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 Concord Township
[History of Bureau County Illinois, H. C. Bradsby, Editor, Chicago Publishing Company 1885, Page 432-434]

Concord. --The first settlement in this town was a temporary trading place with Indians at Devil's Grove, by Thomas Hartzell, in 1833. In 1834 Thornton Cummings made an improvement on the north side of French Grove. In 1835 Caleb Moore lived in the Hartzell cabin. Afterward he went to his improvement on Section 30, at Coal Grove. J. G. Reed settled near Moore's. The same year Paul Riley and James Loughrey settled on Section 30, G. W. Reed on 31, Abram Fry at Menominee Grove, and Sampson and Benjamin Cole at Bulbona Grove. In 1836 John Stevens, T. J. Stevens, Joseph Lyford, Judge Jesse Emmerson and Moses Stevens settled at Bulbona Grove; in a short time came Peter Fifield, John Loughrey, James Carroll, Samuel Fifield, Joseph Foster, Amos Whittemore, John Mason, Benjamin and Elbridge Stevens, S. Brainard and C. P. Mason, the last now one of the most enterprising farmers in the county (see his biography).
Henry Cummings was born in here September 20, 1834, the first white child.

In the fall of 1837 Elder Chenoweth married Allen Tompkins and Mary Ann Loughrey, and on the same occasion G. C. Mills and Ellen Riley. Thus the first wedding was a double one, or twins, so to speak, or really two weddings at once.

John Stevens built the first saw-mill on Section 38, near the head of the grove, in 1840. This was the first saw-mill ever built in the county on the prairie. The same year Riley and Kemp built on Section 30.

The Cummings and Mason families are among the oldest now living in the town.


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