Photos of Bureau Illinois

Contributed by John Eckard

Bureau, Illinois 1900

The back building is the United States Express Company, the small building on the right is a Drug Strore, the larger building on the rights is "? Bros. Dry Goods.

Local Post Mistress
Hennepin Illinois  - Approximately 1911


The lady in the horse and buggy is my great aunt Dorothy Monroe. Picture was taken in Hennipen. Her dad was the postman in Hennipen and Aunt helped alot because of her love of horses. This was about the only time she got to drive one alone. Dorothy Monroe married a Mr. Wilson. He worked for the IL or US government keeping the navy lites on the Illinois river burning. Up river one day, down river the next as long as the river was unfrozen. The canal was active . I'm talking about the 30's. Showboats came into Lake Depue. Until 1939 to get to Hennipen from us 29 side you and your car crossed the river on a horse drawn ferry.  -- John Eckard Sr.

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