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Sangamo Journal (Springfield, IL) - Friday, December 3, 1841
In Princeton, Bureau Co. on the 18th ult. Mr. Lewis J. Colton to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of E. S. Phelps, Esq., formerly of this city.
- Contributed by Jim Dezotell

The Illinois Free Trader, Ottawa, Ill, March 19, 1841
Married at this place, last evening, by the Rev. D. Newton, Mr. Cornelius Weston to Miss Isabella A. Andrews, both of Greenville, Putnam County, Ill.

The Hennepin Herald and Bureau Advertisement
February 5, 1847


Married in Princeton on Thursday, 28th alt., by Rev. Owen Lovejoy, Martin Ballou, Esq., to Miss Catherine S. Tuttle, all of Princeton

At Princeton on Sunday, 31st alt., by David Byron, Esq., Mr. Joshua Bishop to Miss Sara Rice all of that place.

The Hennepin Herald and Bureau Advertisement
March 20, 1847

Marriages - Married at Centre Grove on Thursday, the 11th inst., by Rev. L. S. Walker, Mr. Albert White of Princeton to Miss Charlotte Smith, of the former place.

The Ottawa Free Trader, Ottawa, Illinois, April 21, 1848
Married on Monday at Princeton, Mr. Josiah Pope of this place to Miss Melissa Doolittle of Princeton.


Taken From the Hennepin Tribune
October 30, 1857

In Princeton on the 29th, inst., by Esquire North, Mr. Oscar Diezman of Hennepin and Miss Rhoda Eatinger of Providence.

Taken From the Courier Newspaper, Henry, IL

November 6, 1857

In Princeton on the 28th, October, by Esq. North, Mr. Oscar Diezman of Hennepin and Miss Rosa Eatinger of Providence.

Taken From the Courier Newspaper, Henry, IL

February 26, 1858

Married on Thursday, 25th, inst., in Lacon, by Judge Fort, Mr. George Weinberger of Whitefield, Illinois to Miss Sophia Shoemaker of Henry, Illinois.  (The above notice was accompanied by gold dollar. Many thanks and good wishes.)

Taken From the Courier Newspaper, Henry, IL

August 5, 1858

Married on August 3, in the parsonage in Whitefield, by Rev. Jacob Matthews, Mr. John Martin of Peoria County to Miss Isabelle Miller, of Bureau County.

Taken From the Hennepin Tribune, Hennepin, IL

September 3, 1858

Married in Princeton, August 11, by Rev. Regend Davis, Mr. William H. Mesenkop, editor of the Putnam County Democrat and Miss Catherine E. Pelton, of Greenriver, Bureau County.


Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

January 20, 1866

Married in Tyro, Jefferson County, Missouri, by Rev. Mr. Mullen, Mr. Hubert A. Hill, formerly of Milo, Bureau Co. IL, and Miss S. C. Mahler of the former place.

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

October 18, 1866

Married at the residence of the bride’s father, in Milo Township, Bureau County, October 14, by Esq. Bates, Mr. John Spelman to Miss Lizzie Gage, all of Milo.

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

October 25, 1866

In Milo, October 24, at the residence of Dr. H. Harris, by Rev. J. Matthews, John N. Barrett to Miss Jennie E. Harris, both of Whitefield.

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

November 18, 1866

Married at the residence of the minister in Henry on the 8th, inst., by Rev. John Winn, Mr. Royal Johnson of Venice to Miss Crooks of Bureau County, Illinois

Taken From the Marshall County Telegraph

November 29, 1866

Married at the home of Asa Lake, in Wheatland, Bureau Co. Ill., by Rev. Jacob Matthews, Walter S. Vail of Centralia to Miss Fannie E. Whitman, youngest daughter of the late Rev. George Whitman.


Taken From the Marshall County Republican

January 10, 1867

At Milo, January 1st, at the house of Clark Swift, by Rev. Jacob Matthews, Isaac N. Tanquary of Steuben to Miss Ursula M. Swift of Milo, Bureau Co. Ill.

Taken From the Marshall County Republican

March 14, 1867

Married at Milo, Burea county, February 19th, at the home of Asa Lake, by Rev. J. Matthews, Daniel S. Bryant of Milo and Miss Fannie K. Cook, of Whitefield, Marshall county.

Taken From the Marshall County Republican

October 10, 1867

In this city, October 3rd, by E. T. Disosway, Esq., Chauncey C. Phillips and Miss Phebee Doane, both of Bureau County.

Taken From the Marshall County Republican

December 12, 1867

At Neponset, December 1st, Loton Frisbey of Henry and Mrs. Rachel Motherlon of Neponset.


Taken From the Marshall County Republican

January 16, 1868

Married in Henry, January 15, at the residence of Oscar A. Greens, by Rev. J. Matthews, H. F. Mason of Buda, Bureau County and Miss Almira M. Snyder.

February 20, 1868
Taken From the Marshall County Republican

At Wheatland, Bureau county, at the residence of the officiating officer, J.P. Swift, Esq., Orin Partlow to Miss Mary Kelly, both of Whitefield.

