Donated by Linda (Heaton) Matthews

Linda writes "The names below were on the back of the photograph. The birthdates were either from my family records or taken from the 1900 census. Based on the ages of the children, I’m guessing this photo was taken around 1887. My relations in this photo include George Steele, my great great grandfather, Lydia Steele, my great aunt, Roy Hensel, Ralph Hensel, and Gertie Mohler, cousins. –Linda Matthews"

UPDATE:  New Information From Roger Long.  Roger writes "My grandmother is Ruth Wells, fourth from the left in the top row. Her Birthday was not given. Her birthday is 28 Nov 1876. Right in front of Ruth Wells, one row down is Ruth’s sister Miriam Born 22 July 1880. I suspect the picture was taken latter than 1887 as Ruth looks older that 11 and Miriam looks older than 6."

Top Row (Left to Right)

Aaron Dunbar, Director, b. Nov 1842; Emma Harford, Teacher, b. Abt. 1856; Stephen Webb, director, b. July 1831; Ruth Wells, b. Nov 28, 1876; Amanda Benson, b. ?, Florence Woolley, b. ?

Middle Row (Left to Right)

Bert Field, b. Sept 1879, Myrtle McIntosh, b. Oct. 1879, Lydia Steele, b. May 27, 1880, Ada Snyder, b. Nov. 1879, Miriam Wells, b. July 22 1880, Anson Field, b. Sept 1879, Roy Hensel, b October 5, 1876, George Steele, Director, b. June 24, 1855,

Sitting (Left to Right)

Gertie Mohler, b. September 24, 1880, Jennie Hamm, b. ?, Alfred Wooley, b. Sept. 1878, Ralph Hensel, b. April 4, 1881, Bert Sharp, b. Sept. 1881, Edd Jury, b. Feb. 1880, Fred McIntosh, b March 1881

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