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John R. Burlison Pension
Johnson County, IL


STATE OF Illinois} ss.
County of Johnson

On this 15 day of Dec, A.D. one thousand nine hundred and eight’ personally appeared before me, a notary public within and for the county and State aforesaid, John R. BURLISON, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is 70 years of age, and a resident of Goreville county of Johnson, State of Illinois; and that he is the identical person who was enrolled at Jonesboro Ill under the name of John R. BURLISON, on the 10th day of Sept, 1861 as a Private, in Company H. 31st Redg Ill Inft vol in the service of the United States, in the Civil War, and was HONORABLY DISCHARGED at East Point Ga., on the 17 day of Sept, 1864.

That he also served

no other service

That he was not employed in the military or naval service of the United States otherwise than as stated above. That his personal description at enlistment was as follows. Height 5 feet 11 inches; complexion dark; color eyes blue; color of hair light; that his occupation was Farmer; that he was born Dec 13th State of Tenn, 1838, in Monroe county That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows:

Union County Ills. also resided at Creal Springs in Williamson County 2. yrs

That he is a pensioner. That he has heretofore applied for pension under certificate # 788453.

That he makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States under the provision of the act of February 6, 1907.

That his post-office address is Goreville, county of Johnson State of Illinois R.F.D#3

(John R. Burlison’s signature)

Attest (1) Thos A. B??ndley (signature)
  (2) R????ey Nipper (signature)

Also personally appeared Thos. A.Bradley, residing in Goreville Ill and Romney Nipper, residing in Goreville Ill, persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who, being by me duly sworn, say that they were present and saw John R. Burlison, the claiment, sign his name (or make his mark) to the foregoing declaration; that they have every reason to believe, from the appearance of the claiment and their acquaintance with him 20 years and 18 years, respectively, that he is the identical person he represents himself to be, and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.

Thom. A. B??dley (signature looks like Boadley)

Romney Nipper (Signature)

? and sworn to before me this 15 day Dec, A.D. 1908 and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration, etc., were fully made known and explained to the applicant and witnesses before swearing, including the words , erased, and the words , added; and that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.

J. B. Hudg?us Notary Public

Submitted by: Bev Yates


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