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H. H. Allen and Mary Hunter

December 1904

December 12th 1854
December 12th 1904

Married, December 12, 1854, at the home of Andrew and Robert Hunter, in Wheatland township, Bureau county, Ill., by Rev. H. G. Pendleton, then in charge of the old Henry seminary, Mr. H. H. Allen to Miss Mary Hunter. Twenty-five persons were present at this wedding, and of tht fortunate number, Robert, Andrew and Hiram Hunter, H. C. Wright and daughter Mrs. F. A. Powell, all of Henry and Mrs. Enoch Hunter of Tiskilwa, are yet living, and were present at the Golden Anniversary last Monday, December 12.

As the years rolled away from this happy event of the long ago, five sons and three daughters came as added blessing to this pleasant home - Fred H. of Winchester, Illinois; Albe C. of Seneca, Hiram C. of Cottage, Mrs. Hulda (Allen) Vail of Nevada, Iowa; Lewis H. of Lacon, and G. Andrew of Chapin. These are all married, and with 24 grandchildren, eight of the number being present at the anniversary.

Intending to spring a happy surprise upon Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Allen, after arrival of the train Monday morning 36 jolly people gathered at the home of Robert Hunter, 26 of whom were children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the others brothers or nephews and nieces. After perfecting arrangements, they proceeded to the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. Allen, and as they drove up, the old folks came out greatly surprised to see the grandchildren from the north, south and west, with other near relatives.

The happy meeting passed off as a genuine surprise, but after the many congratulations, there seemed to arise a mistrust as to whether farther and mother had not learned of the matter in some way, but this feeling subsided, and the occasion passed along as a perfect surprise until the hour for dinner, when all partook of a bountiful repast brought by the visiting company, prepared an in readiness at the elegant home of Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Powell. Just before going over, Elmer Hunter called the house to order, and in a very neat speech presented a gold lined silver tea service of seven pieces, the offering of children and granchildren, silver fruit dish from Elmer Hunter and wife, gold headed cane and a brooch set with 67 pearls from Robert and Hiram Hunter, H. C. Wright and F. A. Powell and wife: also an elegant souvenir card cluster, bearing a title page of the occasion and the names of 20 Cottage friends. Later came a handsome gold-lined silver berry spoon from Mrs. Adeline Hunter of Tiskilwa. A beautiful hand worked collar from Mrs. E. F Carey of Harpoot, Turkey, made by a member of her class. Following the presentation was a feeling and happy response of thanks from Mr. and Mrs. Allen.

Some one again roused the suspicion that father and mother had been told, and each began to look with awe at the other and ask, Is it I? Is it I? Is it you that has given it away? Then came the second surprise of the evening when it was learned that one letter had caused an epistle to go astray. A letter which should have been directed to Mrs. H. C. Allen, Tiskilwa, containing the facts, was written Mrs. H. H. Allen, Tiskilwa, which the P.M. at that place forwarded to Henry, was delivered to Mrs. H. H. Allen, revealing the secret and giving the "surprise" away, but added its own line of fun to the evening.

These delightful reminiscent accasions, when the thought can reach back over a half century of married life with naught but blessing as the crown of the years, with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to remind them of the long stretch of time that has swept by since they plighted their vows in the far-off days freshly called to memory by the happy hour, are amount the pleasant things that sreve to make life worth the living. Mr. and Mrs. Allen are a well prepared couple, revered and loved, not only by their children and relatives, but by the scores of friends who have learned to value them for their fidelity and trustfulness amid the varied walks of long and eventful lives.


The following from Mrs. E. F. Carey, who taught school at Cottage, Bureau county, and boarded with Mr. and Mrs. Allen at the time, indicated that she had been apprised of the approaching anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Carey are missionaries at Harpoot, Turkey: "Mr. and Mrs. Allen: I almost wrote "dear grandpa and grandma;" you see I have not forgotten you two, the blessing and example you were to me the year I spent in your home. In a letter I have just received from Lettie Farley Piper, I learn that the 12th of December brings your 50th anniversary. How I wish I could join the crowd that will gather about you to celebrat that occasion. The best I can do is to send my heartiest, best wishes and greetings. God grand you many more years of life together. I am sure each year that rolls by finds you depending upon each other more and more, and the many experiences of joy and sorrow which you two have passed thru will bind you closer in love and unity. Yours is a fit life for some of the rest of us who are just starting out to look upon. I trust when my 50th anniversary comes - if God grants it - that I may look back upon a life as well spent and that I may enjoy that "Peace" which I know you two possess. I hope I may never forget the lessons of thoughtfulness and kindness, hospitality and cheer I learned when in your home. Please accept, dear Mrs. Allen, this little lace collar. It is not gold, as all your presents shoucl be on such an occasion I suppose, but it carries my love to you with it. Best wishes to your children and grandchildren, and God's blessing upon you both in that day." From "teacher" Mrs. E. F. Carey, Harpoot, Turkey, Nov. 13th, '04.

