Bureau County Photos

Donated by Sharon Kopina

Polish Societies

"The people who were walking up the hill were on their way to the Polish church that was up on the bluff, not as far up as Keim's house but in that area .. Larry Salcedo's dad shed light on the fact the road they were on was not the one we use today over the bridge .. there was no bridge ... the road they are using started at about the substation area along the fence and then went thru the plant area diagonal so it came out somewhere around where burton's car shop was located in white city (you go straight instead of turning left to make the curve just before salcedo's home and then the now bridge) ... the polish church was located in that area." Sharon Kopina

Marquette Mine Bridge

"The one is the marquette coal mine .. it sat so close to the river that everytime the river flooded it flooded the mine too!! .. that's why it didn't last long which tolled the death knoll for the town of Marquette which was located on the bottom road just outside of Depue, before you come to the road which takes you north to rt 29 and past the old girl scout camp" -- Sharon Kopina

House in the Water

"I had sent these to my email list of Depue people ... here was quite a discussion among some of the Depue-ites as to where the house in the water was located .. believe it or not, it is now the parsonage for the congregational church!! ... it was first located where the big shelter is at the park and moved in 1916 because of the flooding"-- Sharon Kopina

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