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1. 1912 or 1915 handwritten manual of past graduates and non-graduates.
2. 1900 October, North Belvidere High School , 1877 - 1900, Printed alumni notes booklet
3. 1919 North and South Belvidere High School 1876 - 1912, and Belvidere High School 1913 - 1919 printed booklet notes

The two schools were consolidated into one school located on Pearl Street in Belvidere around 1912 in order to save money

Transcribed by Martin W. Johnson

Formatted for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

Name, Married Names of Women in ( ), Residence and any death date information is included here

Adams, Charles Elgin, Illinois.
Adams, Helen (Mrs. Hassel Smith) Sturgis, Michigan.
Adams, Marjorie (Mrs. Roy Hagerman) Sturgis, Michigan.
Adams, Minnie (Mrs. F. G. Oberholser) Belvidere.
Adams, Nellie (Mrs. F. G. Oberholser) Belvidere.
Adams, Ruth (Mrs. Earl Grimm) Belvidere.
Adams, Vera Galesburg & Mt. Carroll, Illinois.
Agor - See Miller.
Ahlsen, Grace (Mrs. Edward Bassett) Chicago, Ill.
Albertson - See Fox.
Alexander - See Benson.
Allen - See Cleveland.
Allen, Rose (Mrs. Vernon Hurd) Belvidere, Ill.
Allison - See Lanning & Thomas.
Ames, Cora Died By 1919.
Ames, Maude (Mrs. Robert Dennison) Tyler, Texas.
Anderson - See Young & Walquist.
Andrew - See Cross.
Andrews - See Lanning.
Andrews, Esther A. Died By Oct. 1900 Booklet,.
Andrews, Evea (Mrs. John Hicks) Belvidere. & Silvius, Illinois.
Arbuckle, Phil Houston, Texas.
Archer - See Gabel.
Ardery, Claude Marniarth, North Dakota.
Ardes - See Frye.
Armington - See Taplin & Watkins.
Armington, Fred Des Moines, Iowa.
Armington, Harry Sycamore, Illinois.
Ashton, Hazel Chicago, Ill.
Aten - See Bogardus.
Atkinson - See Nelson.
Atwood - See Voorhis.
Atwood, Vivian U.S. Army Hospital, Staten Island, Ny.
Austin, Grace Milwaukee, Wisc.
Avery, Alice (Mrs. George Covey) Belvidere.
Avery, Mary S. Chicago, Illinois.
Bahr, Elvira (Mrs. Floyd Tillman) Sterling, Ill.
Bahr, Hattie (Mrs. H. J. Leonard) Belvidere.
Bailey - Se Woodward & Rote.
Baker - See Colvin & Rasmussen.
Ballard, Harry Los Angeles, Calif.
Banks, Gladys (Mrs. Ray Slater) Belvidere.
Bardell, Ethel (Mrs. Zeller) Seattle, Washington & St. Louis, Mo..
Baremore - See Barmore.
Barker, Anna Berwind, Colorado.
Barker, Jennie Ault, Colorado.
Barker, Lila (Mrs. Ralph Bowdish) Wichita, Kansas.
Barmore, Ella (Mrs. Will Harned) Belvidere & Poplar Grove, Illinois.
Barmore, Lillian (Mrs. Nelson Johnson). Storm Lake, Iowa.
Barnes, Edward Chicago, Illinois.
Barnes, Susan (Mrs. Theodore Peterson ) Died By 1919. Harvey, Illinois.
Barney, Alice (Mrs. Allie Pease) Shell Lake, Wisc.
Barney, Andrew Morrison, Illinois.
Barney, Clara (Mrs. Floyd Dawson) Poplar Grove, Ill.
Barney, Ethel (Mrs. George Mccabe) Milwaukee, Wisc. & Fairbanks, Wash.
Barney, Fanny (Mrs. Kunzelman / Konzelman ) Belvidere.
Barr - See Hendrickson.
Barr, Blanche (Mrs. Harold Paylor) Spring Valley, Ill.
Barr, Matae (Mrs. Will Phillips) Beloit, Wisc.
Bassett - See Ahlsen.
Bassett, Charles Delano, Calif.
Bassett, Elmer Crothersville, Indiana.
Bassett, Lillian (Mrs. Myron Marshall) Beloit, Wisc.
Bates, Eva M. (Mrs. John Longcor) Belvidere.
Baxter - See Moss.
Baxter, Mildred (Mrs. Harold Kern) Belvidere.
Beckington, Jennie Died By 1919.
Beckington, Ralph Rockford, Illinois.
Bell - See Davis.
Bement, Carrie (Mrs. Justin Patterson) Pomona, Calif.
Bender, Harry Peoria, Illinois.
Bengston, Betty (Mrs. Victor Hultin) Rockford, Illinois.
Bennett - See Newman & Yeager.
Bennett, Alice E. (Mrs. J. Frank Morey) Madison, Wisc. & Rockford, Illinois.
Bennett, Anna Dr. (Mrs. Fansworth) Dr. Chamberlain & Mitchell, So.Dak.
Bennett, Bessie Pasadena, Calif.
Bennett, Esther Berkeley, Calif.
Bennett, Jay Died By 1919.
Bennett, Jennie (Mrs. Olney Witbeck) Belvidere.
Bennett, Nellie (Mrs. W. J. Mcmoran) Seattle, Washington.
Bennett, Nettie Berkeley, Calif.
Bennett, Stella Berkely, Calif.
Benson - See Linnell.
Benson, Adeline (Mrs. Roy Ransley) Belvidere.
Benson, Cora Chicago, Illinois.
Benson, Jessie M. Miss. Chicago, Illinois.
Benson, Julia (Mrs. Alexander) San Jose, Calif.
Benson, Mary (Mrs. Irwinn Or Erwin Nye) Detroit, Mich../Chicago, Ill.
Benson, Mary Also In Cleveland & Toledo, Ohio.
Berg, Jettie (Mrs. Herman Johnson) Clinton, Wisc.
Bicknell, Cena R. Died By Oct. 1900 Booklet.
Biester, Alice Champaing, Illinois & Minneapolis, Minn.
Biester - See Turner & Lintner.
Birkett - See Walker.
Bishop - See Fair.
Blackington - See Sturtevantblaine - See Morse.
Blackledge, Wallace Rockford, Ill.
Blake - See Graves.
Blake, Gertrude (Mrs. Harold Neff) Belvidere.
Blaser, Sylvia Aurora, Illinois & Tonica, Ill.
Block - See Peterson.
Bogardus, Emory Los Angeles, Calif.
Bogardus, Irene (Mrs. Wallace Aten) Belvidere.
Bogue, Percy Ferndale, Washington.
Bogue, Ralph Rockford, Illinois.
Bollman, Aline Rockford, Ill.
Bollman, Romona Rockford, Ill.
Boothe - See Hopper.
Boutwell, Frankie (Mrs. Myron D. Perkins) Belvidere.
Bowdish - See Barker.
Bowdish, Ralph Wichita, Kansas.
Bowen, Nellie (Mrs. Fred Hall). Died By 1919.
Bowley - See Dawson.
Bowman, Anna F. Southhaven, Mich. & Chicago, Illinois.
Boyce - See Whitman.
Brady, Mary (Mrs. David Obrien) Belvidere.
Brands - See Robinson.
Bridges, Elgie E. (Mrs. James Nott) Belvidere.
Briggs - See & Cowan.
Briggs - See Fritz & Pepper.
Brooks, Charles Chicago, Illinois.
Brooks, Millicent (Mrs. Edward Whistman) Belvidere.
Brown - See Terwilliger & Kimmey.
Brown, Georgia (Mrs. Thomas Sullivan) Belvidere,.
Brown, Mollie (Mrs. Phillip G. Worcester) Boulder, Colorado.
Bruce, Zora (Mrs. Fred Morse). Osceola, Indiana.
Bruner - See Brush.
Bruner, Howard Chicago, Illinois.
Brush, Nellie (Mrs. Howard Bruner) Chicago, Illlinois.
Brush, Nettie (Mrs. H. L. Dunning) Chicago, Illinois.
Bryam - See Diamond.
Bryden, Eliza Rockford, Illinois.
Burns, Joe Died By 1919.
Burns, John Chicago.
Burns, Katherine Chicago, Illinois.
Burns, Paul Chicago, Ill.
Burns, Sussie (Mrs. Patrick Odonnell) Belvidere.
