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Boone County News Items

Boone, McHenry and Dekalb counties do not return any incomes as large as ten thousand dollars.[2 Jul 1869; The Quincy Whig - Submitted by K. T.]

Berkington of Boone county, Illinois, has assigned with $50,000 liabilities and ample assets. [26 Oct 1890; Kansas City Times - Submitted by K. T.]

John L. Collier returns to his Illinois Home Fatherless
San Diego, Calif., March 25:  John L. Collier has returned to his home in Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois, a sorely disappointed man.  During thirty three years of his life he has been vainly searching for his father, who left his home in Belvidere in 1864, and was not heard of again by his family until a few weeks ago, when the son learned that he was located in San Diego. The father, Willard W. Collier, who had resided here a quarter of a century, died on January 22 last.  John L. Collier stated that his father was prosperous at Belvidere up to 1863, when his mother became an invalid.  His father, then 40 years of age, became infatuated with Viola Hambridge, a domestic, and eloped with her to California in 1864, and never returned. After the death of his mother, in 1875, John sought his father, but in vain, until January 1, when he heard from a circus man who had recently been in San Diego, that the runaway father was in this city.  After satisfying himself that this was the truth, he came here, but found that his father had been dead several weeks. The elder Collier built the first wharf here and during the boom he was supposed to be worth considerable property.  He and the woman with whom he left Belvidere lived here as man and wife and were highly esteemed.  They have grown up children here, who are respected members of the community. [Source: The Wichita Daily Eagle, Wichita,KS, March 26, 1897, MB - transcribed by a FoFG]

Harry Rainsted, while clamming in Belvidere, Ill., found when he removed some clams from his hooks, two $10 bills which he had speared while they were lying in the mud. [The Day book., April 15, 1915 - KT - Sub by FoFG]


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