Mirror Democrat NOW 24 Nov 1922

Mt. Carroll IL November 24, 1922
A Souvenir Edition by the Mirror-Democratt Company

In writing a 1922 History of Carroll County, "The Best in the World," covers everything. We doubt if there is a county the size of Carroll in the United States that has as much natural beauty, as much wealth, as many beautiful homes, in city and country, better broad acres of undulating farming land, a happier and more prosperous people than we have in Carroll county. Situated, the second county from the north, in the State, and along the beautiful Mississippi River, with its scenery, its boating and fishing and hunting, and extending eastward 20 miles, toward the Rock River, growing more level each mile from the Mississippi, until prairie land lies as far as vision can reach, makes it the most desirable spot en earth to cast one's life and fortune. Carroll County is not a a County of large cities.

Carroll County was named in honor of Wm. Carroll, of Carrollton, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Its first settlers were the Pierce's and Woodruff's, and Bailey's and Melendy's, Halderman's and Rinewalt's, and Preston's and Petty's, and Downing's, and Christian's, and Kridler's and Dame's and others long since deceased and whose children are now the old settlers and their children, grand and great grand-children are the younger element.

Carroll County boasts of taking care of her aged and infirm, unfortunate, financially, people and has one of the finest county farms and county buildings for their care that can be found, situated a mile and and a half south of Mt. Carroll, and at present looked after by Wm. Christian and wife.

In writing a history of this county in the now means to tell of the business enterprises and the men who make for the progressiveness of the county. Carroll County dates back to the 30's, when there was a Fort at Savanna, and Elkhorn Grove was the first settlement east of Savanna, with Cherry Grove to the northeast.

The County Officers of Carroll County at Present are:

County Judge J. F. Brearton, Savanna.
County Clerk, A. B. Adams, Mt. Carroll.
Assistants, W. R. Watson and Wm. M. Nipe, Mt. Carroll
Circuit Clerk, Valentin Boerner, Mt. Carroll
Deputy, Miss Katie Adams, Mt. Carroll.
Supt. of Schools, John Hay, Mt. Carroll.
Sheriff, Henry S. Wise, Mt. Carroll.
Deputy, Dee A. Howard, Mt. Carroll.
Treasurer, Jacob M. Landis, Mt. Carroll.
Deputy, Ed. S. Barnes, Mt. Carroll.
State's Attorney, John R. Connell, Mt. (Carroll.
Master in Chancery, Chas. E. Stuart, Mt. Carroll.
Supt. of Highways, S C. Campbell. Mt. CarroII.
County Agent, G. R. Bliss, Mt. Cairoll.
Coroner, Dr. J.B. Schreiter, Savanna
Parole Officer, H. P. Hostetter, Mt. Carroll.
Supt. of County Farm, Wm.. Christian, Mt. Carroll.
County Surveyor, S. C. Campbell, Mt. Carroll.

The Supervisors of the County are:
Washington, Chas. E. Miller
Woodland, R. E. Boyd
Freedom, Amos Zillhart
Cherry Grove, E. P. Meier
Shannon, A. S. Babb
Lima, W. S. Manning.
Rock Creek, William Flickinger
Salem, Harry Spealman
Savanna, Alexander Hammond , Hans Johnson.
York, J. J. Sheridan.
Fair Haven, Wm. C. Bast
Wysox, A. B. Puterbaugh, Chairman
Elkhorn Grove, H C. Knox

SAVANNA With something more than five thousand people is the largest city in the county . Savanna lies along the river in the center of the county. It is a railroad center, the Burlington Route and the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul, both having terminal points there.

MT. CARROLL is the County Seat, a city of two thousand souls and a most beautiful and attractive place to live

LANARK lies eight miles east and is a prairie city, a Garden of the Gods, a most beautiful residence city, and surrounded by the richest land in the County.

SHANNON lies eight miles northeast of Lanark, and it, too is a prairie village of some 600 enterprising people, and no better land lies out of doors than that surrounding Shannon.

MILLEDGEVILLE is situated in the southeaster corner of the county, on the level prairie, is a city of beautiful homes, and the best farming county in the Untied States surrounds it.

CHADWICK is a village nine miles west of Milledgeville, and like the latter is situated in a great farming country. it is a bustling village and has many enterprising citizens.

THOMSON is a village situated in the southwestern part of the county. The soil there is sandy but it is the greatest soil for water and musk melons in the world and is known as the water melon village, it is a good business place.

ARGO-FA is a hamlet situated five miles south of Mt. Carroll, and was, while the- condensary was running one of the liveliest hamlets in the county, and although the plant closed the enterprising people there have converted it into a creamery that is doing a business. It is a rich part of the county.