Burns, William Chicago, Ill.
Burnside, Gertrude (Mrs. Mcintyre) Poplar Grove, Ill.
Burt - See Woodruff.
Burton, Ada (Mrs. Leslie Mcniel) Belvidere.
Burton, Lizzie (Mrs. A. S. Mason) Patterson, Calif.
Burton, May Chicago, Ill.
Burton, Nina (Mrs. Perry Sweeney) Chicago, Illinois.
Burton, Sarah (Mrs. Anber Wakefield) Belvidere.
Burton - See Dawson & Neff.
Busse, Elsie St. Paul, Minn.
Butcher - See Proctor.
Butler - See Shattuck.
Butterfield, Ada (Mrs. Fred Ranger) Belvidere.
Butterfield, Charles South Berkeley, Calif.
Butterfield, Fannie (Mrs. Gorman Sabin) Belvidere.
Butterfield, John Died By 1919.
Butterfield, R. Olin Dr. Denver, Colorado.
Calahan, Agnes (Mrs. John Richards) East Cleavland, Ohio.
Calahan, Kate (Mrs. Otto Schmidt) Lena, Wisc.
Campbell, Eloise (Mrs. Harry Case) Cherry Valley, Illinois.
Campbell, George W. Mrs. Hes ? A Lawyer In Peoria, Illinois.
Campbell, Frank Freeport, Illinois & Rockford, Illinois.
Campbell, Georgia E. (Mrs. Ernest Wheeler) Belvidere. & Rockford, Illinois.
Carlson - See Sigurd & Karlson.
Carpenter, Hattie W. Died By Oct. 1900 Booklet.
Carter, Leana Tuskegee Inst. Tuskegee, Alabama.
Carter, Louise % Rev. W. H. Jones Oshkosh, Wisc. & Hammond, Indiana & So.Am.
Carver, Carolyn (Mrs. Earl Hyndman Ii ) Rockford, Illinois.
Carwardine - See Whitney.
Case - See Campbell.
Case, Wilmina (Mrs. Charles E. Klontz) Cherry Valley, Illinois.
Chaffee, Charles Rockford, Illinois.
Chamberlain, Fannie Giles New Decatur, Illinois. (Crossed Out = Moved ?).
Chamberlain, Maude (Mrs. Frank French) Elgin, Illinois.
Chamberlain, Sarah (Mrs. Colburn) Belvidere.
Chapman, Grace (Mrs. Charles Doll) Belvidere & Kingston, Ill.& Vernon,Ny.
Chapman, Thomas Dekalb, Illinois & Las Vegas, Nevada.
Chena, Mary (Mrs. Hartwick) Rockford, Illinois.
Church - See Lake & Willard.
Church, Ida (Mrs. Ide Early) Belvidere.
Clark - See Downs & Dale.
Clark, Belle (Mrs. H. S. Putman) Rockford, Illinois.
Clark, Clarence D. Honorable Evanston, Wyoming.
Clark, Corabelle (Mrs. Arthur Wheeler) Belvidere.
Clark, Dyer Mrs. (Eliza A Briggs) Omaha, Nebraska.
Clark, Gertrude Chicago, Illinois.
Clayton, Frank Niagara Falls, Ny.
Clayton, Ruth Seattle, Washington.
Cleaveland - See Cleveland.
Cleaveland, William / Willard Summerville, Nj.
Cleaver - See Rundell.
Cleveland - See Labarr.
Cleveland, Blanche (Mrs. Charles Wilson) Cleveland, Ohio. & Rockford,Ill.
Cleveland, Grace (Mrs. Charles Goodrich) Belvidere.
Cleveland, Verna (Mrs. Edward Allen) Rockford, Illinois.
Cleveland, Wm. E. Finlay, Ohio.
Close, Orrie P. Miss Chicago, Ill. & Los Angeles, Calif.
Cochran, Loyd E. Mail To Charles Eaton Droston, Mass..& Los Angeles, Calif.
Colburn - See Chamberlain.
Collette - See Luce.
Collier - See Parker.
Collier, Helen Rockford, Ill.
Collins - See Thompkinson.
Coleson, (Mrs. George Taylor) Winters, Yolo Co., Calif.
Colson, Mary (Mrs. George Baker) Seattle, Washington.
Colvin, Ruth (Mrs. Robert Wilson) Evanston, Illinois.
Colvin, Vera (Mrs. Hunter Wilson) Charlton, Iowa.
Comstock, Adelaide (Mrs. George Schauer) Belvidere.
Comstock, Daisy (Mrs. George Pratt) Wayne, Illinois.
Conklin, Clara (Mrs. Floyd Ray) Belvidere.
Conley, Ethel Berwyn, Ill.
Conley, Frances Miss (Mrs. James Whalen) Argyle, Illinois.
Conley, James Chicago, Ill.
Conn ?, Edward Mrs. Oak Park, Illinois.
Connors - See Reynolds.
Conwell, Barney Los Angeles, Calif.
Cook - See Mcclellan & Eldredge.
Cook, Lela (Mrs. Walter D. Sabin) Cleveland, Ohio.
Coon, Emma (Mrs. Louis Mason) Waukegan, Illinois.
Coonrad, Mildred Coleman, Colorado.
Cornell - See Menzel.
Cornwell - See Conwell ?
Coultrop, Cora (Mrs. Ira Voorhis) Belvidere.
Countryman, Alice (Mrs. Theo. Drake) Muscatine, Iowa. Died By 1919.
Covey - See Avery & Erwin & Linnell & Longcor.
Covey, Adelbert Peoria, Illinois.
Covey, Ira Peoria, Illinois.
Cowan, Mabel (Mrs. Briggs) Chicago, Illinois.
Cowan, Marr Miss (Mrs. Guy Silvius) Belvidere, Illinois.
Cox, Warren Mitchell, South Dakota & Cincinnati, Ohio.
Crambut - See Wyman.
Craven - See Sager.
Crawford, Florinne Rockton, Ill.
Cronk, Louis A. Japan. & Los Angeles, Calif.
Cronk, Ruby (Mrs. Clendon Clinton Dewolf) Belvidere & Chicago & Maywood.
Cross, Ruby (Mrs. Thomas Andrew) Caledonia, Illinois.
Cummings, Damon U.S. Navy 1919.
Cummings, Kathleen Chicago Heights & Park Ridge, Illinois.
Curran, Katherine (Mrs. Ed Piel) Belvidere.
Curtis - See Merrill.
Curtis, Alice (Mrs. Frank Gould) Galesburg, Ill. & Peoria, Illinois.
Curtis, Ida Findlay, Ohio.
Curtis, Maggie (Mrs. Dock Shattuck) Frederick & Barnard, So. Dakota.
Curtis, Nellie C. (Mrs. Curtis ?) Chicago, Illinois. & New York City.
Dale - See Luhman.
Dale, Ella (Mrs. George Clark) Belvidere, Ill.
Daniels - See Difford.
Davis, Cora (Mrs. Wrate Hill) Herbert, Illinois.
Davis, Jessie (Mrs. Wm. Bell) Kirkland, Ill.
David, Ruth (Mrs. Harry H. Fenton) Rockford, Ill.
Dawe - See Peters.
Dawes - See Peters.
Dawson - See Barney.
Dawson, Lucille (Mrs. Harry Bowley) Belvidere.
Dawson, Nellie (Mrs. Thomas Burton) Los Angeles, Calif.
Dean, ______ (Mrs. J. W. Dean) Chicago, Illinois.
Dean, Mamie (Mrs. Will Fair) Belvidere.
Dean, Nelva Chicago, Illinois.
Degraw - See Truesdell.
Delavergne, Helen Kankakee, Ill.
Delavergne, Mae Chicago, Ill.
Delavergne, Myra (Mrs. J. A. Kepple) Belvidere.
Demunn, Gertrude (Mrs. John Innes) Chicago, Illinois.
Dennison - See Ames.
Deutsche - See Elliott.
Devlin, Margaret E. Rockford, Illinois.
Dewolf - See Cronk.
Diamond - See Wheeler.
Diamond, Blanche (Mrs. L. R. Bryam) Belvidere.
Dick, George Stockton, Calif.
Dick, J. F. C. Mr. (Joseph?) Rfd 4 Modesto, Calif.
Difford - See Forrer.
Difford, Buelah (Mrs. Clarence Inman) Belvidere.
