DePue, IL Photos

Donated by Sharon Kopina

home is next door to Mrs Godfrey's home who she was the piano teacher in town.
Home now does not have the front portico.

Power Ice House was located on the road that runs past the waterworks building.
The ice house was on the side of the road near the lake for better access. Dodie Marliere was able to give me the location. - Sharon Kopina

You show pictures of the 3 ice houses in Depue. I've watched them fill the houses in mid winter. They cut the ice channel by hand and hauled it out with one horse. And to the left of the of the channel less than 1000 yards away was the raw sewer outlet from at least the "park" area of town. And that ice was used in all the ice boxes in depue and in our lemonade etc. As the ice came into the ice houses it was covered with sawdust and lasted thru the summer. Why didn't we all die a long time ago?  -- John Eckard Sr.

POLISH_CHURCH - CIRCA 1909 ... located in White City ...
I have seen postcards of this church up on the hill with NJZ in the foreground ... a few blocks north of where the current birdge is

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