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St. Johns German Ev. Lutheran Church
Previously known as St. Johannes
Now known as St. Johns United Church Of Christ

Belvidere, Illinois

Transcribed and Contributed by Martin W. Johnson, Historian

1901 Membership List of Foreign-born Members

The Oldest Church Record Book Has a 20 Page Index, 31 Pages Of Birth Entries, 48 Pages Of Death Entries, 22 Pages Of Detailed Family Information. Presented here are excerpts of that data, mainly for foreign-born members.

Past Pastors were: Unbeck, Pinkert, Heldberg, Spatilf, Wilking, Jensen, Engelbrecht, Gaertner, Biesen, Torbitzsky, Graf, Fischer, Tretwo, Weichbrodt, Blosser, Kraemer, Yurs.

*Not a Complete List*

Barltenbach, Sophia - See Wife Of Wm. H. Felmmann. B. 1-6-1876 Ablemann's, Wisc..
Beckmann, Elsie Dtr. Of Friedrich Beckmann. B. 10-2-1887 Reedsburg, Wisc. D. Oct.30.
Behling, Conrad A. Died 10-29-1962. B. In Hannover, Germany.
Benton, Mrs. John Over Schrader Died 3-_, Over 1-24-_.Buried Marengo Over Blvdr.
Boldt, Emma Mrs. Died 9-17-1966. Buried Hales Corners, Wisconsin.
Borchardt. William Died 11-8-1924. Buried Union, Ill.
Brolin, Elsie M. Wife Of Arthur Peterson.
Bruhn, Carl B. 11-7-186 Germany. Married 12-12-1891 In Oak Glen. (Ill. ?) Clara Shultz.
Bruhn, Clara (Schultz). Wife Of Carl Bruhn. Three Children Born In Oak Glenn.
Buerk, Christine Wife Of Herbert Fairchild.
Burke - See Buerk.
Burow, Frederick Wm. Died 4-27-1925. Buried Harvard, Ill.
Burton, Sawyer Died 8-13-1925. Buried Greenwodd Cemetery, Rockford, Ill.
Bush, Viola J. Wife Of Alphone J. Vangeel.
Cooper, Dwayne K. Married 11-21-1940 Iva E. Nickels. Relatives In Monroe Cntr. Ill.
Dahl, Mathilda Wife Of Henry Koerting. 1 Of 3 Children B. In Chicago Or Marengo.
Dassow, Caroline Mrs. Died 11-25-1919. Buried Concordia Cemetery, Chicago.
Dippold - See Mrs. John Sipple. Married March 17, 1887 Boone Co. Ill..
Doersam, Mary Ann Died 4-15-1954. Buried Warren, Ill.
Droysen, Herman B. 6-12-1865 Auklang (Anklan?), Germany. Wife = Minna Gahlbeck.
Droysen, Minna (Gahlbeck) Wife Of Herman Gahlbeck. B. 9-6-1873 Belvidere, Ill.
Everhart, Anna D. Died 2-2-1962. Born In Mchenry Co., Ill. See Other Death Entry.
Everhart, Anna D. Died 2-2-1964 Mchenry Co. Ill. Buried In Janesville, Wisconsin.
Fairchild, Herbert 28 Married 11-1-1919 Christine Buerk 28 Of Chicago.
Feldmann - Ablemann, Wisc. May Be Appleton, Wisc.??
Feldmann, Sophia (Barltenbach) Wife Of Wm. H. Married 5-24-1889 Ablemann, Wisc.
Feldmann, Wm. H. B. 5-25-1876 Wonewoc, Wisconsin.Married Sophia Barltenbach.
Fiebrantz - See Friebranz.
Fiebranz - See Friebranz.
Fossler, George B. 4-21-1863 Schmieheim, Germany. Wife = Henriette Schilling.
Fossler, Henriette (Schilling) Wife Of George Fossler. Married 12-29-1898 Belvidere.
Franck - See Frank.
Frank, Herman L. B.1-7-1875 Holtoff, Pommern.Wife = Emma Mathilda Auguste Lubke.
Friebranz, Wilhelmine - See Wife Of John Gahlbeck.
Gahlbeck, John & Wife Wilhelmine Friebranz. Married 12-30-1874 Huntley, Ill..