Difford, Hazel (Mrs. Robert Inman) Belvidere.
Difford, Irene (Mrs. S. W. Hill) Belvidere.
Difford, May (Mrs. D. Daniels) Duncombe, Iowa.
Difford, Neva (Mrs. Elmer Sutton) Rockford, Ill.
Dixon - See Humphrey.
Dixon, Flora (Mrs. C. C. Hutches) Braidentown, Florida.
Doll, Emma (Mrs. Lawson Wiffen) Garden Prairie, Illinois.
Doll - See Chapman.
Douglas, Veo M. Mr. Brea, Ky.
Douglas, Verne National City, Calif.
Downing, Blance (Mrs. Glenn Pettit) Wheaton, Illinois & Sioux City, Iowa.
Downing, Ella (Mrs. Will Foote) Joliet, Ill. & Omaha, Nebraska.
Downing, Ernest Des Moines, Iowa & Oak Park, Illinois.
Downs, Allie Alice (Mrs. C. D. Clark) Evanston, Wyoming.
Downs, Frank Great Falls, Montana.
Drake - See Countryman.
Duenbostle - See Fox.
Dullam - See Warren.
Dunbar, Ada (Mrs. Fay Packer) La Grange, Ill.
Dunbar, Birdena (Mrs. Frank Marriett) Caledonia, Illinois.
Dunning - See Brush.
Dunton, Mary (Mrs. Saml. Kerr) Oak Park, Illinois.
Durand - See Spencer.
Durand, Marian Chicago, Illinois.
Dwyer, J. P. Battle Creek, Michigan.
Dwyer, Leo Battle Creek, Michigan.
Dwyer, Josephine Battle Creek, Michigan.
Dysart - See Adams.
Earl - See Newton.
Early - See Church.
Eaton - See Cochran & Newton.
Eddy - See Hubbard.
Eldredge - See Lincoln.
Eldredge, Louise Oak Park, Illinois.
Eldridge, Bessie (Mrs. Ralph Cook) Oak Park, Ill. & Belvidere?
Ellicott - See Hemmens.
Elliott - See Haskins.
Elliott, Hattie (Mrs. William Deutsche) Minneapolis, Minn.
Ellis - See Traver.
Ellis, Grace Rockford, Illinois.
Ellis, Kate (Mrs. Wm. Meade) Austin Station & N. Prairie Ave. Chicago.
Ellsworth - See Slater.
Engstrom - See Foote.
Erickson - See Roach.
Erwin - See Wilson.
Erwin, Nettie (Mrs. Louis Covey) Poplar Grove, Illinois.
Evans - See Haskins.
Evans, Fred Died By 1919.
Evans, Minnie (Mrs. George Woodard) Rockford, Illinois.
Fair - See Hovey & Dean.
Fair, Genevieve (Mrs. Earl Bishop) Chicago, Ill.
Fansworth - See Bennett.
Farnsworth - See Bennett.
Fassett - See Marriett.
Fausworth - See Bennett.
Feaks, Amy (Mrs. John Petty) Belvidere.
Fellows - See Norton.
Fellows, James Portland, Oregon. & Milwaukie, Oregon.
Fellows, Nettie (Mrs. E. B. Long) Poplar Grove, Illinois.
Fenn - See Wilson.
Fenton - See Davis.
Ferguson, Frances (Mrs. Mcginley) New York, Ny.
Ferney - See Kimmey.
Field - See Houdeshell.
Fields - See Houdeshell.
Fifield, Amy Rockford, Ill.
Fifield, Elizabeth (Mrs. Otis Wells) Rockford, Ill.
Finley - See Sager.
Fisher, Harold U.S. Army.
Fitch - See Tobyne.
Flemming, Gladys Forest Park, Ill.
Foote - See Downing.
Foote, Florence (Mrs. E. W. Engstrom) Rockford, Illinois.
Foote, John C. Chicago, Illinois.
Foote, Kate Mail To - Mrs. Morris Greenlee Of Winnetka, Illinois.
Foote, Stella E. (Mrs. Edwin Warren). Belvidere.
Foote, Will K. Omaha, Nebraska.
Forsythe, Lydia Chicago, Illinois.
Forrer, Gladys (Mrs. Wallace Difford) West Milton, Ohio.
Forsell - See Keator. Forsen, Ethael Chicago, Ill.
Fosgate - See Kunze.
Foster - See Mccoy.
Foval - See Sippel.
Fox, Alice Chicago, Illinois (Crossed Out = Moved ?).
Fox, Amy Minneapolis, Minn.
Fox, Clara D. (Mrs. A. H. Albertson) Seattle, Washington.
Fox, Winifred (Mrs. Earl Duenbostle) Floyd, Iowa.
Franklin - See Huber.
French - See Chamberlain.
Freund, Carl Madison, Wisc. (See Carl Freund Mitchell)
Fritz, Constance (Mrs. Ed C. Briggs) Phoenix, Arizona.
Froom, Irene (Mrs. John Vandyke) Danville, Washington & Vancouver, B.C.
Fry, Zina Rockford, Ill.
Frye, Addie Died By 1919.
Frye, Fannie (Mrs. Sam. Ardes) Belvidere.
Frye, Jessie A. Seattle, Washington. Died By 1919.
Frye, Lizzie Died By Oct. 1900 Booklet.
Frye, Mary Evanston, Illinois Crossed Out = Moved ?
Frye, Will R. Died By Oct. 19oo Booklet.
Fuller - See Merrill.
Fuller, Harry Chicago, Illinois.
Fuller, Kathrine (Mrs. Thomas Franklin Rhinehart ) Belvidere.
Fuller - See Humphrey.
Funderburg - See Hes.
Gabel, Helen (Mrs. Olin Archer) Des Moines, Iowa.
Gage - See Glasner.
Gallagher, Emma (Mrs. S. A. Williams) Chippewa Faslls, Wisc.
Gallegher, Ruth (Mrs. V. S. Sears) Chardron, Nebraska.
Gardner - See Gray.
Garrett, Ruby Rockford, Ill.
Garrett, Vera (Mrs. George Lewis) Belvidere.
Georgian, William Chicago, Illinois.
Gibson - See Harvey & Lampert.
Gilbert - See Meehan & Whitman.
Giles - See Chamberlain.
Gill, Fred Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Gilman, Marie (Mrs. Irving Terwilliger) Belvidere.
Gilman, Nellie M. (Mrs. George Peabody) Carrington, Dakota & Phoenix, Ariz.
Glasner , Lillie M. (Mrs. E. J. Gage) (Enos T.) Belvidere Illinois. (2nd. Wife.).
Glasner, Emma (Mrs. Pettit) Belvidere.
Godwin - See Starr.
Goodrich - See Cleveland.
Goodrich - See Thompson.
Goodrich, Luella (Mrs. Robert Mcinnis) Belvidere.
Goodwin - See Starr & Godwin.
Goodwin, Helen Hampshire, Ill.
Goudy - See Harding.
Gough - See Linnell.
Gough, Hattie (Mrs. R. M. Warich ? / Warwick) Chicago, Illinois.
Gough, Jessie (Mrs. Ben. F. Spearing) Ramona & White Cloud, Michigan.
Gough, Sadie (Mrs. R. T. Warwick) Toledo, Ohio.
Gould, Blanche Chicago, Illinois & Whittier, Calif.
Gould, Jane Glencoe, Illinois.
Gould, Lucius Milwaukee, Wisc.
Gould - See Curtis.
Graves, Varena (Mrs. Ferd. Blake) Belvidere, Ill.
Gray, Cora (Mrs; David Patton) Belvidere.
Gray, Cora (Mrs. Bryant Mosely) Chicago, Illinois.
Gray, Jessie D. (Mrs. James Patton) Oak Park, Illinois & Chicago, Illinois.
Gray, Nellie (Mrs. H. C. Gardner) Chicago, Ill.
Gray - See Shannon.
Green - See Schuladen.
Greenlee, George Geneva, Ny.
Greenlee, Lizzie (Mrs. Elmer Watkins) Belvidere.
Greenlee, Mattie (Mrs. D. P. Greenlee) Belvidere.
Greenlee - See Foote.
Greenslit - See Wrate.
Griffis - See Watts.
Griffith - See Moore.
Grill - See Terwilliger.
Grimm - See Adams.
Griswold, Pearl Rockford, Illinois.
Haak - See Hakes.
Hackell - See Mccarthy.