December 17, 1868

At Walnut Grove, December 1, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. T. Finkbine, Joel D. Ross and Miss Nora Wolf, all of Bureau county.


November 25, 1869
Taken From the Henry News Republican

Married at Neponset, Bureau County, Nov. 12, at the residence of W. W. Macklin, by Rev. Mr. Rutledge, Henry Applen and Miss Mary A. Wilcox.



May 12, 1870
At Whitefield Corners, May 3, at the house of Henry Snell, by Rev. H. Tiffany, Jacob M. Clark and Miss Alice J. Snell



January 11, 1872

At McLeon, New York, Dec. 23, by Rev. Mr. Benedict, Allen N. Stevens, son of Hon. B. N. Stevens of Tiskilwa, and Miss Rome C. Lyon of Morris New York.

March 21, 1872

In Whitefield, at M. E. parsonage, March 17, by Rev. G. Lucky, Howard S. Edmister to Miss Lizzie C. Nevitt; also at same time, W. W. Haskins to Phebe Wilcox, all of Milo, Bureau county.

March 28, 1872

At Princeton, Bureau county, March 20, Sidney White and Miss Alice Taliaferro, both of Snachwine, Putnam county.

May 16, 1872

At Yokohama, at her Brittanic Majesty’s Legation, Marcy 16, by Rev. M. B. Barley, H. M. B. Counselor chaplain, J. W. Fenton, professor of music at the imperial hrvoc college, Yeddo, to Miss Jane Pilkington, daughter of the late William Pilkington, formerly of Providence, Bureau county.

November 7, 1872

Married at Lepertown, Bureau county, Oct. 31, by Rev. Mapes, James Reeves of Nebraska and Miss Carrie Averill.

From Bureau Junction - James Reeves and Miss Carrie Averill was married on Thursday and left on the afternoon train to Lincoln, Nebraska where they will reside.

November 28, 1872

Married at Milo, Bureau county, Nov. 17, William H. Edmister and Mrs. Hester Morse.

December 12, 1872

Married at Princeton, Bureau county, Dec. 10, by Rev. G. W. Mapes, the father of the bride, assisted by Rev. A. Walds, M. A. Hitchcock of Snachwine and Miss Chittie Mapes.



January 30, 1873

Married in this city, Jan. 22, at the residence and by Rev. N. Heafy, Frank McKee and Mary Johnson, both of Bureau Junction.

March 13, 1873

At Milo, Bureau county, March 6, by Rev. Theodore Hoagland, John Bavinger of this county to Miss Ellen Etta Spellman.

March 13, 1873

In Wheatland, Bureau county, March 6, by Rev. A. W. Olds, assisted by Rev. John Wherry, William Brown and Miss Ettie, daughter of Hiram Stickles

March 13, 1873

At Princeton, Bureau county, February 18, by George Welch, Esq., Charles S. Weis, formerly of this city to Miss Drucilla H. Davis

March 27, 1873

Married At Princeton, March 12, Gilbert Clark and Miss Zervia Fosdick

April 3, 1873

Married At Princeton, Bureau county, March 1, by Rev. Henry L. Boltwood, Henry C. Wilson of Laverne, Minnesota to Miss Emma, daughter of Mr. Adam Faris of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

April 10, 1873

Married in this city, April 9, by Rev. M. V. B. White, Clinton B. Smith of Bureau county, and Miss Alice H. Wann

May 8, 1873

At Princeton, May 10, by Rev. T. B. Ives, Genoa D. Reeder and Eliza J. Hunter, all of Wheatland, Bureau county.

July 31, 1873

Married At Princeton, July 24, J. Albert Hill and Miss Ella, daughter of J. B. Mock both of Whitefield.

October 2, 1873

At Hennepin, Sept. 18, by Joseph Holland, Esq., Henry Charles and Miss Susan Mavity, both of Bureau county.

October 9, 1873

In Milo, Bureau county by Rev. Jason Fleming, Albert True, and Miss Ellen Culton

October 23, 1873

At Bureau Junction, Oct. 3, by J. Ramsey, Esq., Frank Oho and Miss Rebecca Fox.

December 18, 1873

Married At Robin’s Nest, Peoria county, Dec. 3, by Rev. Samuel Chase, D. D., Hon. L. V. Whiting of Tiskilwa to Miss Eryphele F. J. Robinson

December 25, 1873

Married At Princeton, Dec. 17, by Rev. M. L. Boltwood, Edwin M. Durley to Miss Lotta Ayers.


January 8, 1874

Married in this city, Dec. 31, a the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. Homer McVay, Jacob N. Denman of Milo, Bureau Co., to Miss Ella, daughter of George W. Kline

January 22, 1874

Married In Wheatland, by Rev. John Wherry, William Johnson and Mary Rich.

February 26, 1874

At Snachwine, Feb. 18, by E. L. Cook, Esq., Albert Harris of Bureau Junction to Miss Harriet Church of Arispie, Bureau county.

