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Leepertown Township History


This town on its eastern border winds along the banks of the river and is therefore very irregularly shaped. It was named after John Leeper, who built the first flouring-mill on the site of the Leepertown mills. A full account of Mr. Leeper appears elsewhere. The bottom and swamp lands in this town lie in front of Hennepin and when this was Putnam County these and the river were a great trouble to the people west of the river.
Timothy Perkins was the earliest settler, then Leonard Roth. A. Perkins, Henry George, David Nickerson, David S. Miller, Jesse Perkins, Charles Leeper, John McElwain and William Shields were among the early settlers. Of these see full account in preceding chapters.
[ Leepertown Township - History of Bureau County Illinois, H. C. Bradsby, Editor, Chicago Publishing Company 1885, Page 436-437]

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