Hagerman - See Adams.
Hahn - See Lyons.
Hakes - See Oakes.
Hakes, Ella (Mrs. Charles Partlow) Belvidere.
Hakes, Mary (Mrs. Ralph Sears) Pueblo, Colorado.
Hall - See Bowen & Tallerday.
Hamill, Agnes (Mrs. C. Miller) Racine, Wisc.
Hammond - See Powers.
Hancock, Evalon Centralia, Washington.
Hancock, William Los Angeles, Calif.
Hannah, Georgia Fort Benton, Montana.
Hannah, Marshall Peru, Ill.
Hannah, Thomas Fort Benton, Montana.
Harding, Ella (Mrs. Wm. Goudy) Avonmore, Penn.
Havenor, Roella (Mrs. C. L. Wemple) Ramona, Michigan & Belvidere.
Havenor, Ruth Lagrange, Ill.
Harley - See Scherer.
Harned - See Barmore & Nichols.
Hartwick - See Chena.
Harvey, Mary (Mrs. James Gibson) Belvidere.
Haskins, Marion (Mrs. John Evans) Utica, Ny. & Belvidere, Illinois.
Haskins, Maude (Mrs. Claire Elliott) Belvidere.
Haywood, Emilla (Mrs. Thompson) Freeport, Illinois.
Heineman, Frieda (Mrs. Foster Johnson) Belvidere.
Heller - See Richardson.
Hemmens, Hazel (Mrs. Fred Ellicott) Chicago ,Ill. & Detroit, Michigan.
Hendrickson - See Roper.
Hendrickson, Phyllis (Mrs. Irving Barr) Belvidere.
Herbert - See Mcmaster.
Herbert - See Vanderwalker.
Herbert, Matilda G. (Mrs. Joy H. Saxton) Belvidere.
Herbert, Ralph H. Dr. Chicago, Ill. Poplar Grove, Illinois & La Crosse, Wisc.
Hes, Alice (= Iles) (Mrs. Hugh Funderburg) Belvidere.
Hicks - See Andrews.
Hicks, Marie Or Mamie (Mrs. Clarence Woods) Belvidere.
Higgins - See Porter.
Hill - See Lincoln & Mcmullen & Davis & Difford.
Hill, Boyd Died By 1919.
Hill, Nettie (Mrs. S. W. Sussex) Highmore, So. Dakota.
Hollenshead, Iolene (Mrs. Elmer Smith) San Francisco, Calif.
Hollister, Norma (Mrs. Ward Keating) Belvidere.
Hopkins, Hattie (Mrs. S. Wilson) Charles City, Iowa.
Hopkins, Oscar Colorado Springs, Col.& Charleston, Washington.
Hopper, Versa (Mrs. Wm. Boothe) Belvidere, Illinois.
Horan, Pearl (Mrs. J. F. Smith) Belvidere.
Houdeshell, Mabel (Mrs. Field) Rockford, Illinois.
Houston - See Sabin.
Hovey, Annie (Mrs. John Fair) Died By 1919.
Hovey, Vera Rock Island, Ill.
Hubbard - See Luce.
Hubbard, Ethna (Mrs. W. H. Eddy) Woodstock, Ill.
Hubbell, Jane P. Rockford, Illinois Librarian.
Huber - See Ross.
Huber, Flora (Mrs. Nelson Franklin) Belvidere & Dawson, New Mexico.
Huber, Gertrude (Mrs. Alex. Mcconnell) Rockford, Ill.
Huff, Mary Chicago, Ill.
Hulett, Hazel (Mrs. Charles Wheeler)
Hulings, May (Mrs. F. W. Mcnamara Chicago, Illinois.
Hull, Eva Evanston, Illinois.
Hultin - See Bengston.
Humphrey, Alice Pomona, Calif.
Humphrey, Avis (Mrs. Wilder Shattuck) Belvidere, Ill.
Humphrey, Avis (Mrs. Albert Fuller) Died By 1919.?
Humphrey, Grace (Mrs. Thomas Dixon) Belvidere.
Humphrey, Mary (Mrs. Ray Walworth) Blind Slough, Oregon.
Humphrey - See Lincoln.
Hurd - See Allen.
Hurlbut, Stephen A. Madison, Wisc. & Shoreham, Long Island, New York.
Hutches - See Dixon.
Hyde - See Wallace.
Hyde, Wm. V. Castle Rock, Washington.
Hyndman - See Carver.
Iles - See Hes.
Incledon, Lulu / Luli (Mrs. George Sager) Memphis, Texas Or Tenn.
Ingalls, Clara (Mrs. Charles Jackson) Langdon, Iowa.
Inman - See Two Difford's.
Innes - See Demunn.
Irwin - See Wicks.
Irwin, Gideon Chicago, Illinois.
Jackson - See Ingalls.
Jaffray, Mabel (Mrs. Sheffield) Aurora, Illinois & Belvidere.
Jaffrey - See Jaffray.
James - See Mcmullen.
Jardine, Eva (Mrs. Walter Ray) Belvidere.
Johannsen, Emma Argyle, Illinois.
Johnson - See Barmore & Berg & Heineman.
Johnson, Harold Powell, Wyoming.
Johnson, Helen Kellogg, Idaho.
Johnston, Forest B. Rev. Philadelphia, Penn. & Marion, Indiana.
Jones - See Warren & Midkirk.
Jordan, Carrie Rockford, Illinois.
Jukes, Willard Rockford, Ill.
June, Marjorie Champaign, Illinois & Belvidere & Wenatchee, Wash.
June - See Ritchie.
Karlson - See Yates.
Keating - See Hollister.
Keator, Almira (Mrs. Evar Forsell) Rockford, Ill.
Keeler - See Nixon.
Keeler, Emma Oakland, Calif.
Keeler, Fred C. Prof. Peoria, Illinois.
Keeler, George H. Marietta, Georgia.
Keeler, Helen (Mrs. Herbert Tousley) Los Angeles, Calif.
Keeler, Lawrence Phoenix, Arizona.
Kelly, Leo Faith, So. Dakota.
Kelly, Loula (Mrs. Frank Smith) Nashville, Tenn.
Kennedy, Cora (Mrs. Leo Mcmeel) Great Falls, Montana.
Kennedy, Edward Great Falls, Montana.
Kenyon - See Page.
Kepple - See Delavergne.
Kepple, Pearl (Mrs. Charles Miller) Cleveland, Ohio.
Kern - See Vanepps & Baxter.
Kerr - See Dunton.
Kiester, Alta Morris, Illinois.
Kiester, Grace (Mrs. Ben Lear) Belvidere, Ill.
Kiester, Leah Dixon, Ill.
Kimmey, Maude Died By 1919.
Kimmey, Bernice (Mrs. George Ferney) St. Anthony, Idaho.
Kimmey, Bessie (Mrs. Harry Brown) Belvidere.
King, Alice (Mrs. Leslie Porter) Belvidere.
King, Cora (Mrs. Mack Swain) Los Angeles, Calif.
King, Hattie Mrs. Oakland, Calif.
King, Mildred (Mrs. Dr. Kleutzen) Chicago, Illinois.
King, Winnie (Mrs. Mark Plane) Belvidere.
Kipp, Ethel (Mrs. M. E. Smith). Salem, Oregon.
Kleasner - See Mabie.
Kleutzen - See King.
Klontz - See Case.
Konzelman - See Barney.
Kunze, Linah (Mrs. Kirby C. Fosgate) Hollister, Calif. & Trens Pinos, Calif.
Kunze, Max Inyo Co. Bishop, Calif.
Kunzelman - See Barney.
Labarr, Ella (Mrs. E. A. Cleveland) Belvidere & Delavan, Wisc..
Lacey, Fannie (Mrs. D. C. Pease) Belvidere.
Lacey, Will Port Huron, Michigan.
Laing, Charlotte Rockford, Ill.
Laing, Mary Rockford, Ill.
Laing, Vera Chester, Penn.
Lake, Hattie (Mrs. Charles Church) Rockford, Illinois.
Lamb, Edith Great Falls, Montana.
Lampert, Blanche (Mrs. Harry Porter) Garden Prairie, Ill.
Lampert, Russ Sumas, Washington.
Lambert - See Swail.
Lampbert - See Swail.
Lampert - See Swail.
Lampert, Charlotte (Mrs. Manley Gibson) Belvidere.
Lanning - See Mcdougal.
