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Neponset Township History

 Neponset Township
History of Bureau County Illinois, H. C. Bradsby, Editor, Chicago Publishing Company 1885, Page 436

Neponset was originally Brawby, in consequence of many Englishmen residing here, who were from a locality of that name in England. The Board of Supervisors changed it to Neponset in 1866. This town is the southwest corner of the county. As there are four towns in the county that were within the bounds of the military bounty lands - a subject that at one time made much confusion, often disputes as to land titles and matrially delayed settlements here for years - it may be proper to give a short account of the subject. These lands, with others, were set apart by Congress for the soldiers of the war of 1812-15, and were designated on the early maps as military lands. The patents therefor were issued to soldiers, and were generally regarded as of little or no value. Parties generally neglected to pay taxes, even long after the county was settled up, and lawsuits about them, after they began to become valuable, were frequent. The Military District was a large scope of country, extending to the Mississippi River.
William Studley entered in Section 8, and made a farm in 1836. Soon William Norton came; U. P. Botteril settled on Section 6, George Norton on Section 15 and James Tibbetts on Section 19. The other early settlers were E. Kent, Levi Lewis, George Bowen, Robert Norton and Mr. Batriam.


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