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Henry Hassler's Horses Attacked by Bees
Chicago tribune. (Chicago, Ill.), September 04, 1871
The Bureau County Republican of Aug. 31 says: "Henry Hassler is the proprietor of a farm at De Pue, in this county, and, during last week, was engaged in hauling and stacking hay. At noon he hitched his horses near a stand of forty bee hives, as he had often done before, when the bees came out of their hives, literally covering them all over. The horses commenced kicking desperately, and Mr. Hassler unhitched them and tried to get them away, but they refused to go. He then got a broom and tried to drive the bees away and the result was, they attacked him and stung him fearfully. Mr. H. fought them with all his might, and only succeeded in making his escape from them when he retreated to the house. Here he fainted, but, by the proper application of liquor and glycerine, he soon recovered. The farm forces were then organized, and, wrapping themselves up in blankets, armed themselves with brooms and attacked the bees in regular military order. The battle raged with peculiar persistence and violence for over an hour, and the horses exhibited signs of giving up the ghost. The air about them was thoroughly alive with the excited little workers but the men continued the battle with unabated ardor. Finally the bees acknowledged themselves whipped by taking their departure, and seeking refuge in the hives. Thousands of the bees were killed during the engagement, and for several days it was feared that one of the horses could not recover. On Monday, however, they were considered out of danger."

 Bureau County Republican - April 7, 1881.
DePue < 4th
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Markets here stand as follows: < Corn 37 or 38 cents; oats 32c; potatoes 80c; butter 20c and eggs 13c.

J. M. Orthel is about to leave for the west and try the effects of open air life. In-door confinement has told on his health. He has resigned as Post Master. E. Tinley has been appointed his successor.

The ice has left the river, but not the lake. The Steamboatmen are anxious to move with the ice barges. If this weather continues they may be held a couple of weeks yet. Highway travel has been a serious undertaking, of late. It appears necessary frequently to go across lots. -- Columbia.

Local News Items From the Putnam Record

August 4, 1898

The fire at DePue a week ago last Monday, and briefly noticed in these columns last week, destroyed the elevator of George Beyer, together with 10,000 bushels of grain, mostly belonging to Henry Warner and John Bierman, which was insured for $4,000. Mr. Beyer's loss is placed at $3,000 with $1,800 insurance. The total loss is estimated at $10,000 with insurance at $5,500.  The cause of the fire is unknown.


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