April 30, 1874

Married At Tiskilwa, April 19, Edwin J. Culp and Miss Ida, daughter of John Purviance.

August 6, 1874

Married at Tiskilwa, July 6, by J. P. Swift, Esq., of Wheatland, John Minderhout and Mary Owen; also John Cline of Livingston county, and Wilmina Owen.

October 22, 1874

Putnam County News

Richard Harrison, stepson of Hon. Joel W. Hopkins and living at Princeton was married last week to a daughter of Rev. H. V. Warren.

June 4, 1874

In Princeton, Bureau county, May 24, by Rev. W. K. Bean, William Cornell of Sparland to Miss Belle Jones of Princeton.

August 20, 1874

At Bureau Junction, August 10, by Rev. J. L. Ferris, George Sparling of Snachwine, and Mrs. Margaret Dunn of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

November 26, 1874

In Whitefield, Nov. 22, at the M. E. parsonage, by Rev. Samuel Wood, Ostrander Golder and Miss Alice Wilcox, both of Milo, Bureau county.

December 24, 1874

In Whitefield, at the M. E. parsonage, Dec. 13, by Rev. Samuel Wood, Samuel Chenneworth to Miss Jennie Bard, both of Milo.


January 7, 1875

Married At Milo, Bureau county, Dec. 30, by Rev. Samuel Wood, Andrew F. Harsh to Miss Mary J. Holcomb, both of Milo.

February 11, 1875

Married In Milo, at the residence of the bride’s father, Feb. 2, by Rev. Samuel Wood, W. H. Larmer of Harvard, Neb., to Miss Cornelia Thompson of Milo.

At Princeton, Feb. 4, by Rev. W. Gloss, John W. Tremain of Whitefield, and Miss Ella W. Davis of Bradford Stark county. Also Reuben Davis and Miss Ida Fisher, both of B.

March 11, 1875

At Princeton, Feb. 22, Butler Presson and Miss N. J. Bennett of Snachwine

At Princeton, by Rev. W. H. Gloss, Goerge Holcomb of Milo to Miss Ann L. White of Princeton.

In Milo, by Rev. S. Wood, W. H. Lormer of Howard, Neb., to Miss Cornelia Thompson of Milo.

September 16, 1875

At Rome, Peoria county, Sept. 13, by Rev. W. B. Berry of Snachwine, Daniel Rich of Wheatland, Bureau county, to Miss Mary A. Borken of R.

November 4, 1875

Married at Princeton, Oct. 28, by Rev. John Ellis, E. A. Willand of Manchester, N. H., and Miss Alma S. Alber of Wheatland, Bureau county.

December 30, 1875

In Whitefield, Dec. 27, at the M. E. parsonage, by Rev. S. Wood, George Reynolds to Miss Laura Bennett, both of Milo.

In Milo, Dec. 12, by Elder Reed, George H. Rich of Wheatland and Miss Sarah J., twin

daughter of Allen Harper of Milo.

In Milo, Dec. 15, George Baringer and Miss Jane Pardue.


February 10, 1876

Married At Princeton, Dec. 30, by Rev. S. DeLancy Fulton, Daniel F. Nevitt and Miss Mary R. Thompsom of Milo.

At Princeton, Jan. 31, Alonzo Tremain of Whitefield, and Miss Lucy Thompson of Milo.

At Odell, Jan. 25, by Rev. Allen, Dewitt C. Robinson to Miss Annie M. Strawn.

February 17, 1876

At Bradford, Feb. 17, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. S. Wood, O. N. Conger of Milo, to Miss Alice Jackson of Bradford.

In Milo, Feb. 10, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. S. Wood, Francis Smith of Saratoga, to Miss Ella Bennett of Milo.

February 24, 1876

At Snachwine, Feb. 17, by E. L. Cook, Esq. William Hosier of Shelby, Bureau county and Miss Sophia Anderson of Snachwine.

March 9, 1876

At Hennepin, Feb. 29, by Rev. H. M. Stouffer, John S. Rice of Bureau county to Miss Phebe J. Reddick of Putnam county.

March 23, 1876

In Arispe, March 14, at the residence of Mr. Atherton Clark, by Rev. S. Wood, assisted by Rev. C. H. Birch, C. E. Borop to Miss Ellen A. Clark both of Arispe.

October 12, 1876

Married in Wheatland, Sept. 30, Edwin Eustice and Miss Elizabeth Perkins.

November 30, 1876

Near Granville, Putnam county, November 15, by Rev. H. Stoufer of Hennepin, A. Hartsell of Loopertown, Bureau county and Mrs. Sarah Gallaher of G.

December 21, 1876

In Milo, Dec. 14, of  old age, Capt. James Taber, aged 83 years.


January 4, 1877

Married at Princeton, Dec. 24, at the residence of Mrs. J. W. Cook, J. Hiram Johnson, of the firm of Johnson and Finn, and Miss Leonora, youngest daughter of the late J. Watson Cook, formerly of this city.

