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Latest Updates

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Feb. 2018

Birth Records - 1824-1940

1830 Census Completed

Jan. 2018 Updates

Andrews Cemetery

Bach Cemetery

Heinrich "Henry" C. Becker,Sr. Obituary

Certified Pioneers

May 2017 Updates

Biography of George P. Graff, M. D.

Biography of Jeremiah Fowler

Biography of Morris Fisher

Biography of Mrs. Parthena A. Foiles

Biography of Hon. John McDonald

Biography of William P. Clugsten

Biography of Victor Pregaldin

Biography of John D. Rose

Biography of Rev. Blasius Winterhalter

Biography of Elias Simpson

Biography of Levi C. Bain

Biography of Charles C. Rohning, M. D.

Biography of Sarah J. (Howell) Smith

Biography of Southworth, Slocum, M. D.

Biography of Anderson, James Wesley

Biography of Clendenny, Cary E.

Biography of Godar, Paul

Biography of Gresham, Bradford P.

Biography of Lammy, Chittic C.

Biography of Selby, Thomas Jefferson

Biography of Todd, Marion

Biography of Webster, Frank M.

Biography of Wintjen, Andreas

Hon. John McNabb

Funeral of Sheriff John Lammy

Virtuous County

The Original Sidewheeler on the Upper Mississippi

Boat Load of Apples Shipped

Hardin - Illinois State Horticultural Association

Hardin - Markets - 1922

Posted: 4-2-2017
Hardin Centennial Celebration

Posted: 12-27-2016
Andreas Wintjen & John Henry Wintjen, Obits

Minnie Gerecke, Charles Edward Gotway & Mae Florence Gibson, Obits

John Michael Schumann, Obit

Posted: 12-25-2016
Crime News - "Desperados Defying the Law"

Court News - "After 35 Years"

Posted: 12-17-16
Old Traditions - Crime News

Saint Anselm Cemetery - (Completed: 11-23-16)

Land Records - (Completed: 11-24-16)

August 2016:
Obits for the following
Floyd Clendenny, Charles E. Clendenny, Mrs. Freda N. Clendenny, Keith R. Clendenny, Leroy Clendenny, Maggie Clendenny Lewis, Mrs. Mary M. Clendenny, Mayo Lee Clendenny, James O. Clendenny, Ottis F. Clendenny

July 2016 - Pre-1916 Death Index
Completed! A-C / D-G / H-K / L-R / S-U / V-Z

7-2-2016 -  The following sections were updated:
Korean War Casualty, 2/13/1950 - 12/31/195

Hamburg Cemetery

7-1-2016 -  The following sections were updated:
Land Records are being added

6-30-16 -  The following sections were updated:
Probates & Wills

6-27-2016 --  The following sections were added:
Masterson, Robert W. Obit
Helen Viola Mae Swearingin Anderson-Masterson Obit
James Wesley Anderson Bio
Anderson Cemetery

6-25-2016 --  The following sections were added:
Calhoun Early Politics
Calhoun Newspapers History
History of Banks
Early Schools
Calhoun County Firsts
Early Churches
Early Native Americans
Ealry Explorers & Settlers
History of Industry
History of Transportation
Calhoun Social Life

Precious Updates

 Jan 2016: obit for CLENDENNY
 May 2015: Community News;  Calhoun county in 1921;  obit for BOOTH, ROGERS; Visiting news; Crime news
 Jan 2015: obits for CONNELL, CLOWERS;  WW2 army enlistments
 Sep 2014: Post Offices, Past and Present
 Mar 2014: obit for PRICE
 Oct 2013: obits for THOMAS, SHAW
 July 2013: obits for OSTERMAN,  OTTWELL;  bios for LAMMY,  WINTJEN,  BELL
 Apr 2013: obit for RICH
 Oct 2012: obits for WEBB, BLACKORBY
 Aug 2012: Obits for OTTWELL, ODEN, QUILLER
 Feb 2012: Licensed Physicians prior to 1912 (Under County Records)
 June 2011: 1883 Pensioners on the roll; Fox Creek Cemetery
 Mar 2011: SESSLER obit
 Feb 2011: PRATHER obit
 Dec 2010: POORE obit
 June 2010: BANKER obit
 Apr 2010: 1850 and 1860 Mortality Schedules; Obits for PUTERBAUGH, SUHLING, FOSTER
 Feb 2010: BUCHANAN, FORD, SUHLING obits
 Nov 2009: DELONG and WINKLER obits
 Oct 2009: many CLENDENNY obits
 Sep 2008: BARRY obit
 June 2008: Ingle Cemetery
 June 2008: Aderton Cemetery

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