1870 Macon Township Census

Transcribed by Foxie Hagerty

1870 census Township Macon, co of Bureau of Illinois enumerated by me, on the 7th day of July 1870, O. Lovejoy, ASSt. Marshall-- Post Office Buda, IL

Pages 1-7

Page No. 1--

Henn, Francis age 35 Farmer born in Ireland.

Henn, Ellen 28, keeps house, forn Ireland.

Henn, Daniel 9, at home, IL attends school

Henn, Mary 8 F at home born, IL attends school

Henn, Robert 6, at home attends school born IL

Henn, Mike age 3 at home born IL

Henn, Francis age 1 at home

Shetlock, James 30- Farm Laborer born Ireland

Shelock, Letty 39-- Keeps house born NY

Shelock, Mann?---F-6, at home born IL attends school.

Shelock, Amelia, 1--at home born in IL

Haskell, James 18--Farm Laborer born Ireland

Davis, Samuel --41-Farmer 4,800--800 born New York

Davis, Eliza -37--keeps house born New York

Davis, John 14 on farm born New York

Davis, George 13, on farm born New York

Davis, Marcellns?-- 11 at home born new york

Davis, Frances-7-at home attends school

Powess, Laorinia-f-77-retired -born New York-- think her lst name might be Powers/Powell but that's the way it's spelled is what I have

Gicely, William -31-Farmer born N.H.

Gicely, Judith--30 keeps house born NY

Davis, Ban-17--m-farm hand born New York

Davis, Natty--18 servant...born England

Thompson, Andrew 27 Farmer

Thompson, Frances 27 keeps house both born in Ny

Fosley, Peter 16, farm hand born NY

Obrian, Patnet 31 Farmhand born Ireland

Obrian, Mary 27 keeps house born in Ireland

Obrian, Mary 5-at home, born in Ill. attends school

Obrian, Mike 4 at home, born IL attends school

Obrian, Elizabeth 2 at home born in IL

Obrian, Frances 2/12 at home

Bolend, James 35--Farmer born Canada

Bolend, Ellen 30 keeps house born in Canada

Bolend, Olive 10 at home born in Ill, attends school

Gosman John 19, farm hand born in Ireland

Reid, William 50 Farmer $10340-- $1705 born in Maryland

Reid, Mary 35 Keeps house born Ohio

Reid, Henry 19, on farm born Indiana

Reid, David 17 on farm born in Indiana

Reid, Elmer 10 at home born in Ill attends school

Reid, Charles 8, at home born in IL attends school

Reid Harry 7 at home born in IL attends school

Reid, Luella 2 at home

Sullivan, Mary 16-F-domestic servant born in England

Telsen, August 21-M-Farm hand owns personal property of $1200--born in Germany

Green, John 51 Farmer born in Penn

Green, Abigail 56-f- keeps house born in Penn

Green, Elizabeth 26 at home born Penn

Green, Henry 19 on farm, Penn

Green, Mary 17 at home born in Penn

Reed, Elizabeth 23 at home

Bliss, Zenas 32 FArmer $6800--$700 born Mass

Bliss, Mary 26, keeps house born Ohio

Bliss, Herbin 7 at home born in IL

Bliss Sherman, 5- at home born in IL

Bliss, Edward 7/12 at home born in IL

Enis, Jane 60 retired born in Penn.

Anthony, Charles 27 Farmer 700 born in IL

Anthony, Josephine 22 keeps house born in Mass

Anthony Luther 7/12 at home born in IL

Jardine, John 17 Farm Hand born Scotland

Beach, James 65 farmer, born Scotland--$1,100 second hole

Beach, Julia 50 keeps house born in Ireland

Beach, Montgomery 19 on farm born in Ireland

Bliss, Irsin 3-M- at home born in IL

Beach, Harriet 15 at home born in Ill

Beach, Julia 13-at home born IL

Beach, James 10, at home born IL

Beach, Thomas at home born IL on farm age 20

Beach, Andrew 26, Farmer 800 Born in IL

Beach, Julia 18 Keeps house born NY

Canta, John 15 farmhand born England

Haley, Thomas 33 Farmer born NH

Haley, Betsey 29 keeps house born IL

Haley, George 4 at home born IL

Haley, Addie 2-f-at home born IL

Haley, Maria 28-f-Teacher born NH

Shelly,. Samuel 22 Farm hand born Penn

Kane, Thomas 24-Farmer-425- born Ireland

Johanna 20-keeps house born Mass

Kane, John 1-M-at home born Ill

Kane, Patrick 26 Farmer 420 born Ireland

Hannm, Pliny 39 Farmer 2000 born Mass

Hannm, Eliza 33-keeps house

Hannm Willard 16 on farm born Mass

Hannm, Henry 12 on farm born Mass

Hannm, Charles 7 at home born Mass

Deihl, William 23 Farmer --400 born Indiana

Deihl, Emily 25 keeps house born Delaware

Deihl Isaac 1 at home born IL

Moore, Charles 29 Farm Hand born Ireland

Moore Eliza 28 keeps house born Ireland

Kane, Thomas --50-farmhand born Ireland.

