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 Macon Township

This portion of the county was known in the early times as Walnut Grove. No settlement was made here until 1837 when William Bates built a hut at the east side of the Grove. July 4, 1838, Thomas Motherell settled on Section 20. In the same year James B. Aiken came here. There were no other additions for some years and then Lewis Holmes, John and Charles Wood settled on the west side of the grove and T. L. Horton and Charles Lee on Section 16. These were soon followed by Benjamin Stevens, L. Aiken, W. H. Mason, John and George Zink and Allen Horton.

Matson says a Rev. Mr. Williams was massacred by the Indians at this grove in 1812. He had been a missionary some years among the Indians. He says the reason the Indians killed him was because Gov. Edwards had destroyed Black Partridge's town at Peoria. Many think the story apocryphal.

Motherwell (Motherell?), mentioned above, settled on Section 17. He moved away in 1857, going first to Iowa and then to Missouri. His wife was a sister of James B. Aikin. The latter was probably the first settler in Milo Township. The two men were from the same place in Pennsylvania and came West together. Aikin went to Iowa and for two years was engaged in Iowa City on the public works, when he returned to the county and remained here a short time before his death, which occurred in Buda in January, 1884. Hiw widow and three sons and three daughters live in the county.

The first school in Macon, it is now said, was taught by Miss Elizabeth Hamilton, in 1857, and among the pupils were the children of Charles Wood, Samuel Maycock, Thomas Motherell, John Zink, Allen Horton and Lendis Holmes. A log schoolhouse was built in the fall of this year and the school district included the whole township. One of the first School directors was Lewis Holmes and he has served continuously since to the present.

The first election ever held was in 1850, when there were thirteen votes poled, as follows: Cyrus Sweet, John and George Zink, Charles Wood, James Motherell, Samuel Zink, William Baker, Thomas Motherell, Henry Walker, William H. Mason, David Aikin, Allen Horton, Samuel Maycock. The candidates were: For Supervisor, Allen Horton (elected); Town Clerk, W. H. Mason; Assessor, Samuel Maycock; Highway Commissioners, Thomas Motherell, Henry Walker, Samuel Motherell; Justices, Cyrus Sweet and Samuel Maycock; Collector, Samuel Maycock; Constables, John Zink and James Motherell; Overseer Highways, Samuel Maycock.

-- History of Bureau County Illinois, H. C. Bradsby, Editor, Chicago Publishing Company 1885, Page 422-423

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