Lanning, George Shabbana, Illinois.
Lanning, Golden (Mrs. J. B. Andrews) Died By 1919.
Lanning, Olive (Mrs. J. F. Allison) Granville, North Dakota.
Lanning, Ruby (Mrs. Herbert Lundgren) Rockford, Illinois.
Larkins - See Wilson.
Lathrop, John Chicago, Illijnois.
Launch - See Loing.
Lawrence, Edwin Mrs. Belvidere.
Lawrence, Gertrude (Mrs. Wm. Peake) Chicago, Ill. & Oakland, Calif.
Lawrence, Mamie Chicago, Illinois.
Leach, Bessie M. (Mrs. Frank E. Priddy Adrian & Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Lear - See Kiester.
Lemell - See Mccartney. Lepper, Helen (Mrs. Percy Bogue) Ferndale, Wash.
Leonard - See Bahr.
Lewis - See Garrett.
Lewis, Fred Chicago, Illinois.
Lewis, Lila Chicago, Illinois.
Leydon, Charles Chicago, Illinois.
Lincoln, Charles Died By 1919.
Lincoln, Grace (Mrs. Fred Eldredge) Bear Lake, Michigan.
Lincoln, Minnie (Mrs. Thomas Humphrey). Died By 1919.
Lincoln, Rose (Mrs. William Hill) Euxene, Oregon.
Lindquist, Frank O. St. Joseph, Mo. & Aurora, Illinois.& Washburn, Mo.
Linnell - See Mccartney.
Linnell, Alta (Mrs. Ira Covey) Peoria, Illinois Or Iowa.
Linnell, Bertha (Mrs. James Gough) Belvidere.
Linnell, Edna (Mrs. Benson) Phoenix, Arizona.
Lintner, Mary (Mrs. F. L. Biester) Lockport, Illinois & Joliet & Glen Ellyn, Ill.
List - See Patton.
Loing, Fern (Mrs. Oral Launche) Baltimore, Md.
Long - See Fellows.
Longcor - See Bates.
Longcor, Harriet (Mrs. Frank R. Covey) Peoria, Ill. & Belvidere.
Longcor, Willard T. Died By 1919.
Loop, Gertrude Chicago, Ill.
Lovell - See Wilson.
Loy, Alice Effingham, Illinois.
Luce, Avice (Mrs. Guy Hubbard) Evanston, Illinois & Belvidere.
Luce, Elsie (Mrs. Collette) Chicago, Illinois & Evanston, Illinois.
Luhman, George Milwaukee, Wisc.
Luhman, Mary (Mrs. Clarence Dale) Milan, Michigan.
Lundgren - See Lanning.
Luse - See Luce.
Lyndon, Charles 1st. Vice Pres. C.B & I. Rr. Chicago, Illinois.
Lyons, Florence (Mrs. Will Hahn) Rockford, Ill.
Mabie - See Terwilliger.
Mabie, Helen V. (Mrs. Otto T. Steadler / Stendler) E. Northfield, Mass.
Mabie, Henry C. Rev. Rochester, Ny. (Crossed Out = Moved?).
Mabie, Nellie (Mrs. Kleasner) Belvidere.
Mackay - See Morse.
Madigan, Josephine Rockford, Ill.
Mallory, Roy Elgin, Illinois.
Malloy, Roy G. Fenville, Michigan. (See Mallory)
Manker - See Meyers.
Manly - See Wyman.
Manning, Elldone Freeport, Ill.
Markley, Hazel (Mrs. Ralph Shanesy) Evanston, Illinois.
Marks - See Shane.
Marriett - See Dunbar.
Marriett, Anne (Mrs. Brady Simpkins) Wichita, Kansas.
Marriett, Harriet (Mrs. Dell Fassett) Belvidere & Poplar Grove, Illinois.
Marriett, Lulu (Mrs. Clarence Winne) Belvidere.
Marsh - See Strong.
Marshall - See Bassett.
Marshall, Florence Died By 1919.
Martyn, John H. Died By Oct. 1900 Booklet.
Mason - See Burton & Coon.
May, Calvin D. Mrs. Merchants Bank, Clinton, Iowa.
May, Clifford Kirkland, Ill.
May, Douglas Chicago, Illinois. Died By 1919.
May, Douglas Borden Block, Chicago, Illinois.
Maxstead - See Tripp.
Mccabe - See Barney.
Mccarthy, Catherine (Mrs. S. Hackell) Poplar Grove, Ill. (See 2nd One.)
Mccarthy, Catharine (Mrs. Shackell) Caledonia & Poplar Grove.
Mccarthy, Iva (Mrs. George Crowell) Rockford, Ill.
Mccartney, Minnie (Mrs. J. Lemell Or Linnell) Albany, Wisc.
Mcclellan, Melissa (Mrs. Roswell Cook) Long Beach, Calif.
Mcconnell - See Young & Huber.
Mccoy, Carrie (Mrs. Charles Foster) Belvidere.
Mccoy, Earl Kirkland, Ill.
Mccracken, Tracy Laramie, Wyoming.
Mcdougal, Omar Died By 1919.
Mcdougal, Viva (Mrs. Ray Lanning) Belvidere.
Mcginley - See Ferguson.
Mcgonigle, Stephen Great Falls, Montana.
Mcinnis - See Goodrich.
Mcintyre - See Burnside.
Mckee, Richard Us. Army.
Mckenna, Vera Chicago, Illinois.
Mclean, Dellamae (Mrs. Arthur Seaver) Capron, Ill.
Mcmaster - See White.
Mcmee - See Kennedy.
Mcmullen, Lide (Mrs. James James) Gary, Indiana.
Mcmullen, Myrtle (Mrs. Boyd Hill) Long Beach, Calif.
Mcnamara - See Hulings.
Mcniel - See Burton.
Mcmoran - See Bennett.
Meade - See Ellis.
Meehan, Sadie (Mrs. Wayne Gilbert) Belvidere, Illinois.
Meek - See Richardson.
Melzer, David St. Louis, Mo.
Menzel, Vera (Mrs. James Cornell) Chicago, Ill.
Merriett, Annie (Mrs. E. Brady Simpkins) Eldorado, Kansas.
Merrill, Blance (Mrs. Dufay A. Fuller) Belvidere.
Merrill, Maude (Mrs. Harry Curtis) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can.& Minneapolis.
Meyers, Frankie Miss (Mrs. Leroy Manker) Reno, Nevada.
Meyers, Julia (Mrs. R. F. Cool) Champion, Alta, Canada. (Alberta Prov.?).
Midkirk, Ruth (Mrs. Charles Johnson) Belvidere, Ill.
Miles - See Plane.
Miller, A. G. ? Mrs. Rockford, Illinois.
Miller, Alta (Mrs. Clutter) Racine, Wisc.
Miller, Lilla E. (Mrs. Charles Agor) Kankakee, Illinois.
Miller - See Reynolds & Hamill.
Miller - See Taylor & Kepple.
Mitchell, Carl Freund Chicago, Ill. (See Carl Freund).
Mitchell, Chloe Chicago, Ill.
Moan - See Richardson.
Moon - See Moan.
Moore, Iva (Mrs. Willis Griffith) Belvidere.
Moore, Margaret Died By 1919.
Moran, Berneita Atlanta, Ga.
Moran, Sometimes Is Murrin.
Morey - See Bennett.
Morgan, Frank Dr. Onarga, Illinois & Quincy, Ill.
Morgan, Fred Dr. Cornell, Illinois.. & Clinton, Iowa.
Morgan, Glenn St. Paul, & Minneapolis, Minn.
Morgan, Ora (Mrs. Elmer Penny) Belvidere.
Morrison - See Pinkham.
Morse - See Bruce.
Morse, Blanche (Mrs. Blaine) Syracuse, Ny.
Morse, Winnie (Mrs. Ralph Mackay) Belvidere.
Moseley - See Gray.
Moss, Flora (Mrs. Baxter) Flagler, Calif. Or Colorado.
Moulton, Clarence U.S. Navy.
Mudge, Kate R. Redlands, Calif..
Mulligan, Bessie Rochelle, Ill.
Mulligan, Sadie (Mrs. Ralph Wheeler) Poplar Grove.
Munn, Wayne Dr. Janesville, Wisc.
Murphy - See Webster.
Murphy, Florence Sonoma, Calif.
Murrin, Ben Died By 1919.
Murrin Is Sometimes Moran.
