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Fairfield Township History

1885 History of Fairfield Township
History of Bureau County Illinois, H. C. Bradsby, Editor, Chicago Publishing Company 1885, Page 428

This township is in the extreme northwest part of the county. It is thirty-six full sections, and noted as the Green River swamps for a long time. When Green River is high it overflows its banks on Section 1, in this township, and passing through and along by Sodtown, nearly inundated the whole, and the waters passed down into Gold and entered the south brank of Green River. Some extensive ditches have been dug, commencing in the northeast part of the township, and passing down into Green River. A third ditch commences in Section 36, circles into 35, thence into Section 3, in Gold and on to the river. The swamp lands in Fairfield were surveyed in 1852. At that time much of the land had not been entered. The post office is Yorktown.

The northwest part of the county remained without a single settler for years after the other portions were taken up and occupied. In 1838 Francis Adams and James D. Bingham made claims on Section 23 and 24. The next year Samuel D. Brady settled on 14 and he was the oldest settler in the township when the surveys were made. In 1840 William Adams located on 12; in 1842 Jacob Sells, Elijah Olmstead, Daniel Davis and Lewis H. Burroughs.

Yorktown was commenced in 1846 by W. and S. Dow, R. H. and S. W. Sheldon and the McKinzies. M. A. Myers, H. Hays, D. Baitz, W. H. Chase, Alden Booth and Henry Thackerberry were of the early settlers.

1906 History of Fairfield Township

Fairfield township is in the northwest corner of Bureau county, and was not settled until about 1838. At that time Francis Adams and James D. Bingham made claims on sections 28 and 24. Samuel Brady settled on section 14 in 1839 and was the oldest settler when the swampland was surveyed in 1852. In 1840 William Adams settled on section 12; in 1842 Jacob Sells, Elijah Olmstead, Daniel Davis and Lewis H. Burroughs made a beginning here. The village of Yorktown was started in 1846 on section 6; the men who were interested in the enterprise were W. and S. Dow, R. H. and S. W. Sheldon and the McKinzies. Among the first settlers were M. A. Myers, H. Hays, D. Baity, W. H. Chase, Alden Booth and Henry Thackaberry.

Much of the land in this township has been reclaimed by a system of ditches and at the present time further improvements in the drainage line is being perfected. The feeder to the Hennepin canal passes through the township, entering on the northeast comer of section 2 and goes out at the southwest comer of section 36. Yorktown Corners has had for many years one and two stores, blacksmith shop and postoffice; the land in this vicinity is of the finest quality. The population by the census of 1900 numbered 921. The supervisors of this township have served as follows:

Jacob Sells, 1851-1862.

Hiram McKinzie, 1853-1854.

James Cain, 1855-1866.

George Whiting, 1857-1858.

Salmon Jewell, 1859.

S. W. Sheldon, 1860.

R. H. Sheldon, 1861-1862.

G. P. McKay, 1863.

N. J. Hogeboom, 1864.

Van S. Bastian, 1865-1872.

W. W. Craddock, 1873-1877.

S. L. Whiting, 187e-1880.

George Burden, 1881-1888.

L. W. Brown, 1884-1892.

J. E. Bunker, 1893-1898.

William C. Dale, 1899-1906.

-- Taken From the Past and Present of Bureau County, Illinois. Chicago: Pioneer Publishing, 1906, Page 115 - Fairfield Township


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