Sneck, John 28_M_Farmer born Belgium

Hosh or ends in H,, Bruno 32_M_Farmer born Belgium

Hosh/t Rosa 22 keeps house born inBelgium

Hosh/t Andrew 2 at home born IL

Hosh/t John 2/12 at home

Hosh/t Joseph 10 at school born Belgium

Hayley, John 61, farmer born Penn

Hayley,Ruth 61 keeps house born Penn

Hayley David 33 Farmer born in Penn

Hayley Mary 21 keeps house born Penn

Hayley Josiah 23 on farm born Penn

Hayley John 20 on farm born Penn

Hayley Susan 28 at home born Penn

Seif, David 9 at home born Penn

Seif, Sams 4 at home born IL

Seif, Ruth 2/12 born IL

Seif, Elisabeth born IL

Drake, Charles 29, Farmer, Mass

Drake, Matilda 24, keeps house, Rhode Island

Drake, Albert 2 at home born IL

Aldrick, John 26 Farmer born R.Island

Aldrick, Charles 17 farmhand

Aldrick, Mary 9 at home born IL

Drake, Mary 22 Domestic Servant born IL

Martin, Charles 24 farmer 2700, 2700, born IL

Stinson, Allen 29, Farmer, 200, Penn

Stinson, Maria 24-F-keeps house born Canada

West, Clark 34, farmer, 200, Penn

West, Nancy 37, keeps house, Penn

West, Wilson, 5, at home, Ill

Ford Rufus 57, Farmer, Maine

Ford, Lanna 36, keeps house NH

Childs, Joel 15, at home, NY

Childs, William 13, at home NY

Ford, William 11, at home, IL

Bell, Martha, 24, Domestic Servant, Ireland

Chase, Eugene 23, Farmhand, Maine

Wilkinson, John 17, Penn

Bell, Mary 26, Domestic Servant, Canada

Thompson, Susan 30, Do nothing, NH

Thompson, Ellen 8 at home, Mass

Thompson, Walter 5, at home, Mass

Arnold, Andrew 30, Farmer, 400, 600, Penn

Arnold, Sarah 24, Keeps house, Penn

Arnold, Minerva 2, at home, IL

Monroe, Clarence, 52, Farmhand, Penn

Monroe, Diana 46, Keeps house, Penn

Monroe, Henry, 28, Farmhand, NY

Monroe, Mary, 19 at home New York

Monroe, Lafayette, 17, Farmhand, NY

Monroe, George 14, Farmhand, NY

Monroe, Charles 13, Farmhand, IL

Monroe, Ida, 9, IL

Monroe, Ella, 1, F, IL

Gossett, Henry 33, Farm Labor, Kentucky

Gossett, Jane 21, Keeps house, Penn

Gossett, Rosa, 7/12, at home, IL

Mason, John 31, Farmer 4000, 2800, New York

Mason, Nellie 31 keeps house, NY

Mason, Herbert 1, IL

Thorndike, James 17, farmhand, Canada

Thorndike, Alexander 14, Farmhand, Canada

Camp, Samuel, 49, Farmer, 350, Penn

Camp, Sarah, 45, keeps house, Penn

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*****Page 5

this family continues with the previous Camp family on page 4

Camp, Catherine 18, at home, IL

Camp, Hiram, 17 on farm, IL

Camp, Edward 14, on farm, IL

Camp, Emma 18, at home, IL

Camp, Theodore 12, at home, IL

Camp, Charles, 6, at home, IL

Camp, Georgianna, 7-F- at home, IL

Camp, Susan, 3, IL

Camp, Nora, 1, IL

Dennis, Edward, 26, Farmer, 4915, Maine

Dennis, Susan 25, F Keeps house Vermont

Lay, Delos 13, farm hand, Wisconsin

Foster, Stephen 50, Farmer, 20,000,4100, Rhode Island

Foster, Sarah 43, keeps house, R.Island

Foster, Charles, 22, on farm, R. Island

Foster, William, 18, on farm, R.Island

Foster, George 13, at home, IL

Foster, Eunice 20, at home, R. Island

Foster, Stephen 5, IL

Butts, Goswood 25, Farmer 1275, New York

Butts, Elsie 20, keeps house, IL

Butts, Lena, 1 at home IL

Wiley, William farmhand, Penn

Unoccupied then crossed out.