Murrin, Mary (Mrs. John Carey) Chicago, Ill.
Nash, Herbert Rev. Rockford, Illinois. Died June 12, 1915.
Neff - See Blake.
Neff, Gertrude (Mrs. Burton) Died By 1919.
Nelson, Alice (Mrs. Robert Atkinson) Streator, Ill.
Newell, Milton Rockford, Ill.
Newell, Neva Gunnison, Colorado.
Newman, Boyd Rock Island, Ill.
Newman, Nellie L. (Mrs. W. G. Bennett) Austin Station, Chicago .
Newton, Belle (Mrs. Eaton) Belvidere, Illinois.
Newton, Fern (Mrs. Adrian Earl) Chicago, Ill.
Nichols, Matae (Mrs. Earl Harned) Belvidere.
Nixon - See Titus.
Nixon, Lulu (Mrs. Charles Keeler) Berkely, Calif. & Oakland, Calif.
Norton, Carrie (Mrs. John Wilson) Belvidere.
Norton, Pearl (Mrs. George Fellows) Rockford, Illinois.
Nott - See Bridges.
Nye - See Benson.
Oakes, Lulu (Mrs. Herbert Hakes) Windom, Minn.
Obrien, Martin Crookston, Minn..
Obrien - See Brady.
Oconnor, Helen Rockford, Ill.
Odonnell - See Burns.
Odonnell, Hugh Rockford, Illinois.
Odonnell, Michael Kansas City, Mo.
Odonnell, Sarah (Mrs. Harry Pierce) Belvidere.
Ohamlin - See Parkis.
Olberholser - See Adams.
Osborn, Nellie (Mrs. Floyd Pierce) Jerome, Idaho.
Osborne, Edna (Mrs. Dr. Whitcomb) Parsons & Lawrence, Kansas.
Packard, Ethel Los Angeles, Calif.
Packard, Harold Los Angeles, Calif.
Packer - See Dunbar.
Page, Anna (Mrs. Patrick Kenyon) Fulton, South Dakota & Buffalo, Wyo.
Page, Fannie (Mrs. Eugene E. P. Truesdell) Belvidere.
Parker, Garnet Miss (Mrs. Harry Collier) Belvidere.
Parker, Geraldine (Mrs. Homer Youngs) Twin Falls, Idaho.
Parker, Grace San Jose, Calif.
Parkhill, Marrietta (Mrs. Charles Peale) Belvidere.
Parkis, Ruth (Mrs. Carl Ohamilin) Breckenridge, Texas.
Parsons - See Piel.
Partlow - See Hakes.
Patterson - See Bement.
Patton - See Gray.
Patton, Marguerite (Mrs. Raymond List) Belvidere.
Paulson, Estella Rockford, Illinois.
Paulson, Mae Rockford, Ill.
Paylor - See Barr.
Peabody - See Gilman.
Peake - See Lawrence & Spencer.
Peale - See Parkhill.
Peale, Margaret Paxton, Ill.
Pearce - See Sterling.
Pearse - See Sterling.
Peart - See Stowe.
Pease - See Lacey & Barney.
Peart, William Glendale, Calif.
Peck, Emogene (Mrs. Fred Pettit) Columbia Falls, Montana.
Peck, Bonnie Seattle, Washington.
Penning, Pauline Bloomington, Indiana.
Penning, Susan Rockford, Ill.
Penny - See Morgan.
Pepper, Gertrude E. (Mrs. Henry D. Briggs) Belvidere (Crossed Out = Moved?).
Perkins - See Boutwell.
Perkins, M. D. Mrs. Belvidere.
Perlet, Arthur Chicago, Ill.
Perlet, Harry Chicago, Illinois.
Peter - See Sage.
Peters, Mary (Mrs. Eleazer Dawe ) Dakota, Stephenson Co. & Chicago, Illinois.
Peterson - See Barnes & Pierce.
Peterson, Arthur Rockford, Ill.
Peterson, Clara (Mrs. W. A. Block) Rockford, Illinois.
Pettit - See Downing & Glasner & Peck.
Pettit, Glen Sioux City, Iowa.
Pettey, Lois Washington, D. C.
Petty - See Feaks.
Phelps, Dessie Rockford, Ill.
Phelps, Irene Chicago, Ill.
Phillips - See Barr.
Piel - See Curran.
Piel, Neva (Mrs. Paul Parsons) Belvidere.
Pier - See Pryor.
Pierce - See Odonnell.
Pierce - See Osborn.
Pierce, Iola (Mrs. D. G. Peterson) Dallas, Texas.
Pierce, June (Mrs. Ed. Robertson) Belvidere.
Pierce, Kizzie Mrs. (Knickname?) Belvidere.
Pierce, May (Mrs. Wm. Waite) Lake Geneva & Lake Delevan, Wisc.
Pilon, Marjorie Evanston, Ill.
Pinkert, Lydia Monee, Illinois & Sycamore, Ill.
Pinkham, Susie (Mrs. Morrison) Owensboro, Ky.
Plane - See King.
Plane - See Whitman.
Plane, Daisy (Mrs. Joe Miles) Belvidere, Ill.
Porter - See King & Lampert.
Porter, Clara Chicago, Ill.
Porter, Clarence Davenport, Iowa.
Porter, George Minneapolis, Minn.
Porter, Gladys (Mrs. Edward Higgins) Elgin, Ill.
Porter, Lee Died By 1919.
Porter, Webster Burlington, Wisc.
Poulton, Richard Oxford University, England.
Poweres, Frank (Mrs. Myron Hammond) Belvidere.
Powers, Jessie (Mrs. Thomas) Died By 1919.
Powers, Will Santa Fe R.R. Topeka, Kansas.
Pratt - See Comstock.
Pratt, Hazel (Mrs. Kenneth Wright) Belvidere, Ill.
Priddy - See Leach.
Prier, Frannie C. (Pryor ?) (Mrs. Frank S. Whitman) Belvidere.
Pritchard, Paul Rockford, Illinois.
Proctor, Ada (Mrs. Bishop Butcher) Upper Burma, India.
Proctor, Willis Buffalo, Ny.
Prout - See Rudd.
Pryor - See Prier.
Pryor, Phoebie (Pier) (Mrs. Marvin E. Woods) Wray, Yuma, Colorado.
Pundt - See Schnitcke.
Putnam - See Clark.
Quigley, Harold Seattle, Washington & San Francisco, Calif.
Ranger - See Butterfield.
Ransley - See Benson.
Rasmussen, Florence (Mrs. George Baker) Belvidere.
Ray - See Jardine & Conklin.
Reed, N. B. Mrs. (Newton B. ? Reed) Belvidere.
Reynolds, Cora (Mrs. George Connors) Died By 1919.
Reynolds, Emma (Mrs. Miller).
Rhinehart - See Fuller.
Rice, Nellie G. (Mrs. George Wilber). Oak Park, Illinois.
Rice, Susie Oak Park, Illinois.
Richards - See Calahan.
Richardson, Anne (Mrs. Frank Moan) Howard, South Dakoata.
Richardson, Cora (Mrs. Robert Heller) Belvidere.
Richardson, Dudley Rockford, Illinois.
Richardson, June (Mrs. Raymomd Willard) Belvidere, Ill.
Richarson, Matie (Mrs. Harry Meek) Napoleon, Ohio.
Ritchie, Amy (Mrs. John Stanton) Cherry Valley, Ill.
Rislow, Helen Chicago, Ill.
Ritchie, Mildred (Mrs. Morris June) Wenatchee, Washington.
Rix, Esther (Mrs. Sands) Deceased Los Angeles, Calif.
Rix, - See Sisson.
Rix, Myrtle (Mrs. Howard Swits) Cincinnati, Ohio.
Roach, Bernice (Mrs. Erickson) Aurora, Ill.
Roach, Charles Denver, Colorado.
Robertson - See Pierce.
Robinson, Georgia (Mrs. E. G. Brands) Belvidere, Ill.
Robinson, Jessie Seattle, Washington.
Roe, Edith (Mrs. H. C. Roe) East Northfield & Boston, Mass..
Rogers, Francis J. Rockford, Illinois.
Roper, Edna (Mrs. Clinton Hendrickson) Garden Prairie, Ill.
Ross - See Wixon.
Ross, Clara (Mrs. Charles Huber) Belvidere.
Rote, Alversa (Mrs. Theodore Bailey) Belvidere.