Present from the city were Robert Hunter and wife, Hiram Hunter and wife, Hiram C. Wright and wife, and Dr. F. A. Powell.

Present from a distance: F. H. Allen and wife, Winchester; A. C. Allen, wife and daughter, Seneca; H. C. Allen, wife and daughter, Cottage; Frank Vail and wife, Nevada, Iowa; John Farley and wife, Cottage; L. H. Allen and wife, Lacon, G. A. Allen and wife, Chapin; Elmer Hunter and wife, Chillicothe; Mrs. Ella B. Reed (grandchild) and daughter (g-gd), Zearing, Iowa; Fred Bean, wife and son (g-g-c), Wincehester; Elmer McCullough, wife and daughter (g-g-c), Will Piper and wife (g-c), Cottage.

During the day two family groups were taken, one of Mr. and Mrs. Allen and their children, and one of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren present, which all will prize highly as a souvenir of this joyous meeting. With the many friends we offer congratulations, and wish them continued fullness of life till that even greater day when diamonds shall mark the length of their married years.

Harding and Ethel (Julian) Piper

Dixon Evening Telegraph

October 2, 1948

Ohio Couple Have Golden Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Harding Piper of near Ohio, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday, Sept. 26, with a family dinner at non and a reception during the afternoon at which more than 300 guests were received. Among the guests were five who also were guests at the wedding 50 years ago. They were A. L. Piper, Mr. and Mrs. june Piper, Ed Husser and Mrs. Matt Lerch.

Mr. Piper, the former Ethel Julian, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Julian of Princeton and Handing Piper, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Piper of Malden, were married Sept. 27, 1898 at the home of the bride's parents. They moved the following spring to their present farm home. They are the paretns of three children: Asa H. Piper of Ohio: June of Thatcher, Ariz.; and Mrs. George Reiker (Mary) of Ohio. They have six grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Stuart's 25th Anniversary
The Bureau County Tribune, Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois, Friday, January 1, 1892
Neponset - Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Stuart celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage by a silver wedding on Christmas day. Many relatives from far and near were present.

Mr. and Mrs. John Walters

Taken From the Henry Republican
January 21, 1875 - Bureau county

Mr. and Mrs. John Walters, old settlers of Bureau county celebrated the 40th anniversary of their marriage by a reunion of old settlers last week. A grand supper was furnished and the time a very pleasant one. John Warfield and wife and Mrs. Steven Wilson, who were present, were also guests at the wedding 40 years ago. Of all the families here when Mr. Walters first came to Princeton, Benjamin Newell and wife are the only ones who still remain.

 Albert Lyle Thomas and Frances Caroline Zenor

Contributed by Bette Stewart

Bette writes "I have 50th wedding anniversary announcement for my great-grandparents. They were married 18 Sept 1872. This was a clipping in my grandmother's Bible, so I don't know which newspaper it is from. The celebrants are Albert Lyle Thomas and his wife, Frances Caroline Zenor Thomas."

Golden Wedding of Valley People

Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Thomas, of Spring Valley, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rudiger on the 18th of September. There were fifty guests present. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas received many presents and a purse of money. All their children were present, and at 1 o'clock they were all seated to a bountiful dinner served by their daughter.

Rev. Chas. Edw. Bowen of Spring Valley, gave a speech and prayer.

Those present were: Mr and Mrs. Carter Hall and children, Ralph Thomas and son, and E.M. Thomas. The out of town guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J Zenor, Lloyd Wm Zenor, A.S. Zenor, Miss Annie Zenor, Miss Nettie Zenor, Mrs. Myrtle Sutcliff, Mrs. Geneva Olson and children, Rosalie Durley, all of Hennepin; C.A. Zenor, Mrs. LeRoy Smith and daughter, Mrs. J.W. Gross [sic] and daughter of Williamsfield; Mr and Mrs. Arthur Swanson, Mr and Mrs. Clyde Conkling and son of Walnut; Miss Tresa Fisher, of Granville; Mrs. Zelda DeStiger, of Peru; Mrs. Herman Dreman, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Yingling, David Young, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hassenyager and children and Mr. and Mrs. Rudiger, of Princeton.

Rev. Chas. Edw. Bowen made the presentation speech. A mock wedding was a feature of the evening.

At the close, all sang "God be with you till we meet again."


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