WACKER is a hamlet five miles southwest of Mt. Carroll and its people are happy contented, wealthy citizens. They have a store, creamery, blacksmith shop, two churches and wouldn't change places with anybody.

In this edition we shall give each city, town and hamlet a place of its own, and we invite the careful reading of it all, as it will give you an idea of who the men are who are making Carroll County the great county it is, and are placing it in the archives, among the records that it may be preserved and in future years become yet greater from the foundation laid by the pioneers and being built upon by the present-day people.


MT. CARROLL, as is well known, dates back to about 1836, when the old mill was built This with a distillery and a Cooper shop, and the old stone hotel formed the necules of the present thriving city, with its beautiful parks, and homes and schools and churches. Its business houses are if the best, filled with the choicest of goods.

Mt. Carroll has something like twenty miles of concrete sidewalk, two miles of paved streets, a fine system of water works, pure water, and plenty of it, good fire protection, a fine system of boulevard lights being installed as this is written.

It is the county seat of Carroll County and is situated as near the geographical center of the county as it can be the way the towns are laid out. The court building was erected in 1858, but outgrew its use and a new office building was erected in the late 90's. The buildings are surrounded by a beautiful park, well shaded and containing the soldiers' monument, an annex, cannon and ball from the Civil War, and a concrete bandstand, one of the finiest in the northwest.

The city park is a natural park on the west side of the citv, with many large trees for shade and the creek running through it. There is a cook house, tables. toilets, swings, and benches, and it is an ideal spot in summer and largely patronized by people from everywhere.

Down the creek two miles further is Smith's Park, another ideal spot, well supplied with everything, electric lights, a store, a dancing pavilion, boats, horse shoe and croquet grounds, and is one of the beauty spots of nature.

The Caroline Mark Home, situated in the north part of town is a fine building erected by the trustees of the late Caroline Mark Estate, and built for the accommodation of homeless ladies of this Congressional district, supplied with all the comforts of such a Home. Here is another beautiful park, making four in all.

The Frances Shimer School affiliated with the University of Chicago, a school for girls, is one of the prettiest places within the confines of the city. The buildings are of the best and provided with every comfort to the school girl. The buildings are all lighted by electricity, and warmed from a central heating plant. The grounds are beautiful, and are large and commodious containing golf and tennis grounds, a base ball diamond, as well as plenty of shade and flowers everywhere.

The creek winds through the city, and a high bridge crosses the chasm at the foot of Clay street, and every stranger who comes to town drives over the bridge, the street leading to the Caroline Mark Home.

The Carnegie Library, the City Hall, the Cemetery, are places much visited by the strangers who come here as well as the parks.

The public school buildings are large and modern in every respect, and contain both the grades and the Community High School pupils.

We have the Methodist, the Baptist, the Lutheran, Church of the Brethren, the Church of God and the United Brethren churches in town, each with a minister, services twice on Sunday beside Sunday School and meetings during the week, so that the spiritual needs of the people do not lag.

Our city is divided into three wards, with two aldermen to each ward, and a mayor elected from the city generally. These are at present: Mayor, Wm. Keim; Aldermen first ward, Fred C. Leigh, George E. Myers; second ward, Val Smith, Ed. Fox; third ward, Arthur Hoover, Charlie Isenhart; City Clerk, E. N. Gsell; City Attorney, John Connell; Treasurer, Ralph Leigh; City Marshal, Geo. F. Phillips; Water Rent Collector, John Mummert. John Warfield is City Engineer and his son Ben, is assistant.

The Commercial Club is composed this year of Guy Bradbury, President; Fay F. Christian, Treasurer; Members, C. L. Smith, Ray Doty, and this Club is one of the greatest organizations in the way of business that we have. They take care of all of the big days, have band concerts weekly during the summer, and manage the Farmers' and Merchants' Picnic in the fall, on Labor Day, the regular date for the affair. The merchants, business men and those who have Mt. Carroll's interests at heart subscribe liberally, and the Club has the money which they invest with care. They also have, in the past, built much good road.

With our schools, our churches, our homes, we are a happy and contented class of people, always looking forward to something which is going to make for the betterment of the city in all ways. Our stores are equal to those in any city twice our size. Our business men are alive and awake. Our officers are all efficient. In fact, we are a happy and contented people, as to hying, but ever ready to push forward to greater goals.

Mt. Carroll has a tennis club, a golf club, a base ball team and a band that is well known everywhere in the county.

And we are still going on making history. From a land of hazel brush and scrub oaks, and buffalo, deer, wild turkey, wild cats, wolves and lynx, we have developed into a city that is the pride of everyone who is living here or has lived here in the past.

