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Hall Divorce Case 
Chicago tribune. (Chicago, Ill.), October 29, 1870
Princeton, Oct. 28. - The September term of the Circuit Court of Bureau County terminated today, having occupied seven weeks. The case of Edward C. Hall vs. Teresa V. Hall, on a bill for divorce and cross bill, has occupied the last sixteen days of the term, and has, in its course, developed some of the most disgraceful transactions that were ever made public. The complainant charged that his newly espoused wife had been guilty of extreme and repeated cruelty and adultery. She answered, denying both charges, and filed a cross bill asking for divorce on the ground of extreme and repeated cruelty on the part of her husband. There is so much to be said on each side, and so little that can be said in extenuation of the offence of either party, that we prefer not to go into details. On a motion made by the attorney of the defendant on the original trial for an allowance to the defendant, the Court granted $250, to be paid on or before the 1st day of December next, and recommended that the respective parties come to some arrangement by which the case can be settled, inasmuch as he thought both parties would be reduced to extreme poverty by the further prosecution of the suit. Counsel promised that they would use every influence in their power to bring about a settlement before the next term of court, which commences on Monday, December 12.
Chicago tribune. (Chicago, Ill.), May 04, 1871
Princeton, Ill, May 3. - The Testimony in the Hall divorce case still continues. Mrs. Hall, who has been testifying two days, being still under a very rigid cross examination at the hand of Mr. Taylor. Quite a crowd of witnesses have yet to be examined, and it begins to look as though the case will take all this week and next.


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