Ladd, Bureau Co IL Photos

Contributed by Jim Piacenti

This is the 1914 Ladd Fire Dept. The photo was used for a 1915 calendar and was taken by Odille's photography shop in Ladd, in front of the then new, City Hall.

Top Row: Jim Paglia, Nanny Corso, Joe Campeggio

Middle Row: Frank Latell, Dom Paglia, Mark Lunn, Matt Knauf, Frank Ballerine, John Vitton, Andrew Baxter, Henry Knauf, Lester Ballerine

Bottom Row: Joe Schotz, Louis Grivetti, Philip Croisant, Anton "Tony" Croisant, Jay Carr, William "Bump" Morgan, Albert Meek, John Baxter, John "Jackie" Evans

This was taken on Columbus Day in Ladd circa 1910, in the middle of the south 100 block on Main Street. The paper taped to the front is from when this photo was on display at Ladd's 75th celebratrion. The building on the Left is Alex Pistono's Saloon and the one on the right is Odille's photography shop. With all of the Italians in Ladd Columbus Day was a big deal at the time.

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