February 15, 1877

In this city, Feb. 15, at 9 a. m., by Rev. E. C. Wayman, Andrew Anderson of Wheatland, Bureau county, and Mrs. Mary Ann Mutton.
Mr. Andrew Anderson of Lone Tree and Mrs. M. A. Mutton were married at the residence of R. H. Waterfall, Esq., this morning at 9 o’clock in the presence of a select company. At 10:30 they took the train west for a short honeymoon, Davenport being their destination. Their nuptial is seconded by the friends of the contracting parties, and all bid them God speed and bliss in their beautiful home on Lone Tree prairie.

In Wheatland, Bureau county, Feb. 1, by Rev. R. N. Morse, Mr. Edwin Hunter and Miss Mary Clark, both of Wheatland.

March 8, 1877

In this city, March 7, at the New Church parsonage, by Rev. B. Edmiston, Charles F. Edminster of Wheatland, Bureau county to Miss Maggie A. Clinton of Streator, LaSalle county.

June 7, 1877

Married at Chicago, May 29, at the residence of the bride's uncle, S. W. Munger, 182 Vincennes Ave., Dr. S. Bishop of Bloomington and Miss Electa, daughter of the late Joseph Merritt of Tiskilwa, and sister of Mrs. B. A. Welton of this city.

August 30, 1877

Married in this city, Aug. 29, at the residence of F. A. Raymond, Esq., the bride's father, at 9 o'clock a.m., by Rev. E. C. Wayman, Edward White, postmaster of Bureau Junction and Miss Mattie A. Raymond.

September 13, 1877

At Bradford, Aug. 30, by Elder Howe, Milton Shimel and Miss Hilda M. Sutherland, both of Milo.

October 25, 1877

At Snachwine, Oct. 25, at the M. E. church, at 9 a.m. by Rev. E. C. Wayman of this city, Samuel L. Case of Bureau county, and Miss Sarah E., daughter of Mr. James Giltner of S.

December 13, 1877

At the residence of the bride's parents near Lone Tree, Dec. 4th, by Rev. Elder Wilson of Snachwine, James Wherry of Snachwine to Miss Jennette Rich of Lone Tree.

December 27, 1877

Near Tiskilwa, Bureau county, Dec. 25, Martin L. Coan of Whitefield to Miss Sarah E., daughter of Mortimor Smith of T.


January 3, 1878

In Arispe, Dec. 28, by Rev. Mr. Wickshand of the Swedish Lutheran church of Princeton, John Magnuson of Arispe and Miss Emma Peterson, recently of Sweden.

January 17, 1878

In Milo, Jan. 1, John Chambers and Mrs. Catherine Spencer.

February 28, 1878

Near Tiskilwa, Feb. 7th, at the residence of the bride's parents, George E. Davis, by Rev. George Coleman, of the Congregational church of Sheffield, Clifford Bacon, late of Snachwine and Miss Mary E. Dorr of the former place.

In Milo, Bureau county, Feb. 17, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. H. C. Birch, Fred. Keene and Miss Amelia Bridegroom, both of Milo.

In Snachwine, Feb. 21, at the residence of the bride's mother by Rev. Henry Hunter, Albert Sheldon of Bureau county, and Miss Alice Tefft.

April 11, 1878

One of our best girls has left us. Miss Lizzie Funson committed matrimony with Norton Moffat, and went to house keeping the same day. They were rather sly about their matrimonial affairs, as Mrs. Grundy did not find it out until it was all over.  (This is my husband's great-great grandparents - Nancy Piper)

April 18, 1878

In Hennepin, April 5, by Rev. A. J. Bailey, J. P. Dann of Princeton, and Miss Maggie A. Hogan of Granville.

August 29, 1878

In Whitefield, Aug. 22, at the residence of Lewis Burson, the bride's father, by Rev. B. Edmiston of this city, Lewis Sapp, of Wyanet, Bureau county, and Miss Sarah M. Burson of W.

December 12, 1878

Married in Wheatland, Bureau county, Dec. 11, at the residence of Mr. John Bell, grandfather of the bride, by Rev. E. H. Baker of this city, John Howard Williams of Snachwine and Miss Naomi Rodgers of W.


February 6, 1879

Local Correspondence - Milo

Married on Sunday evening at the residence of the bride's father in Milo, Wm. Wilcox of Bradford to Miss Bella Hay of Milo.

May 8, 1879

Married at Buda April 25 by Rev. M. V. B. White, Samuel Chance Jr., of Henry, and Miss Ella Odekirk of B.

August 21, 1879

Married at Whitefield Corners, August 29, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. H. Hitchcock, Rev. John A. Rupp, and Miss Regina V. Mock, daughter of J. B. Mock, Esq.

October 30, 1879

Married at Buda, Oct. 15, by Rev. Covell, Mr. E. Kays of Tonica to Miss Emma C. Trask of Buda.

December 4, 1879

Married at Lone Tree, Bureau county, December 3, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. O. L. Barlor of Chicago, Wesley D. Runnells and Miss Aramintha C., daughter of Mr. R. R. Vail.


