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1910 Meeting of the Bureau County Soldiers and Sailors' Association
The National Tribune, Washington DC, Thursday, October 27, 1910
Bureau County Soldiers and Sailors

Over 290 comrades attended the Reunion of the Bureau Soldiers and Sailors' Association held at Buda, Ill., Sept. 7 and 8. Flags and banners floated from almost every residence and business house in the town and at the entrances to the village arches were erected bidding the stranger welcome. The people of Buda threw open their homes to the veterans and their families, and entertained them while they stayed. The average attendance at the afternoon meetings was about 1,800 and at the evening sessions 1,500. Meals were served on both days by the churches of the city.

The program was perhaps the best that has been offered for the entertainment of the old soldiers in many a year. The speakers were H. S. Magill, candidate for State Senator; Maj. John W. Connolly, Department commander of Illinois; Rev. Father D. L. Crowe, Rev. C. C. Carpenter, Mrs. Anna C. Patterson, Department President of the Illinois W. R. C.; Capt. J. W. Lee and Mrs. J. B. Hannum. Campfire talks were delivered at the various sessions by Gen. T. J. Henderson of Princeton; Capt. Lee and others. Dr. T. Sprague, of Sheffield, a veteran of the war, sang at the afternoon and evening meetings on Thursday and also gave a short talk.

The High School chorus, composed of 30 boys and girls, assisted in the entertainment, and the male quartet of Bud and the Miller Brothers' quartet, of Aurora, also sang at the meetings. The music during the Reunion was furnished by the Osceola Band. A tough of the martial spirit of war times was added by the presence of the Wyanet Fife and Drum Corps.

The election of officers resulted in the re-election of the present staff: Capt. Orin Wilkinson, President; F. M. Herrick, Secretary and William Wilson, Treasurer.
The following deaths were reported since the last Reunion:

John M. Helmer, H. C. Earnest, Joseph Riley, Benjamin F. Berkley, James E. Lomax, First Serg't George W. Flick, William Peterson, Capt. Linas Van Steenburg, John W. Fairfax, Edward G. Thompson, Louis A. Brown, Lucian A. Wells, Fletcher W. Charles, Lieut. Leroy S. Hopkins, Jacob Frye, Capt. S. S. Newton, Jacob Ansteth, Harvey Kearns, Lewis Seward, William H. Latta, Michael White, Alex H. Limerick, John Knoblaugh, Francis J. Leggitt, Morris Graham, Sr., Charles Eastman, John Frye, James Lawless, Charles Hanson, John B. Taylor, S. H. Cunningham.

Among the pleasant features of the meeting were the regimental Reunions held on the morning of the last day. At the close of the Association meeting Reunions were held of the members of the 57th and 93d Ill., which were largely composed of the Bureau County soldiers. There were 34 members of the 93d and 20 members of the 57th present.

The following deaths in the 93d Ill. Were reported since their last Reunion: Dr. L. S. Hopkins, A. H. Limerick, John N. Knoblaugh, John B. Taylor, Benjamin Snapp, M. W. Lyman, B. F. Brandt, L. W. Yeich, Shafer B. Cross, James C. Stewart, G. W. Flick, William H. Van Gilder, John H. Downer.


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