The Cottage Methodist Episcopal Church, Bureau Co. IL Records - The Epworth League

The Epworth League Pledge

I will earnestly seek for myself, and do what I can to help others attain, the highest New Testament standard of experience and life. I will abstain from all those forms of worldly amusement forbidden by the Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and I will attend, so far as possible, the religious meeting of the Chapter and the Church, and take some active part in them.

The Epworth’s League Roll of Active Members 1898

Mrs. William Chesney		Mr. George Draper		Mrs. George Draper
Mrs. John Farley		Carrie De Maranville		Ida S. Merritt
Willie Chesney			Blanche Allen			Samuel Chesney
Bert Piper			Elmer Harlen			George Harlen
Walter Grange			Earl McKee			Mrs. Hiram Allen
Ella Grange			Cora Allen 			Lettie Farley 
Stella Merritt 			Electa Chesney 			Alvah Piper 
Maude Grange 			Mr. H. O. Barber 		Cloe Worthington 
Mr. Worthington

Roll of Associate Members 1898

Mr. Enoch Grange		Mr. Charles Kelm		Mr. Elmer Merritt
Mr. Jess Clement		Mr. Roy McKee			Mr. Roy Clement
Mr. George Barto		Mr. George McLinden

Will Chesney was nominated and elected treasure Feb. 1, 1898. Amount cleared at Warren Grange’s Sociable $10.15 Amount cleared at Ice Cream Sociable at Albe Allen’s $7.00 Amount paid to Rev. McCormick in favor of Epworth League Sept 15, 1898 $5.00 Amount paid to Will Chesney for janitor work at Cottage Aug. 21, 1898 $7.00 Amount paid to H. H. Allen for topic cards in favor of the Cottage Epworth League, September 18, 1898 $1.00 Amount paid to Mrs. Farley for kerosene, September 18, 1898 $0.24 Balance on hand $2.90 Paid Bronw & Mackie for 1 bracket lamp compliate, 1 reflecter bowl Feb. 21, 1898 $1.25 1 can of Kerocene Feb. 21, 1899 $0.15 Balance on hand March 3, 1899 $1.50


 Meeting of the Cottage Epworth League, Dec. 17, 1899

Subject: Teach us to Pray. Found in Luke 14ch 1-13th. Leader Miss Coe Worthington.

The Epworth League opened by song No. 19 from Pentecostal hymns. After which followed the Business meeting. Song No. 66 was then sung after which followed prayer by leader and the Lords prayer by the whole League. Song No 52 was then sung. Leader read from Luke 11 ch. 1-13 verses. Song No 40. A number of short prayers were made by Mrs. Chesney, Mr. Draper, Miss Worthington, Mr. Willie Chesney and Miss De Maranville. Anothe song No. 27 was sung.

References were then read and explained by a number of the members of the Epworth League, the leader then put the question to the League, "In what position should we be while praying." After his was answered by some of the older members, Song No. 147 was sung. Each one was given the chance to testify and the meeting was closed by song No. 96.

No. Officers present 8

No. Visitors present 7

Total number 38

Meeting of the Cottage Epworth League January 21st, 1900

Leader Mr. Edd Stauch.

Subject: "Send Me" found in Isa. 6:1-10

The meeting was opened by two songs No’s 104 and 196. The leader then read from 1st John 1-19. Prayer by Mr. Draper after which a number of references were read and explained. Song No. 126 was followed by three short prayers by Miss Cloe Worthington, Miss Carrie De Maranville and leader. After son No. 95 references wre talked on. Another song No. 36, three short prayers by Messers. Will Chesney, Walter Grange and Roy McKee and the meeting closed by song No. 82.

Meeting of the Cottage Epworth League February 4th, 1900

Leader Mr. Roy McKee.

Subject "Choose Eternal Life" or "Choose Eternal Death" found in 1 Corn. 15: 31-58.

The meeting opened by son No. 171. Reading by leader from 1 Corin. 15: 31-58 followed by song No. 1. References 1,2,3 & 4 were then read and a slip read by Earl McKee. References from 4 to 7 were read and explained after which song No. 59 was sung followed by references from 7 to 9 and a slip read by Miss Ida Merritt. After a few short prayers by some of the members of the League and song No. 40. Mrs. R. Grange read a slip in regard to the subject. The meeting was closed by song No. 5

Number present: 24.


Meeting of the Cottage Epworth League, February 18, 1900

Leader: Mrs. Geo. Draper

Subject: "The Sin of Liquor selling: How end it?" found in Hab. 2: 1-17

The meeting opened by song No. 87 followed by scripture reading and song No. 110. Reading and references from 1-6 and another reading by the leader. References on Temperance from 6 to 28. After two readings by Miss Ida Merritt and Mrs. R. Grange came reference No. 29. REading by Miss Carrie De Maranville and REf. No. 30. The meeting closed by song No. 103.

Total no. present: 27

Officers: 5

Visitors: 8

Report of the Cottage Epworth League, March 11, 1900

Subject - Rejecting Christ - Mark 12, chapter 1 to 9 verses

Leader - Miss Cloe Worthington

The meeting was opened by business meeting after which followed a song No. 90. After prayer by Mrs. Chesney songs No. 868 were sung. The Scripture reading of the lesson from Mark 12: 1-9 was followed by references from 1 to 7. A slip in regard to the subject was read by Mrs. Farley. Song no 74 was followed by references from 7 to 12. An another sung was sung No. 103 after which followed reading by Samuel Chesney and Roy McKee. Questions were then answered from 1 to 5 and the meeting closed by song No. 165.

No officers present 6

Total No. present 16.


Roll of Active Members 1900 - 1901

Mrs. William Chesney		Mr. George Draper		Mrs. George Draper
William Chesney			Sam Chesney			Bert Piper
George McLindeen		Lettie Farley			Electa Chesney
Blanche Allen			Howard Vail			Edna Mapel
Isa S. Merritte			Alby Vail			Alva Piper
Cloe Worthington		W. H. Grange			Lillie Olsen
Ella Grange

Church Choir June 30, 1901

Roy McKee		Elmer Merritte			Jess Clement
Otto Miller		Ray Clement			Jesse W. Lea
Joseph Merritt		Daisy Lea

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