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Boone County, Illinois Naturalizations

Index of Names to Boone County Illinois Naturalizations from 1851 - 1945.
Compiled by Martin W. Johnson and Tara Ann Johnson

Representing 41 years research as of 2010 by Martin Wm. Johnson who has ancestors from Mcleod co., Minnesota., Dodge & Jefferson Co. Wisconsin, Lake Co, Illinois & Europe.
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Notes from Martin Johnson:

Index to 29 indexes, volumes & loose papers.

Prior to October 10, 1906 Boone co., entries do not give detailed information
The naturalization entries before Oct. 12, 1906 are mostly name, country from, volume & page & date. Declaration of intent papers = (first) or petition certificates = (second) papers. Besides records being at court house, from Oct. 12, 1906 on they are also at the branch national archives in Chicago, Ill..
Many of these early naturalizations are for men who latter enlisted in the civil war. Many german surnames with a u = ue or u with dots above it.
Norway can mean Norway & sweden. Sweden can mean Sweden & Norway Sweden origins.
England or Great Britain or Grt. Britan & Ireland may be Ireland origins.
D = declaration of intent to become a citizen , c= petition cert. To final papers.

Seems like some applied for citizenship many years latter on the detailed new form used after Oct. 10, 1906.
Some are card indexes & duplicate book indexes, with varying information.
A few entries have added information from cards or loose papers or bound volumes.
Some of these early 2nd final certificates naturalizations, may have filed first declaration papers in another county or state.
Naturalizations from Oct. 12, 1906 on have very very detailed information with exact village of birth & date & & ship & port date of departure & arrival & some family information.
I=1, ii=2, iii=3, etc. Roman numerals on volumes of declaration & cert. Petitions.

For some reason the court house does not have the fairly detailed 1840's & 1850's naturalization declaration of intent entries, which gave name, age, port of entry & dates. Plus there must be a court, county - state - or federal, that has naturalizations before 1851 ?

Some Boone co. Naturalization intent papers & declaration naturalizations are not in the three card indexes. Ive added some from large bound volumes indexes etc..

People filed first papers called declarations of intent to become a citizen. Then generally about two - five years or latter, they filed petition certs for naturalization final papers. The first or second papers can be in different court houses or states. Women who were born in the U.S. and married foreigners (nat. Citizens or not nat. Citizens), had to apply for citizenship after their husband died.
1920 U.S. Federal census asks what year they got citizenship. Some are noted as "pa" which means they are pending aproval of a detailed Nat. application.
Na. Means naturalized. Around wwi & wwii many people filed for citizenship & also filed detailed duplicate birth certificates at court house, for births 1800's thru 1940's. Mainly because no one filed one previously or court house couldn't find one. Many original birth certificates are spelled phonetically wrong.

Books I = Oct. 12, 1906-1910 etc.. are the very detailed application forms.
There maybe a few decleration that were not card indexed.

1. Vol. A. 1st. Paper declarations 1851-1858. Small light brown leather book.
2. Vol. A. 1st. Paper declarations 1858 - 1862. Redish leather book.
3. Vol. C. 1st. Paper declarations 1895 - 1906. Large redish brown book.
2nd.Petition certs. 1893 - 1903.
4. Vol. A. 2nd petition certs. 1851 - 1858. Small light brown leather book.
5. Vol. A. 2nd petition certs. 1858 - 1863. Medium brown leather book.
6. Vol. B. 2nd petition certs. 1859 - 1878. Medium brown leather book.
7. Vol. ? 2nd petition certs. Of soldiers. 1866 - 1871. Lt. Brown leather book.
8. Vol. A. 2nd petition certs. 1878 - 1906. Medium large brown leather book.
9. Vol. C. 1st. Declarations 1878 - 1906. Large brown leather book.
2nd.Petition certs. 1878 - 1900.
2nd.Minor certs. 1878 - 1896.
2nd.Soldier certs. 1904.
10. Vol. D. 2nd.Petition certs. 1904-1906. Large redish leather book.
11. Vol. B. 1st. Declarations 1885 - 1895. Large brown leather book.
2nd.Petition certs. 1884 - 1893.
2nd.Minor certs. 1884 - 1900.
2nd.Soldier certs. 1884 - 1896.
12. Vol. C. 2nd.Petition certs 1895 - 1906. Large redish brown book
13. Vol. D. 2nd.Petition certs. 1900 - 1903. Large redish leather book.
2nd.Minor certs 1900 - 1903.
14. Vol. E. 2nd.Petition certs. 1903 - 1906. Large redish brown leather book.
2nd.Minor certs. 1904 1906.
15. Vol. I. 1st. Paper declarations = no. 1-100 1906-1910. Red & black book.
16. Vol. Ii. 1st. Paper declarations = no. 101-200 1910-1915. Red & black book.
17. Vol. Iii. 1st. Paper declarations = no. 201-300 1915-1918. Red & black book.
18. Vol. Iv. 1st. Paper declarations = no. 301-400 1918-1923. Red & black book.
19. Vol. V. 1st. Paper declaration = no. 401-565. 1923-1929. Red & black book.
20. Vol. Vi. 1st. Paper declarations = no. 466-542 1930-1942. Grey book.
21. Vol. I. 2nd. Paper petitions = no. 1-50 1907-1910. Tall red & black book.
22. Vol. Ii. 2nd. Paper petitions = no. 51-150 1910-1917. Large whie book.
23. Vol. Iii. 2nd. Paper petitions = no. 151-246 1917-1925. Large white book.
24. Vol. Iv. 2nd. Paper petitions = no. 247-290 1925-1929. Large white book.
25. Vol. V. 2nd. Paper petitions = no. 291-400 1929-1943. Grayish blue book.
26. Vol. Vi. 2nd. Paper petitions = no. 401-5__. 1923-1945. Blue grey book.
27. Small tan plastic box card index.
28. Small green metal box card index.
29. Long green metal box card index.
30. Misc. Certificate stubs in thin booklets.

Also see my typed up 1880 Boone co. Census, with full household names on farm or in town. = names , age, occupation, state or country born in & state or country parents born in, even if deceased.

Also see my typed up 1839 - 1962 Boone co. Probate-guardian index. Also hundreds of other indexes & transcriptions & area ancestor charts I have done from 1969 to 2010, on local families. All located at Ida public library history room.


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