Rudd, Alice (Mrs. Charles A. Prout) Wheaton, Illinois.
Rundell, Carrie (Mrs. John Cleaver) Belvidere.
Sabin - See Cook & Butterfield.
Sabin, Mary (Mrs. Fred Houston) Rockford, Illinois.
Sabin, Potter Chicago, Ill.
Sabin, Sydney Died By 1919.
Sage, Irene (Mrs. Henry Peters) Pasadena, Calif.
Sager, Anna (Mrs. M. Finley) Hoopston, Ill.
Sager, Fred Glencoe, Illinois.
Sager, Nellie (Mrs. William Craven) Portland, Oregon.
Sager - See Incledon.
Sands - See Rix.
Sands, Fred Jackson, Mississippi.
Saxton - See Herbert.
Saxton, Howard Washington, D.C. & Brookland, D.C.
Saxton, Ruth (Mrs. Nelson Wilcox) Belvidere Crossed Out = Moved ?
Schauer - See Comstock.
Scherer, Josephine (Mrs. Geo. Harley) Alameda & Los Angeles & Rutland,Il.
Schnitcke, Lottie (Mrs. Walter Pundt) Capron, Ill.
Schwarz, Edwin Kenosha, Wisc.
Schwarz, Mabel Hoopston, Ill.
Schultz - See Spackman.
Scott, Charles Twin Falls, Idaho.
Schleraetski - See Taylor.
Schuladen, Julia (Mrs. H. Green) Oak Park, Illinois.
Seaman - See Terwilliger.
Sears - See Hakes & Gallegher.
Seaver - See Mclean.
Sewell, Sidney Champaign - Urbana, Illinois & St. Louis, Mo.
Sexauer, Fred Auburn, Ny.
Sexauer, John A. Evanston, Illinois & New York,Ny.
Sexauer, Katherine Burlington, Wisc.
Sexauer, Mae Harvey, Ill.
Shackell - See Mccarthy.
Shane, Margaret (Mrs. Emory Marks) Chicago, Ill.
Shane, Stanley Waterloo, Iowa.
Shanesy - See Markley.
Shanesy, Anna (Mrs. Ed. Wheeler) Belvidere.
Shanesy, Ralph Evanston, Illinois.
Shannon, C. A. St. Paul, Minn.
Shannon, Jessie Lake Geneva, Wisc.
Shannon, Lizzie (Mrs. Gray) Died By 1919.
Sharp - See White.
Shattuck - See Curtis & Humphrey.
Shattuck, Carrie Chicago, Ill.
Shattuck, Ethel (Mrs. Harry Butler) Highland Park, Illionis.
Shaw, E. G. Chicago, Illinois.
Shaw, Ida V. (Mrs. David S. Wing) Rockford, Then Belvidere, Then Chicago, Ill.
Sheffield - See Jaffray.
Sherman, Doris Kingston, Ill.
Sherrer - See Scherrer.
Sherill, Jeanie / Jennie Madison, Wisc. & Whitewater, Wisc.
Sherrell - See Sherill.
Sherrell, Alice J. Mrs. Deceased.
Sherrell, Frank A. Kansas City, Mo.
Sherrill - See Sherrell.
Sigurd, Bess (Mrs. Arthur Carlson) Belvidere.
Silvius - See Cowan.
Simpkins - See Merriett & Marriett.
Simpson - See Spackman.
Sippel, Dora (Mrs. Cjarles Foval) Cicero, Illinois.
Sisson, Emma Mrs. (Emma Rix ?) Eldorado, Kansas (Crossed Out = Moved?).
Slater - See Stockwell & Banks.
Slater, Gertrude (Mrs. Ellsworth) Belvidere.
Slater, Maynard Detroit, Michigan.
Smedley, Eva Chicago, Illinois.
Smedley, Frank Died By 1919.
Smedley, Fred Died By 1919.
Smedley, James Chicago, Illinois.
Smedley, Ned Chicago, Illinois.
Smith - See Hollenshead & Kelly & Adams.
Smith - See Tucker. & Horan & Kipp & Welch.
Smith, Irving Chicago, Ill.
Smith, C. Clinton San Jose, Calif.
Smith, Elmer M. San Francisco, Calif.
Soost, Avis Chicago, Ill.
Spackman, Emma (Mrs. E. E. Simpson) Chicago, Illinois.
Spackman, Vina (Mrs. P. Schultz) Chicago, Illinois.
Spearing - See Gough.
Spencer, Clara (Mrs. Russell Durand) Rockford, Ill.
Spencer, Effie (Mrs. Lewis Wheeler) Los Angeles, Calif.
Spencer, Lucy (Mrs. J. W. Peake) Anchorage, Ky.
Stanton - See Ritchie.
Starr, Dollie (Mrs. Wm. M. Steele. Covina, Calif.
Starr, Minnie (Mrs. Clarence Godwin) Chicago, Illinois.
Stass, Helen Beloit, Wisc.
Steadler - See Mabie.
Stebbins, Blanche Clarion, Iowa.
Stedler - See Mabie.
Steele - See Starr.
Stendler - See Mabie.
Stephenson, Anna Chicago, Ill.
Sterling, Daisy / Daisie (Mrs. Arthur Vanepps) Belvidere.
Sterling, Eva L. (Mrs. Frank S. Pearce / Pearse) Belvidere.
Sterling, George Mrs. (Eliza V. Tobyne?) Belvidere.
Stockwell, Maude (Mrs. Charles Slater) Belvidere.
Stone, Daniel B. Maywood, Illinois.
Stowe, Ethelyn New York, Ny.
Stowe, Harriet (Mrs. Wm. Peart) Glendale, Calif.
Streeter, Wallace Chicago, Illinois.
Strong - See Wicks.
Strong, Ethel (Mrs. Lewis Marsh) Rockford, Illinois.
Sturtevant, Marie L. (Mrs. Fred C. Blackington) Deceased Roscoe, Illinois.
Sturtevant, Marie L. Died By 1919.
Styles, Cora Cairo, Illinois.
Sullivan, Bernard West Point (Academy?)
Sullivan, Boetius Died By 1919.
Sullivan, Elizabeth Chicago, Illinois.
Sullivan, Joe Lafayette, La.
Sullivan, Juliette Los Angeles, Calif.
Sullivan, Mark Died By 1919.
Sullivan - See Brown.
Sussex - See Hill.
Sutton - See Difford.
Sutton, Agnes Marengo, Illinois.
Swail, Carrie (Mrs. Russ S. Lampbert / Lambert/ Lampert) Sumas, Washington.
Swail, Carrie Died By 1919.
Swail, Mary B. (Mrs. Marcus Taft) Denver, Co. & Forest Hills Gardens, Ny.
Swail, Mary Also Of Tyron, N.C.
Swain - See King.
Swain, David Mrs. Stillwater, Minn.
Swazey, Edward Mrs. (Hes ? A Lawyer) In Dow City, Iowa.
Sweeney - See Burton.
Sweeney, Perry Chicago, Ill.
Swift - See Webber.
Swift, Harold Chicago, Ill.
Swits - See Rix.
Taft - See Swail.
Tallerday, Lottie (Mrs. Walter E. Hall) Chicago, Illinois.
Taplin, Rubie (Mrs. Harry Armington) Sycamore, Illinois.
Taylor - See Coleson.
Taylor, Edna (Mrs. Holt D. Miller) Esmond, Illinois & Pomona, Calif.
Taylor, Faye (Mrs. Walter Schleraetski) Denver, Colorado.
Taylor, Hazel Washington, D.C.
Terry, Walter Sunnyside, Washington.
Terwilliger - See Gilman.
Terwilliger, Alice Latter In Highmore, So. Dakota & Crowmanton, Florida.
Terwilliger, Alice (Mrs. Jacob Mabie) Trempleu, Wisc. & Rosalia, Kansas.
Terwilliger, Dorothy (Mrs. Ernest Grill) Boulder, Colorado.
Terwilliger, Frances E. (Mrs. Ralph Brown) Ann Arbor, Mich. & Belvidere.
Terwilliger, Helen (Mrs. L.N. Seaman) Elgin, Ill., Then Los Angeles, Calif.
Thomas - See Powers.
Thomas, Charlotte (Mrs. George Allison) Belvidere, Ill.
Thomas, Harold Rockford, Ill.
Thompkinson, Ann (Mrs. Jos. B. Collins) Belvidere.
