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Boone County Court News

August H. Johanningsmeier wants a divorce from Caroline Johanningsmeier, his second wife, because of her alleged studied neglect, unmerited reproach, taunts and accusations that he is inferior. She frequently beat and maltreated his five children by the first wife, he says, grabbing his 8-year-old daughter, Florence, by the hair and holding her head in a basin of water until she became unconscious. When she regained her senses, says Johanningsmeier, the girl was warned "not to tell papa" or punishment would be inflicted. The husband says that at another time his wife threatened to stab his 11-year-old son, Henry, to death with a butcher knife she held in her hand. Two weeks ago, he says, she deserted him. Johanningsmeier's second marriage took place in Boone County, Illinois February 2, 1907 [11 Dec 1909; Paper: The Oregonian - Submitted by K. Torp]


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