Gahlbeck, Minna Married Herman Droysen 5-11-1893 Belvidere, Ill.
Gahlbeck, Wilhelm F. B. 1875 Belvidere. Wife Marie J. Schwebke. Married 3-16-1904.
Gahlbeck, Wilhelmine (Friebranz). See Mrs. John Gahlbeck.
Garber - See Wallusks.
Gerber - See Wallusks.
Gower, Ella Wife Of Friedrich Schwebke.
Greenlee, Mary E. Died 3-16-1945. Buried Arlington Cemetery, Rockford, Ill.
Grenlee, Moses B. Mrs. Died 12-25-1945. Buried Arlington Cemetery, Rockford, Ill.
Hackman, William A. Died 2-24-1923. Buried Cortland, Ill.
Hauth, Dorthea (Wegner) . Her Mother Was Mrs. Christine Wegner B. 9-4-1834.
Hauth, Friedrich & Wife Dorthea (Wegner). Married 8-27-1885 Belvidere, Ill.
Hegemeister, Ernst Otto Bernhardt B.2-14-1889 Vargatz ?, Germany. Son Of Wilhelm.
Hegemeister, Wilhelm & Wife Friedericke Hubenbecker.
Hink, Paul B. 1900 Married 8-30-1924 Bertha F. Kamp B. 1902. He Was From Dundee, Ill.
Hoag ?, Jacob . One Child B. In Kingston, Ill.
Hubenbecker - Surname Has 2 Dashes Above U.
Hubenbecker, Friedericke Wife Of Wilhelm Hegemeister.
Johannes, Caroline Wife Of Fred Schuldt B. 2-1873 Monee, Illinois.
Johansen, Carl 2 Children Born In Germany, 2 Born In Mchenry Co, Ill.
Johansen, Carl B. 2-25-1848 Kirchbackendorf,Germany.Wife Friedericke Leonhardt.
Johansen, Friedericke (Leonhardt) Wife Of Carl (Charles) Johansen.
Johnson, Fred Robert 30 B. Near Rockford. Married 11-26-1911 Julia Sayer 22.
Kamp, Bertha F. Wife Of Paul Hink.
Kindberg, Marjorie (Myers) Mrs. Lavern Kindberg. Died 11-18-1966. Buried Willwood.
Koerting, Henry B. 12-1862 Wife Mathilda Dahl. Married 9-8-1888.
Krack, Carl Edward Married 7-3-1875.
Krack, Carl Edward B. 5-22-1846 Osnabruck, Hannover, Germany. Wife= Anna Meyer.
Leonhardt, Friedericke B. 10-2-1844 Demmin,Germany. Married 2-17-1872 Germany.
Libke - See Lubke.
Lubke - Name Was Written With 2 Dashes Above U. = Ue. Pronounced E Or I.
Lubke, Caroline (Ott) Wife Of Friedrich. B. 6-21-1846 Johannesburg. Pommerania.
Lubke, Emma Mathilda Auguste Wife Of Hermann Frank B. 7-7-1882. Married 3-4-1903.
Lubke, Friedrich 2 Dashes Above U. B. 10-19-1842 Griefswald, Pomern. Wife= Caroline.
Luckow, Alfred E. Died 3-9-1960 Calumet Co. Wisconsin. Lived In Roscoe, Ill.
Luckow, John & Wife Johanne Schultz. Married 1-9-1895 Wisconsin?
Lynch, Helen Wife Of Joseph Popp.
Maxon, Fred Mrs. Died 5-6-1944. Buried Chemung, Ill.
Maxon, Fred Mrs. Died 6-16-1955. Buried Chemung, Ill.
Meyer, Anna Maria Louise Wife Of Carl Krack. B. 11 Or 7-1846 Wichen, Hannover. Ger.
Meyer, Fred B. 2-2-1851 Nonnendorf By Demmin, Co. Kris Gria? (Or Demmin ?).
Meyer, Friedericke (Schultz) Wife Of Fred Meyer. B. 9-8-1859 Kaseke By Demmin, Ger.
Meyers, Marjorie Wife Of Lavern Kindberg Buried In Willwood Cem. Rockford, Ill.
Nickels, Iva E. Wife Of Dwayne K. Cooper.
Nimtz, Bertha Mrs. Died 11-28-1967. Buried In Marengo, Ill. Cemetery.
Ott, Caroline Wife Of Friedrich Lubke.
Papenhagen, Emil B. 12-30-1889 M. Woodstock, Ill.1-20-1940 Elfrieda Wendt B.11-2-1896.