January 1, 1880

Married in Milo, Dec. 12, at the residence of Joseph Sutherland, by Rev. J. F. M. Parker of Snachwine, David Fitzpatrick, of Providence and Miss Harriet E. Holland of Milo.

January 4, 1880
Lone Tree: (Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney)

Wm Anderson of Washington County IA married Charlotte Hunter of Milo.. Christmas Eve

January 15, 1880

At Walnut, Bureau county, Jan. 6, by Rev. J. F. Colwell, R. P. Chaddock of the Wyoming Post, and Miss Laura Sayers of W.

February 5, 1880

In Wheatland, Bureau county, Feb. 4, by Rev. W. H. Hitchcock, Robert Grange and Miss Eliza Reeder, daughter of Hon. Robert Hunter of W.

Near Tiskilwa, Feb. 4, James M. Smith, (son of Mortimer Smith), and Miss Lydia Stewart.

February 19, 1880

Married at the residence of the bride's parents, in Gibson City, Ford county, Feb. 11, William H. Reader, son of Dr. H. Reader of Whitefield Corners, to Miss Alice Vincent.

July 8, 1880 - Milo

That wedding that I mentioned in my last came up Saturday, contracting parties, Miss Sara Corwin and John H. Poff. Weddings at Orange Haskins, Sunday. Long may the parties live to enjoy the blessed state of matrimony.

September 9, 1880

Married in Milo, Bureau county, Aug. 31, by Rev. Asa Curl, William Kelso, the grocer at Lone Tree, late of Henry, and Miss Emma, daughter of Joseph Sunderland, the "Joshua" of the Republican.

Milo - Married in Milo, Aug. 31st, at the residence of Joseph Sutherland, Esq., Miss Emma F. Sutherland to Wm. L. Kelso of Wheatland, Rev. A. Curl of Milo officiating, with some 30 guests present. After which all partook of a bountiful supper, prepared for the occasion. The happy couple then took the train at Bradford for Peoria, arriving some time next day. But the best joke was on the boys who came too late to chiravari the new married couple. After firing a round or so the lady of the mansion stepped out among the boys and shook hands with most of them, and politely informing the boys that their game had gone to Bradford; the boys then retires in a hurry, feeling as though they had been sold pretty cheap.

September 9, 1880

Milo - Madame Rumor says there was another wedding in Milo Thursday Sept. 2, Miss Carry Prishne to a gentleman of Sandwich. Did not learn his name.


Taken From the Henry Republican
January 13, 1881

Married in Wheatland, Jan. 12, at the residence of Abraham Anderson (Whack), by Rev. H. K. Metcalf, W. Oren Johnson and Miss Sarah, daughter of Mr. Abraham Anderson.

Married in Milo, Dec. 26, James Fisher of Gold, Bureau county and Miss Maggie Blaisdell of Milo.

January 24, 1881 (Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney)

MARRIED In this city, February 23 at St. Joseph's English Catholic Church by Rev. M. Quigley, Thomas Real of Milo, Bureau Co. and Miss Johanna, daughter of William Harney of Whitefield.

(write-up 3/31/1881 highlights follows)...only daughter of William Harney of Whitefield...elegant supper by Mrs. Harney. Mr. Real is son of Michael Real a wealthy farmer of Milo...Presents...extension table from Mrs & Mr Daniel Harney, 8 day clock from Mr & Mrs Ed Harney, silver knives and forks from Mr & Mrs John Harney, Photograph album from W. F. Harney, Silver butter knife from James Harney, silver pickle caster from Robert Harney, glassware from Mr & Mrs Michael Harney, linen towels from T. H. Harney, Belgium bedspread from Miss Johanna Harney, silver & cut glass fruit dish from Katie Harney....also mentioned: Gavins, Harrington, Miss Mary Hennessey, Miss Jane Hennessey, Baer, Barres, McMannus, Darby Horse, Thomas Real, uncle to the groom.

Taken From the Henry Republican
March 17, 1881

At Tiskilwa, Feb. 27, by Rev. N. T. Allen, Thomas Peckham and Miss Melissa Maple, both of Milo.

June 23, 1881

Married at Sheffield, June 1, at the parsonage, by Rev. J. W. Coe, Martin W. Clock of S. and Clara Brown, formerly of Marshall county.

October 13, 1881 (Courtesy Kandi Anderson McLaney)

MARRIED October 4 in Milo, E. Boyce of Taunton, Mass and Orah Griswold of Milo

October 13, 1881

Married in Milo, Octl 4, E. Boyce of Taunton, Mass., and Orah Griswold of Milo

November 3, 1881

At Buda, Oct. 26, Samuel Fairbanks of Bradford and Miss Emma Hughes of Kewanee.

December 15, 1881

In Milo, Nov. 24, by Rev. E. C. Wayman, Mr. Roberts, of Providence and Martha Horton of M.

December 15, 1881

In Milo, Dec. 1, by Rev. E. C. Wayman, Nelson Johnson and Nora B. Horton, both of M.

December 15, 1881

In Milo, Dec. 1, by Rev. E. C. Wayman, Joseph Reynolds and Maggie Galligher, both of M.

