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Stephen Perkins

Contributed by Robert Z. Anderson (

I am a 4th great-grandnephew of Jabez Perkins whose tree I discovered on your Bureau County History page. His nephew was Stephen Perkins, whose parents were Timothy Perkins Jr. and Tabitha Anderson (no relation to my Andersons).

Stephen was an early settler in Bureau Cty and brought his daughter Jeston with him. She met Hiram Anderson somewhere around LaMoille and they married on March 8 1842. They were my great-great-grandparents. Hiram came from Lewiston, ME along with two brothers, William and Barton. Their grandfather, Robert Finney Anderson, was a soldier in the Continental Army and fought in the Revolutionary War. The two brothers became Mormons at some point, William moved to Nauvoo, IL while Barton went to Wisconsin to harvest the timber used in the construction of the temple at Nauvoo. Barton stayed in Wisconsin, luckily, while William and his son Augustus became two of the three Morman fatalities on September 12, 1846 at the Battle of Nauvoo. Augustus was born in Bureau Cty on June 27, 1832. His sister Caroline was born in the county on May 29, 1836 and her sister Martha Helen was born there on November 24, 1840. The girls went to Utah with Brigham Young after the deaths of their father and brother. Martha had nine children by Frances Almond Brown and they gave every one of them the middle name of 'Anderson'.

In the meantime, Hiram stayed in Bureau Cty where he and Jeston raised three boys: Andrew Jay, Stephen and William, all born in Bureau Cty in 1843, 1847 & 1855 resp. I have been told the LaMoille Courthouse burned down and I was unable to get the exact dates of birth of the three boys. In 1847 Hiram purchased 140 acres from the government for $1.50 an acre. (I wish we still had it.) Stephen does not appear in the 1860 census so I presume he died. Andrew Jay, my great-grandfather, married and moved to California. At some point, Hiram, Jeston & William sold the Bureau Cty farm and moved to McPherson County, KS in time to appear in the 1880 census. Hiram died there in 1889. Jeston & William's family moved to Harris Cty, TX (Houston) for awhile and then on to Fresno, CA. I don't know when or where Jeston died.

Perhaps this is a little more history of the early residents of the County that would interest you and possibly a related reader. Feel free to use my email address.

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