Thompson - See Haywood.
Thompson, Edward A. Ann Arbor, Mi. & Dene ?, Ca. Or Col. & Dubuque, Ia.
Thompson, Grace (Mrs. Ernest Goodrich) Marengo, Illinois & Rockford, Ill.
Thorne, Bert Rockford, Illinois.
Tillman - See Bahr.
Titus, Ina (Mrs. V. A. Nixon) Lake Villa, Calif.
Titus, Iva (Mrs. Clarence Ward) Hammond, Ind. & Fruita, Col.& Los Angeles,Ca.
Tucker, Hattie (Mrs. Floyd Smith) Belvidere.
Tobyne - See Sterling.
Tobyne, Alice (Mrs. George Fitch) Belvidere.
Tobyne, Flora (Mrs. Saml. Walker) Debeque & Grand Junction, Colorado.
Tousley - See Keeler.
Traver, Mabel (Mrs. James Ellis) Belvidere.
Tripp, Claude Toronto, Canada.
Tripp, Donald Springfield, Ill.
Tripp, Ethel (Mrs. Maxstead) Beloit, Wisc.
Trueblood - See White.
Truesdell - See Page.
Truesdell, Blanche (Mrs. G. C. / C. C. Degraw) Portland, Oregon & Wayne, Pa.
Truesdell, Ethel (Mrs. Fred Warren) Belvidere.
Tucker - See Willard.
Tullock, Charles Chicago, Illinois.
Turner, Minnie (Mrs. Wm. Biester) Belvidere.
Tynan, Gertrude Chicago, Illinois.
Updegraff, J. C. Mr. Chicago, Illinois.
Vanatten, George Highmore, So. Dakota.
Vanderwalker, Ethel (Mrs. John Herbert) Belvidere.
Vandyke - See Froom.
Vanepps - See Sterling.
Vanepps, Florence (Mrs. Robert Kern) Belvidere.
Voorhis, Beatrice (Mrs. Cyril Atwood) Belvidere.
Vincent - See Wakefield.
Wait, Dawn (Mrs. Evan Young) Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Wait, Guy Kingston, Ill.
Waite - See Pierce.
Wakefield - See Burton.
Wakefield, Florence (Mrs. Clyde Vincent) Belvidere.
Waldock, Arthur Port Huron, Michigan.
Walker - See Tobyne.
Walker, Ada (Mrs. Arthur Birkett) Belvidere.
Wallace, Anna (Mrs. Wm. Hyde) Castle Rock, Washington. & Garden Prairie,Il.
Walquist, Irene (Mrs. Frank Anderson) Belvidere.
Walworth - See Humphrey.
Ward - See Titus.
Warren - See Foote.
Warren, Alice (Mrs. George Jones) Belvidere & Mitchell, So. Dakota.
Warren, Daniel Says See Father In Urbana, Illinois. & Amboy, Illinois.
Warren, Eliz A. (Mrs. Robert Dullam) Harvard, Illinois.
Warren, Emma Dr. Chicago, Illinois.
Warren, Henry Says See Father In Urbana, Ill.
Warwick - See Gough & Truesdell.
Watkins - See Greenlee.
Watkins, Gertrude (Mrs, Fred Armington) Des Moines, Iowa.
Watts, Cleona (Mrs. Earl Griffis) Poplar Grove, Illinois.
Webber, Elmer Chicago, Illinois.
Webber, Flora (Mrs. Dr. Swift) Belvidere, Illinois.
Webster, Esther (Mrs. A. E. Murphy) Jacksonville, Florida.
Welch, Lucy (Mrs. Lewis Smith) Capron, Ill.
Wells - See Fifield.
Wemple - See Havenor.
Wemple, Merritt Rockford, Ill.
Westphal, Bety Spring Valley, Ill.
Whalen - See Conley.
Wheeler - See Wheller.
Wheeler - See Campbell & Hulett & Mulligan & Spencer & Shanesy.
Wheeler, Clifton Beaumont & Houston, Texas.
Wheeler, Kittie (Mrs. Ernest Diamond) Died By 1919.
Wheeler, Lewis R. Los Angeles, Calif..
Wheller, Mary Mrs. (Mrs. Wheeler ?) Belvidere.
Whistman - See Brooks.
Whitcomb - See Osborne.
White, John Chicago, Ill.
White, Leo Chicago, Ill.
White, Lizzie (Mrs. Charles W. Sharp) Chicago, Illinois.
White, Markella (Mrs. Alva Mcmaster) Garden Prairie, Ill.
White, Neenah (Mrs. Charles Trueblood) Whiting, Indiana.
Whiting, Charles O. Died 1913 Roscoe, Illinois.
Whitman - See Pier.
Whitman, Bertha (Mrs. John C. Plane) Belvidere.
Whitman, Frank S. Dr. Chicago, Ill. & Omaha, Nenraska & Witchita, Kansas.
Whitman, Herman Chicago, Ill.
Whitman, Libbie (Mrs. Millard Boyce) Belvidere.
Whitman, Louise (Mrs. Edward Gilbert) Belvidere.
Whitney, Grant Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Whitney, Lela (Mrs. Chester Carwardine) Rochester, Ny..
Whitney, Louis Rockford, Ill.
Whitney, Richard Waukegan, Ill.
Wicks, Nora (Mrs. Rollo Strong) Belvidere.
Wicks, Vera (Mrs. R. Irwin) Rockford, Ill.
Wiffen - See Doll.
Wilber - See Rice.
Wilber, George Oak Park, Illinois.
Wilcox - See Saxton.
Wilkey, Elmer U.S. Navy.
Willard - See Richardson.
Willard, Harold Has A Sister In Beloit, Wisc.
Willard, Hazel (Mrs. Morgan Tucker) Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
Willard, Maude (Mrs. Frank Church) Columbia, S. Carolina.
Williams - See Gallagher.
Williams, Herman Minneapolis, Minn.
Wilson, Eliza (Mrs. W. J. Larkins) Chicago, Illinois.
Wilson, Mamie (Mrs. Erwin) Caledonia, Illinois.
Wilson, Mattie (Mrs. W. L. Lovell) Elgin, Illinois.
Wilson, Fannie (Mrs. Fenn) Englewood, Illinois.
Wilson, R. M. Chicago.
Wilson, Thomas Chicago, Illinois.
Wilson - See Colvin & Cleveland.
Wilson - See Hopkins & Colvin.
Wilson - See Norton.
Wing - See Shaw.
Wing, Jessie Died By 1919.
Wing, Mattie Chicago, Illinois.
Winne - See Marriett.
Witbeck, A. W. ? Mrs. Belvidere.
Witbeck, Elizabeth Rushville, Ill.
Witbeck, I. T. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Witbeck, Marrietta (Mrs. John L. Witbeck) Belvidere.
Witt, Hattie Douglas, Arizona.
Wixon, Fern (Mrs. Roy Ross) Belvidere.
Woleben, Harold Marengo, Ill.
Wood, Gertrude C. Died By Oct. 1900 Booklet.
Wood - See Pryor,
Woodard - See Evans.
Woodruff, Nina (Mrs. Dr. Burt) Ithaca, Michigan.
Woodward, Myrtle (Mrs. Clarence Bailey) Rockford, Illinois.
Woods - See Hicks.
Woods - See Pryor.
Woods, Mabel Died By 1919.
Worcester - See Brown.
Wrate, Elsie (Mrs. Ezra Greenslit) Roscoe, Illinois.
Wright - See Pratt.
Wyman, Edwin Chicago, Illinois.
Wyman, Mary (Mrs. Manly / Manley). Elgin, Illinois.
Wyman, Margaret Chicago, Ill.
Wyman, Mildred (Mrs. E. F. Crambut) Winetka, Ill.
Yates, Mabel (Mrs. Godfrey Karlson) Garden Prairie, Ill.
Yeager, Mattie (Mrs. Fred Bennett) Poplar Grove, Ill.
Young - See Wait.
Young, Bessie (Mrs, Mcconnell) Harvard, Illinois.
Young, Hazel Beloit, Wisc.
Young, Lillie Lancaster & Fondulac, Wisc.
Young, Mabel (Mrs. Henry Anderson) Teako Or Tekoa, Washington.
Youngs - See Parker.
Youngs, Homer Twin Falls, Idaho. Died By 1919.
Yourt, Walter Los Angeles, Calif.
Zeller - See Bardell.


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