Milo - A double wedding in Milo this evening, the contracting parties being Miss May Gallaher to Joseph Reynolds and Miss Nora Horton to Nelson Johnson, all of Milo. Ceremony by Rev. Wayman of the M. E. church. May joy and happiness attend the happy couples through life and may their suns never set behind the dark clouds of misfortune or adversity. While we are writing these lines we hear the music of the serenaders; hope they will have a good time. Three weddings in one week is more than we can stand long, for we will be without lads or lasses.

December 22, 1881

Married at Whitefield Corners, Dec. 21, at the residence of D. W. Runnells, the bride's brother, by Rev. E. C. Wayman, William R. Brocaw, and Miss Addie, daughter of Mr. David Runnells, all of Wheatland.


Taken From the Henry Republican
March 23, 1882

Married in Milo, Bureau co., march 2, by Rev. E. C. Wayman, Byron Swarthout and Miss Ella Griswold, both of Milo.

Married at Arispe, Bureau Co., March 15, by Rev. E. C. Wayman, William N. Reid of Milo and Miss Nora Bell, daughter of Brown Smith and sister of Clinton B. Smith, liveryman of this city.

Henry Republican
April 6, 1882

Married in Milo, Bureau county, April 2, at the residence of Sylvester Sutherland, by Elder John F. M. Parker, Joel Skelton of Rutland, LaSalle county, to Miss Maria Sutherland


Married in Milo April 2d at the residence of Sylvester Sutherland, Mr. Joel Skelton of Rutland to Miss Maria Sutherland late of Iowa. Ceremony by Elder John Parker of Snachwine. Rather a youthful couple we should say, the bridegroom 66 and the bride almost 50, but such is life. We are credibly informed that Mr. Skelton has plenty of this life's good laid up in storage to last him and his fair bride through the balance of this life. Having known the parties these many years, we are further assured that they are not only laying up treasures on earth but trying to the best of their ability to lay up treasures in heaven. The bride received some nice presents. The parties left Monday morning for the other side of the river.


The Henry Republican, Henry, IL,
October 5, 1882

Married at Bureau Junction, Oct. 3, at the Bureau House, by Rev. J. S. Glendenning of Henry, Paul Janson and Miss Mollie Hanson, niece of John Jacobson, mine host of the Bureau House.


The Henry Republican, Henry, IL,
October 5, 1882

Married in Milo, September 20, Eli McClain to Miss Alice Conley, all of Milo - ceremony by Elder Parker of Snachwine.


The Henry Republican, Henry, IL,
October 19, 1882

Married in Arispie, Bureau county, Sept. 27, at the residence of H. K. Clark, Mr. I. W. Dray of Lenox, Iowa and Miss Emma L., daughter of Kerley Ward of Henry.


The Henry Republican, Henry, IL,
December 14, 1882

Married in Wheatland, Bureau County, December 13, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. J. F. M. Parker, of Senachwine, Calvin Clawson of Whitefield and Miss Alice, daughter of J. P. Swift, Esq.


January 18, 1883
Taken From the Henry Republican

Lone-Tree Weddings

The winding up of the old year and the ushering in of the new one, always brings its festivities, but seldom has your correspondent witnessed more joyful occasions than at the marriage of Albe C. Allen to Miss Stella Barber at the residence of Frank Brown between the holidays and also the marriage of Edward F. Vail to Miss May H. Allen at the residence of the bride's parents, on Wednesday evening the 10th inst. Although the day was very stormy, the evening brought its numbered guests, filling the house to its utmost capacity. The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. A. Raison of Whitefield Corners who has but recently taken to himself a wife, so of course knows just how the know should be tied. The groomsman and bridesmaid, were Hiram Allen and Miss Phebe Vail. After the congratulations all were invited to partake of a bountiful supper, which all seemed to enjoy. The evening was pleasantly spent in social chat, interspersed with ..?.. and instrumental music, until about 11 o'clock, when all were closely wrapped in their sleighs and prepared to face the storm home. The reception was given the day following by Mrs. Vail, mother of the groom. A goodly number of the friends were invited and we understand a sumptuous dinner was provided, and the day pleasantly spent. The presents were numerous and valuable, as follows:

