1866. Son Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Johann B. 2-7-1868. Son Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Johann B. 9-28-1827. Wife Is Friedericke (Riedel).
Suhr, Johann Friederick B. 12-19-1869. Son Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Johann Friedrich Carl B. 7-22-1865. Son Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Johann Friedrich Theodore B. 12-25-1860. Son Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Johann Herman B. 12-5-1869 Passow, Germany.
Suhr, Johann Jacob B. 11-21-1833. Wife Is Caroline (Wascher).
Suhr, Johann Joachim Wilhelm B. 5-6-1870 Boone Co., Ill. Son Of Christoph Suhr.
Suhr, Johann Jos. Joachim B. 8-31-1837 Glewitz By Langenfelde.W=Maria Grawe.
Suhr, Johanna Marie Friedericka Wilhelmina B. 12-8-1863. Dtr. Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Maria B. 1-15-1861. Dtr. Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Maria Carolina (Grawe) B. 11-1-1840 Sophienhoff, Pommerania. Wife Of John.
Suhr, Marie Married Wilhelm Rewoldt.
Suhr, Marie Of Langenfelde Dtr. Of John Suhr & Friedericke (Riedel).
Suhr, Pjhlipp Carl B. 11-26-1867 Below, Pommerania. Son Of Johann Shur.
Suhr, Regina B. 5-8-1864. Dtr. Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Wilhelm Christian Carl B. 6-3-1865 Pensin, Pommerania. Son Of Johann Suhr.
Suhr, Wilhelm D. Theodore Moritz B. 4-3-1870. Son Of Johann Suhr.
Thiess, Heinrich Friedrich B. 2-25-1866. Son Of Johann Thiess.
Thiess, Joachim Heinrich B. 10-15-1863. Son Of Johann Thiess.
Thiess, Johann Friedrich B. 11-8-1835. Wife Is Minna.
Thiess, Minna Eliz. Johanna B. 2-6-1869. Dtr. Of Johann Thiess.
Thiess, Minna Maria Louise Dorthea (Elfs Or Elhs Or Ells). B. 11-8-1835.
Thoms - See Wife Of Christian Grawe.
Wascher - See Mrs. Caroline Suhr.
Weise - See Friedericke Frank.
Wesebohm, Frank B. 10-28-1867. Son Of Johann Wesebohm.
Wesebohm, Friedericka B. 6-25-1856. Dtr. Of Johann Wesebohm.
Wesebohm, Johann B. 5-15-1823. Wife Is Sophie (Suhr).
Wesebohm, Ludwig B. 9-6-1859. Son Of Johann Wesebohm.
Wesebohm, Minna B. 11-28-1862. Dtr. Of Johann Wesebohm.
Wesebohm, Sophie (Suhr) B. 6-21-1829. Wife Of Johann Wesebohm.
Wohlen - See Henning.
Zimmer, Elizabeth. Married George Huber.


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