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Sampson Cole made the first settlement in 1822, on what was afterward the Simon Kinney farm. Cole afterward built the first house in what is now Tiskilwa. This was the first house of entertainment. Of course the next man was "Curt" Williams. Peter Bloom afterward owned the Williams place. In 1835 Martin Tompkins located on Section 12. Then the Kinneys came and about the same time S. Wimple and Mr. Burt.

The Providence Colony came in 1836. It was composed of members from Providence, R. I. There were seventy-two stockholders, and they sent a committee in advance to select and purchase land. The committee consisted of Com. Morris; Col. C. Oakley, Asa Barney, L. Scott, S. G. Wilson, Edward Bailey and Caleb Cushing. They laid off the village and named it Providence. Asa Barney and Caleb Cushing remained till fall to put up buildings. They built the Colony House, which was intended in the end for a hotel. In the spring of 1837 about fifty members of the colony came. A full account of this settlement is given elsewhere.

Indian Prairie is a rich and beautiful portion of the county. In journeying from Princeton to Tiskilwa a most lovely and extended view is presented from the bluff hills this side of M. Kitterman's.

 [Source: Indiantown Township, History of Bureau County Illinois, H. C. Bradsby, Editor, Chicago Publishing Company 1885, Page 423-424]

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