Silver castor, Enoch Hunter and family.
Eight day clock, Eugene Vail
Porcelain tea pot, Andrew Hunter and wife
Silver cake basket, Seneca Hunter and wife.
Silver butter dish, S. Merritt and wife.
Silver pickle castor and paper holder, Albe C. Allen and wife.
Wall Bracket, Carrie Hunter
White Marseilles bed spread, S. R. Hunter, and by Phebe Vail
Dressing case, Horace Allen, NY
Set Majolica ware, P. Reynolds and wife
Camp chair, Edwin Hunter and wife
Doz. Silver knives, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hunter
1/2 doz. silver knives and forks, Mother Vail
1/2 doz. teaspoons each, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Vail, Addie Allen, Aaron Farley, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brokaw
Lace stand spread, Mr. McDole
1/2 doz. silver tablespoons each, Mother Allen, Mr. and Mrs. D W Runnels
Gold bracelets, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hunter, Peoria
Napkin rings, Louis Allen and by Abel Vail
Butter knife, Clarkson Vail
Sugar spoon and gold dollar, Phebe R. Vail
Carving knife and fork, Jasper Brokaw
Silver castor, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wright, Henry
Glass cake stand, Seneca Hunter, Jr.
Clock, Fred Allen and DeMaranville
Parlor lamp, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Powell, Henry
Doz. salt dishes, Andrew Allen
Set glassware, Frank Brown and wife
Set glass sauce dishes, Leonard Hunter
Large frame chromo, Mattie Murphy
Bronze statuary, Nettie Frazier
China wash bowl and pitcher, Katie Jones
Silver berry spoon, Lydia Brokaw, N.J.
Hood's poems, Mrs. N. A. Woodard, N.Y.
Wedding card and $10, grandparents
Glass fruit and sauce dish, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Davis
Glass syrup dish, Charley Vail
Large crystal fruit dish, Ranny Vail.
Set of China dishes, Father Allen

January 25, 1883
Taken From the Henry Republican

Aaron Farley and Mrs. Fannie Grange crossed the river on Jan. 17, and were “made of one bone and one flesh,” speaking after the manner of holy writ, Rev. J. A. Risson pronouncing the marriage rite in the presence of about 70 guests, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Hunter, the bride’s parents, near Lone Tree. The occasion was sociably delightful, and heartfelt congratulations, a bountiful wedding repast, and vocal and instrumental music, being enjoyed by all present. That the bride and groom had many friends, was not only attested by the large number present, but by a very large, useful and valuable array of presents, consisting of silverware, household articles for table and home use, trinkets of various kinds, which will be highly appreciately by the happy recipients.  We would enumerate them here, but want of space forbids. The Republican joins in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Farley the best and the most that this life affords, above all, peace, plenty and a long life together.

March 22, 1883
Taken From the Henry Republican

At Hennepin, March 14, at the Hennepin House, by Rev. B. V. Denning, Seneca Hunter of Milo, Bureau county, and Flora C., youngest daughter of the late Joseph Tozier of this city.

At Bradford, March 13, at the residence of J. C. Blaisdell, William Philhour and Miss Lucinda Blessing of Tiskilwa, Squiare Blaisdell officiating. Their new home will be Henderson county.

1900 - 1935


Contributed by Melva L. Taylor

The Tampico Tornado, Tampico, Illinois

February 1901

Winchell-Thackaberry Nuptials

Married, February 5th, Mr. Foster Winchell and Miss Minnie Thackaberry, both of Fairfield, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Thackaberry, by Rev. Infield, of Lafayette, Ind., in the presence of the near relatives of the contracting parties.

The marriage occurred at 12 o'clock. Immediately after the ceremony a sumptuous dinner was served. A reception was given at J. J. Winchell's, the father of the groom, Wednesday evening.

A large number of presents were received by the young couple.

Among the friends from a distance were: Mr. and Miss Will Winchell, of Galesburg; and Miss Ella Thackaberry of Valparaiso, Ind., a sister of the bride.

The bride is an estimable young lady, who has served several years as an instructor in the schools of Valparaiso, and is held in high esteem by a large circle of friends.

The groom is a very popular young man in Fairfield social circles and has every promise of being worthy the bride he has won.

The Tornado is united with the many friends in extending congratulations.

The young couple will take possession of the old homestead farm about February 15, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Winchell intending to move to Galesburg.

The Paducah evening sun. (Paducah, Ky.), December 04, 1906, Page 8
Bride of 71 and Groom of 70 Bring Together Large Family.
Sterling, Ill., Dec. 4
A bride and groom whose combined ages are 141 years and whose mutual plightings of troth bring 34 children into the same happy family are the features of a wedding here today which united William Evers and Mrs. Agnes Rivert. Mr. Evers is 70 years and the bride did not blush when she admitted to the license clerk yesterday that she is four times 17 with three years to spare. Mr. Evers and his bride are both residents of Manlius, Bureau County.

January 2, 1908
Taken From the Henry Republican


At the Presbyterian parsonage on New Year's eve Rev. H. W. Burger made two lives very happy - he united them for life, conferring upon them the time-honored title of husband and wife. The contracting parties were Charles Anderson, son of William Anderson of this city, and Miss Blanche Taylor. The witnesses to this happy fruition of anticipated hopes were Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hunter. After a season of visiting Mr. and Mrs. Anderson go to housekeeping on the Julius Meister farm in Whitefield township, which was recently purchased by the groom's father. The best wiches of their many friends is extended for their mutual happiness and success. They are fine young people, the groom an industrious farmer and the bride a capable and charming young woman. May they find the best in life together is the benediction of the Henry Republican

Rock Island Argus, (Rock Island, Ill.), January 10, 1908, Page 7
Old Bureau Pair Wed
Sterling, Ill., Jan. 10 - William E. Evans, aged 67 and Martha Miller, aged 73, of Gold Township, Bureau County, were married yesterday. It was the bride's fifth marriage.