The old pioneers converted the virgin soil into a home making place and the people of today, while reaping the benefits are striving for still greater things. Those who have been and are making Mt. Carroll, will be found on the following pages.

It is simply a brief synopsis of what these enterprising men are doing, and we ask that you carefully read every word in the following pages which is set forth in truth.

While Mt. Carroll is not a manufacturing center, yet we have two Monument mariufactories, an Artificial Ice plant, a Co-operative Creamery and many minor industries.

Mt. Carroll is the home of the Farm Bureau, with more than half the farmers of the county as members. G. R. Bliss is County Agent, in charge of the Bureau. This is an agricultural community. and the farmers claim that this Bureau has been of much value to them. Connected with the Bureau is the Live Stock Shipping Association and the Live Stock Breeders Association.

We have two Boards of Educations, the Public School and the Community High School Boards.

We have the benefit of both the telephone systems, the independent and the Mutual.

And last but not least, Mt. Carroll is the only city of the same size in the State of Illinois that has a daily paper.

GEORGE P.H. PAUL - Hardware
In the history of the Now nobody in the city occupies a more prominent plece than George P. H. Paul, for six years Mayor, and the man who by his will and force of character made it possible to have paved streets to the station. It was his desire to that piece of street made passable at any time of the year and he did it.

He has been in the harduare and implement business a number of years and hass built up a trade second to none in the county. He is a hustler every minute of the time, whether it was for himself or the city, made no difference and every body in Mt. Carroll should raise his hat to George Paul for what he has accomplished for the city as well as for himself.

Not only washe mayor but an active member of the Commercial Club at the same time. He is genial, and can he approached upon any subject looking to a greater Mt. Carroll.

Mr Paul believes in recreation, however as well as sticking to business and is at the head of the horseshoe pitching club of the city and is adept at at the art of pitching the shoes. While Mayor he arranged for winter amusement in the city hall by having boxes of earth and sand made to pitch in.

He is popular with all, because he is a man of business and can adopt himself to circumstances. He can make a speech to a houseful as easily as he can talk to an individual.

As a busines man he is square and well liked, understanding the business himself and largely attending to the trade personally. His accquaintanceship is large and his friends reach to all parts of the county.

He is married and with his wife and daughter lives in their modernly apoointed home on Broadway.

He is interested in farming, being manager of 1000 acres and having 200 acres of his own. Hand he is as successful in farming as he is in other business. In fact he was a farmer before he entered the hardware business, leaving the farm on account of trouble with his eyes, and after they became better, he then purchased the hardware store, and has continued in the business over since, rising to the top by his business methods and squareness. George Paul has made history in Mt. Carroll and is not yet through.

T.A. WACHTEL & SONS - Monuments
Mt. Carroll is not known for its having many factories, but it takes pride in pointing to the Granite and Marble Works, of T. A. Wachtel & Son, for it is of the most complete in its line that can be imagined,

T. A. Wachtel is a practical, old time marble cutter and formerly chiselled out the fine work by hand. But his business grew too rapidly for old time methods and anyway, he is progressive and up-to-date, so he and his son Earl, have fitted out the manufactory with the latest designed tools, all pneumatic, that can be found to do the work. This has increased their facilities greatly and they keep apace with their much work, by diligence and long hours, for they have much to do, as the many monuments in the cemeteries in Carroll and other counties, town and Wisconsin show, being monuments to the memory of those over whose graves they stand, and also a monument to their skill and workmanship. There aro no finer workmen than Wachtel & Son, and when they agree to do work for you their word is their bond that it will be as agreed.

Mr. Wachtel, Sr., has been Alderman, Mayor, member of the Board of Education, and is one of the trustees of the Carnegie Library, a man in whom every confidence is placed by his follow citizens, and his son Earl, is in the same class. Mr. Wachtel is on the road most of the time, in his car, getting orders, which Earl sees are turned out promptly on the times promised.

The factory is located on lower Market street where a great platform loaded with monuments, completed and raw granite, can be seen at any time and where many stop to look atthe artistic work which this firm does in granite and marble. The Wachtel families are among our most highly respected people.

It might be said that Mr. Wachtel came to Mt. Carroll to engage in this business when there was no monument works within easy reach. Those who wanted work in this line had to travel a long way to reach a factory or do the business by mail. Mr. Wachtel started in a small way but the need of such an establishment was such as to at once bring the factory into prominence, The business grew and prospered, fair dealing and confidence in the proprietorship brought trade and today the monument factory is widely known and the finished product is distributed all over Northern Illinois and adjoining states.