Mason, Edward 27, Farmer, NY

Mason, Harriet 23 Keeps house, NY

Patridge, James 18 Farmhand, Canada

Ford, Rufus H. 30 Farmer 8,000 1500, Maine

Ford, Sarah 31 Keeps house Mass

Ford, Frank 2, IL

Finny, Susan, 24 Domestic Servant, Maine

Finny Eugene 14 at school, Maine

Patridge, Jacob- 14- Farmhand, Canada

Lewis, John 44- Farmer 14,000, 772 NY

Lewis, Anna 38 Keeps house, Wales

Lewis, Sarah 31, Keeps house NY

Lewis, Thomas 24 on farm NY

Lewis, Jerome 22 on farm, NY

Lewis, George 20 on farm NY

Johnson, Frank 21, farmhand, Sweden

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page 6--1870 census Macon--Bureau Co., IL Post Office: Buda---

this goes on with the Lewis family on bottom of page 5

Cleset, John 13, at home, IL

Cleset, Charity 18, at home, IL

OBrian, John 26, Farmer. 250, Ireland

Obrian, Mary 25, Keeps house, Ireland

Seble, Eli 43 Farmer, 1800, Penn

Seble, Philena 13, keeps house, IL

Seble, John 10 at home, IL

Seble, William 8, home, IL

Seble, Cassie, 6 home, IL

Nicholeson, John 24 Farmhand, Penn

Johnson, Charles, 24, Farmhand Sweden

Burnett, Nathan 65 Farmer, 5000, 1405, NY

Burnett, Priscilla 58, home NY

Burnett, Mary 30 at home, Michigan

Burnett, Edward on farm, Michigan

Osborn, Dennis 25, Farmer, 725, Penn

Osborn, Lydia 23, keeps house, Ohio

Osborn, Albert 1, IL

Powell, Eliza 59 Retired 3750, Penn

Hoskins, Noah 41, Carpenter, NY

Hoskins, Susan, 31, Keeps house, Penn

Stone, Mary 9, at home, 6,000, IL

Stone, Thomas, 8, IL

Stone, Ulysses 6, at home, IL

Osborn, Ezra 31 Farmer, 500 Penn

Osborn, Sarah 22, Keeps house, Penn

Osborn, Azza??? 1 at home, IL

Russell, Arnold 42, Farmer, 4000, 1250 Penn

Russell, Mary 42, Keeps home, Penn

Russell, William 20 on farm, Penn

Russell, Margaret, 15 at home, Penn

Russell, Catherin, 12 at home, Penn

Green, Samuel 23, Farmhand Penn

Green, Jane 19, Keeps house, IL

Green, Minnie 3, at home IL

Green, Agnes, 2, at home, IL

Scott, Mary 9, at home, IL

Patridge, Augustus 51, Farmer, 10,000, 2,000 NH

Patridge, Ellen 45, keeps house Canada

Patridge, Lester, 21, on farm, +Vermont.

*** bottom of pg#6 continued on pg #7

Patridge, Newton, 18, on farm, Vermont

Patridge, Alice, 17 at home, Vermont

Patridge, Helen, at home, Vermont

Patridge, Lyman, 7, at home, Vermont

Patridge, Misa 4 at home, IL

Patridge, Edward 1, at home, IL

Birsling, John, 59, Farmer, 3200, 675, England

Birsling, Jane 40 Keeps house, England

Birsling, Louisa 10 at home, IL

Birsling, Charles 8, at home, IL

Birsling, Eva 3 at home, IL

Birsling, Elsworth 5/12 at home, IL

Birsling, Ella, 5/12, at home, IL Twins, I suspect.

Wakefield, Ensebins, 41, Farmer England

Wakefield, Mary 41, Keeps house, England

Wakefield, Jesse, 9 at home, England

Wakefield, Ensebins, 8, at home, England

Wakefield, Minton 7, at home, Il

Bigford, Adaline 63, keeps house, Conn

Bastlett, George, 17, Farm hand IL

Bleisdell, Stephen, 56, Farm hand, NH

Bleisdell, Betsy 50, keeps house, NH

Bleisdell, Frances, 19, F-at home, NH

Conch, Charles, 14, Farmhand, IL

Eadminster, George 30, Farm Hand, NY

Eadminster, Sarah 25, keeps house, NH

Eadminster, Cassie, 6, at home, IL

Eadminster, Frank 4, at home, IL

Eadminster, Newell, 1, at home, IL

Johnson, James, 50, Retired farmer, 2100, 275, Ireland

Johnson, Catheisn?, 45, F-keeps house, Ireland

Johnson, Mary 11, at home, IL

Johnson, Delia, 8, at home, IL

Johnson, James, 3, at home, IL

Johnson, Daniel, 1, at home, IL

Brewer, Angust, 53, Farmer, 750, Prussia

Brewer, Anna, 30, at home, born at Hess

Brewer, Augusta, 5, at home, IL

Brewer, John, 3, at home, IL

Brewer, Charles, 19, Farmer, Prussia

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