Contributed by Melva L. Taylor

The Sterling Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois

February 26, 1910 - pg 3

Miss Florence Griffin and Carl Gustafson were married St. Valentine's Day at Princeton by Rev. R. J. McGlade, pastor of the Methodist Church. The ceremony was performed at 4:30 o'clock in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Gustafson returned to Tampico the following day and have been visiting at the home of Will Hunter for a few days. They expect to establish their home in this vicinity.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Griffin of Fenton who resided here until recently. She has many relatives and friends in Tampico who are ready to tender congratulations. Mr. Gustafson is a young farmer who has made his home with John Peterson southwest of Tampico and he has many friends in this vicinity who tender him congratulations on winning the hand of such a nice young lady.

Decatur Review (Decatur, Illinois) June 21, 1922


Miss Anna Mae Simpson of Dalzell and Ira Edward Collings of Spring Valley were united in marriage Tuesday noon by Rev. Harry L. Meyer in the First Congregational church, the ring ceremony being used.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Simpson and Mr. Collings is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James S. Collings of Spring Valley.

The couple left for their home in Spring Valley, where the bridegroom is employed as a clerk.


February 1934

Miss Iscle Dickerson and Myron Smith of this place were united in marriage this morning at Princeton.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. W. W. Hoisington, pastor of the M. E. Church of that city.  Immediately after the service, Mr. and Mrs. Smtih drove to Chicago where after a few days visit they will return to Bradford and be at home with the bride's mother, Mrs.W. W. Dickerson, east of Bradford.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith are well and favorably known in and around Bradford and community, where they have lived practically all their lives.  They have many friends who will be pleased to extend best wishes for a happy wedded life

[Source: Bradford Republican, Bradford, IL ]

Sterling Daily Gazette 8 March 1941
[Contributed by Sue Nesland, Transcribed by Chris Walters]

Miss Gladys Renner and Earl Gettle exchange nuptial vows at Walnut.
The Walnut Christian church was the scene of a pretty wedding at 10 o'clock Friday morning when Miss Gladys Renner became the bride of Earl gettle in the presence of a large crowd of friends and relatives. The single ring ceremony was read by the pastor of the church, Rev. Dewey Kooy, before a white arch placed in front of the altar, decorated with ferns and other greens and spring flowers.
Preceding the ceremony, Miss Eleanor Sample of Walnut sand, "Oh Promise Me," and "I Love You Truly." Mrs. Grace Foss of Walnut was the accompanist and played the "Bridal Chorus" from "Lohengrin" for the wedding processional. Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" was used for the recessional. The bridesmaid was Miss Verle Renner, sister of the bride, and the groom was attended by his brother-in-law, Cyril Heitzler of Hooppole. Users were Dale Renner, brother of the bride, and Willard Warfield, cousin of the groom. The bride was given in marriage by her father, Harry Renner.
The bride was lovely in a floor-length white peau de sole gown with a floor length veil fashioned with a small train edged in lace, and caught to her head with a white tiara. her arm bouquet was a shower bouquet of pink and white carnations. Her only jewelry was a string of pears belonging to her grandmother, Mrs. Bertha Renner. The bridesmaid also wore a floor length gown of pink silk marquisette and her arm bouquet was pink and white snapdragons and white carnations.
The couple received the congratulations of their friends in the rear of the church and following this at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Renner, where a wedding dinner was served to 40 relatives of the newlyweds.
The bride's table was in white, centered with a three tier wedding cake, decorated in pink and white and topped with a miniature bride and groom. Lighted pink tapers completed the table decorations. Waitresses were two friends of the bride, Opal Conley and Alice Allen of Sterling.
Others present for the dinner were: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Renner and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gettle and daughters, Ethel, Mrs. Cyril Heitzler of Hooppole, Mrs. Bertha Renner, A.L. Stickles, Mrs. Laura Stickles, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Dahl, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hopkins and daughter Pearl, Rev. and Mrs. Dewey Kooy, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vail and family of Tiskilwa, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Raabe of Manilius, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bard of Naperville, Mr. and Mrs. George Stickles of Tampico, Mrs. Glen Renner of Lyndon, Rev. and Mrs. R.W. Ford of Dixon.
Mrs. gettle is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. harry Renner of Walnut and was a member of the 1938 graduating class of Walnut high school. For the last few months she has been employed at the Hendricks drug store in Sterling.
The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gettle and has been engaged in farming. The couple left on a short wedding trip, the bride lovely in a tan wool suit trimmed in fur. On their return they will be at home on the farm near Walnut recently vacated byMr. and Mrs. Lee Kruse.

Contributed by Sue Nesland, Transcribed by Chris Walters

Sterling Daily Gazette 15 Dec 1942
Ed Orns of Walnut received an interesting gift the past week. A piece of wedding cake from his nephew Leslie Orns, who is with the US forces in Australia and his bride the former Miss Dolores Collins of Australia. The newlyweds say that they expect to return to the US after the war.

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