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Biography of Paul Godar

Paul Godar - Among the many industrious and reliable men who are gaining a maintenance by tilling a portion of the soil of Calhoun County, is Paul Godar, whose land is favorably located on Section 11, Hardin Precinct. Mr. Godar is quite an old settler, his residence in the county extending over a perion of nearly forty years, during which he has witnessed great changes in the appearance of hte country, a large increase in population and a corresponding increase in the appliances of civilized life. He has borne his part manfully in the duties that were presented to him as a public citizen and a private individual, and it affords his many friends great pleasure to know that he is meeting with success in his chosen vocation.

Our subject is the second son born to John and Magdalene Godar, and opened his eyes to the light of day November 1, 1838, in the romantic land of Switzerland. He received what might be called a preliminary education, pursuing his studies in the French language, which was that of his fathers and by persistent reading has added much knowledge to the foundation obtained in school. He now has a fair understanding of the English language, which he has gained since he came to America.

In 1853, our subject, accoompained by his mother and other members of the family, his father having died several years before, took passage at Harve on a sailing vessel and after a tedious voyage of almost two months, disembarked at New Orleans, whence they came to up the river to a point not far from St. Louis, Mo. After sojourning there about a twelvemonth, they came on to Calhoun County, Ill., where they were living when our subject attained to his majority. A few years later he took to himself a wife in the person of Mary Dejerlia, with whom his marriage rites were celebrated October 1, 1863. Mrs. Godar, is a daughter of Anton and Virginia Dejerlia, formerly residents in Hardin Precinct, who are now deceased.

The present landed estate of our subject comprises eighty broad and fertile acres, which under his intelligent and careful handling, yield abundantly of the cereals which are sown theron, the crops being excellent in quality as well. The land has been supplied with all needed improvements and everything is kept up in good shape. Mrs. Godar also owns a considerable amount of land, which is operated by her husband. As a School Director, Mr. Godar has been serving for a number of years in a earnest and efficient manner. Realizing the value of education and of modern improvements, he takes a part in the projects which will promulgate a better understanding or higher life among the citizens,and is recognized as a man of public spirit, intelligtence and good character. His religious membership is in the Roman Catholic Church and his political adherence is given to the Democratic party.

To Mr. and Mrs. Godar, ten sons and daughters have come, but they have been called upon to part with the youngest, Frederick. Those who are still living bear the respective names of Paul Francis, William D., Benjamin F., Doathy Alice, James Edward, Clara R., Lucy E., Julia E., and John Alfred. They have received as thorough educatiion as circumstances would admit of and been taught ways of thrift and prudence.
Source: [Portrait and Biographical Album of Pike and Calhoun Counties, Illinois, 1891, Pages 202 & 205 - Transcribed by KP]

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