Peters, C. Fred B. 1871. Married 9-18-1902 Eva M. Thren B. 1875. From Rockford, Ill.
Peterson, Arthur H. 30 Married 4-2-1926 Elsie M. Brolin 23.
Piel, Louise Wife Of William Smith. B. 8-17-1859 Stewardville (Stewartville ?), Ill.
Popp, Joseph 21 Married 2-9-1921 Helen Lynch 18. One Of Them Is From Chicago.
Rhode, John Children B. In Gutzkow 2 Dashes Above U, Pommerania & Racine, Wisc.
Rudolph, Julius Died 1-12-1924. Buriede Genoa, Ill.
Sayer, Julia Wife Of Red Robert Johnson.
Schilling, Henriette Wife Of George Fossler. B. 12-30-1871 Faulensieck, Germany.
Schilling, Sophie Johanna Caroline Wife Of Herman Straate. B. 1783 Lippe Detmold.
Schmidt - See Smith.
Schmidt, Albert Died Oak, Glen, Ill. 5-15-1962.
Schrader - See John Benton.
Schuldt, Fred (Deceased ?) & Wife Caroline Johannes Married 9-16-1897 Belvidere.
Schultz, Clara B. 4-11-1870/72 Peoria, Ill. Wife Of Carl Bruhn.
Schultz, Friedericke Wife Of Fred Meyer. Married 6-18-1888 Belvidere.
Schultz, Johanne Wife Of John Luckow.Children B.In Ledyard, Wisc.?& Appleton,Wi.
Schwebke - One Line Came From Bretwisch. A 1905 Line Came From Nearby There.
Schwebke - Village Of Jager May Have 2 Dashes Above A.
Schwebke, Friedrich J. & Ella Gower Married 11-25-1885 Beloit, Wisc.
Schwebke, Johann 2 Children B. In Buffalo, Ny. 1890 & 1892.
Schwebke, Marie J. Wife Of Wilhelm Gahlbeck. B. 1882 Jager , (West) Pommern.
Shull, Ora Died 2-27-1961 Cecino (Cicero ?), Indiana.
Sipple, Clara Barbara Lisette B. 7-2-1887 Chicago. Dtr. Of John Sipple.
Sipple, Dorthea Elizabeth B. 3-11-1888 Chicago. Dtr. Of John Sipple.
Sipple, Esther B. 4-10-1898 Belvidere, Illinois. Son Of John Sipple.
Sipple, John B. 9-29-1864 Berka, Sachsen / Saxony, Germany. Wife Margareta Dippold.
Sipple, Margareta (Dippold). B. 4-29-1866 Bayern / Bavaria, Germany. Wife Of John.
Sipple, William George B. 11-12-1890 Chicago. Son Of John Sipple.
Smith, Louise (Piel) Wife Of William Smith Married 8-29-1875.
Smith, William B. 9-13-1846 Dargegin (Dargun ?), Germany. Wife Louise Piel.
Straate, Herman H. B. 8-24-1865 Lippe Detmold, Germany. Wife = Sophie Schilling.
Straate, Sophie Johanna Caroline (Schilling). Wife Of Herman Straate. B. 9-21-1873.
Strate - See Straate.
Thren, Eva M. Wife Of C. (Charles) Fred Peters. B. 1875 (Chicago??).
Thrun - See Thren.
Tielkemeier, Delmar Died 10-14-1943. Buried Davis, Ill.
Tielkmeyer, Mattie C. (Wallenberg). Died 10-14-1960 Phoenix, Az. B. Dundee, Mich.
Trigg, Walter R. B. 1875. Married 6-24-1902 Marie Washer B. 1885.
Vangeel, Alphone J. 32 Married 9-29-1946 Viola J. Bush 31 At Capron, Ill.
Wallenberg, Mattie C. Wife Of Tielkmeyer Or Tielkemeyer.
Walluck - See Wallusks.
Wallusks, George Married 4-10-1902 Mrs. Mary Garber Or Gerber B. In 1848.
Washer, Marie Wife Of Walter R. Trigg. From Rockford, Ill.
Wegner, Christine - See Mrs. Dorthea (Wegner) Hauth.
Wegner, Dorthea . Wife Of Friedrich Hauth.
Wendt, Elfrieda Wife Ofemil Papenhagen.

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