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Agriculture News Gleanings

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Hon. John McNabb, - who is considered authority on horticulture, has announced that the severe winter has not damaged the apple buds, and that the prospects are favorable in Calhoun County for another big crop of apples this year. From his orchard, three varieties of apples were selected that took the word's fair prize in Chicago. Calhoun County is the banner apple county of Illinois, and a fair crop means not less than 500,000 barrels.
Source: [Rock Island Argus., April 18, 1902, Page 4 - Transcribed by KP]

Boat Load of Apples Shipped from 1 Landing
Str. St. Louis Gets From Calhoun County, Ill., 5,200 Barrels of Apples - The steamer St. Louis of the St. Louis and Tennessee River Packet Company brought in the banner trip of apples of the season yesterday, when she arrived at St. Louis from Calhoun County (Ill) landings with 5,200 barrels. Barrels of apples were piled high on the levee and a large force of negro roustabouts sand and made merry as they unloaded the barrels rolled them onto a wharfboat and up the levee, where commission conerns lifted them onto wagons. The laborers were paid 1 cent a barrel for each one they unloaded. The barrels were piled high on all available spave on the steamboat, even the Texas dexk was used for storage purposes. The St. Louis is commanded by Capt. Harry N. Crane, who formerly ran to Waterloo, Ala., with William Cozier and Lon Hudsom, traveling freight agent. Capt. John E. Massengale, manager of the line, said he might put another boat in the St. Louis and Calhoun County trade to take care of increased business.
Source: [The Cairo Bulletin., October 17, 1914, Page 1 - Transcribed by KP]

Illinois State Horticultural Association
Hardin - The annual meeting of the Illinois State Horticultural Association occurs here July 26 and 27. Calhoun Counyt is the only county in the state without a railroad and steamboats are to meet the delegates at Alton and Grafton to convey them to Hardin. Calhoun County was awarded the convention through the efforts of Chris Ringhausen, the "apple king". Ringhausen is known as the biggest apple grower in several counties. He has nearly 1,000 acres of trees bearing apples.
Source: [Chicago Eagle., July 15, 1922, Page 3 - Transcribed by KP]

Hardin - Markets
Baskets of wild strawberries have been flooding the markets in Calhoun County. It is the largest crop of wild berries ever known in the "Kingdom," and the quality is much superior to the cultivated crop.
Source: [Chicago Eagle., June 17, 1922, Page 3-Contributed by KP]

The "Apple King" of Calhoun and Jersey counties is Chris Ringhousen. He has raised nearly 1,000 bushels of apples on his Grafton orchard alone and will have yields from three big orchards in Calhoun county. He has nearly 600 acres of land in orchard in Jersey county and for years has had the largest orchard acreage in Calhoun County, which won him the title of "apple king." Apples in this vicinity have sold recently for $15 per barrel.
 -- Source: [Chicago Eagle.(Chicago, Ill.), August 27, 1921, Page 3]

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