W.H. WILDEY - Grocer
In writing the history of our business men, it is fitting, and would not be history, if we did not mention Capt. W. H. Wildey first. No man has done more toward making Mt. Carroll than he has. Capt. Wildey served during the civil war, and made a great record there, thea came to Mt. Carroll, married and settled down to business life. He associated himself with James Strong and started in the grocery business next to where his store now is, on the west, as Strong & Wildey, and continued there until the brick store he now occupies was finished. Since that time he has continually occupied the premises. He and Strong for a number of years in addition to their grocery business, manufactured lime, and most of the foundation rocks and brick of the business buildings here are held in place by lime they made for mortar.

He has always been one of the foremost, wide-awake business men in the city. Has always been at the head, started the first delivery wagon on ever run in the city, purchased the first car load of salt, which made his competitors think he had gone wild.

The mud on Market street was deep in springtime and in summer the dust was deep. Capt. Wildey was elected Alderman of the city and under his administration that street was macadamized, the men breaking the rock by hand.

He was one of the first men to put his money into tho electric light company. He was an ardent advocate of water works and of a fire company. His purse was always open, and his ideas and arguments always sound. The Captain has grown old in the business and has seen Mt. Carroll advance from a small village to a city. He has done his share at all times in making the history of the town and without his acts and deeds, there would not be much of what is history. His body is not as strong as it once was, he probably could not throw himself upon a horse as he did when out on scout duty in the sixties, but his mind is as bright as ever and he is as full of pep as in the days of yore, when he was at the head of every enterprise in the city. Captain Wildey's name will always be associated with those who made Mt. Carroll. He is still at his place of business every day, the directing hand. He has one of the most popular wives and families in Mt. Carroll.

He is at the head of the G. A. R. and always has been. He is an honored, upright citizen who has and is helping make Mt. Carroll what it is in 1922. Long live Capt. Wildey.

Edwards & Hartman - Drug Store
One of the most prominent stores in Mt. Carroll is the Edwards & Hartman drug store, ths proprietors being F. G. Edwards, a veteran druggist and his son-in-law, Charles E. Hartman. Mr. Hartman was in the business before the world war; when the call for U. S. Soldiers came he did not wait for the draft but enlisted, leaving a bride and a drug store behind. He was one of the boys who developed rapidly and it was not long until he was "ever there." Happily, he was spared to return, and after getting home, found that he would have to have a pharmacist, as the law requires a licensed pharmacist to cell drugs of any kind.

F. G. Edwards has for years been a licensed pharmacist, and it was finally decided that he would go into partnership with Mr. Hartman, although he had retired from active business. The store has prospered. It has a large trade in every branch of the business, and its ice cream and soft drinks are acknowledged to have no peer. Their fountain is one of the most modern and up-to-date in the city.

Mr. Hartman is a civic hustler, and is always looking for something that will be for the benefit of the city. He is a loyal, leading member of the American Legion, and there is nothing he will not do to put it into the clear when it undertakes anything of a civic nature. The American Legion members have been making history and will continue doing so for years to come and Mr. Hnrtman is one of the foremost members.

This store carries a large stock of paints, oils, drugs, books, patent medicine, sporting goods, in fact anything that should be found in a fleet class drug store can be found here. Both the proprietors are as popular as any men in the city. Mr. Edwards has been a director in the Commercial Club, and is a level headed business man in city affairs, and his experience, coupled with the youth, ambition and executive ability of Mr. Hartman makes a team that is bound to be the leaders they are.

F. G. Edwards is the father-in-law of Mr. Hartman, and has always been in business here. He is one of the most ponular business men Mt. Carroll ever had, and one of the hustlers. A former director in the Commercial Club, always ready and willing to do his share in any enterprise that looks for the uphuilding of the city. As a young man he was always in the front ranks and he has never lagged.

Ivey & Sons - Marble & Granite
A monument is the last gift to a departed friend. It is something to mark for agee the resting place of father, mother, wife, son or daughter. The monument business is one that is as necessary as that of selling life-giving foods. Mt. Carroll is fortunate in this respect. People must die, and it is but fitting that their graves be marked by a suitable headstone or monument.

The firm of Ivey & Sons is known all over Northern Illinois, Eastern Iowa and Southern Wisconsin, and their handiwork is in hundreds of cemeteries. George W. Ivey came to Mt. Carroll 25 years ago and established a factory for the making of these memorials. It was all hand work in those days, but as he advanced in the business, he took his sons, who were workers in the factory into partnership, and the best nod newest of pneumatic machinery, which enables them to turn out the best of work in a very short time.

Their work is acknowledged to be of superior workmanship, as each man in the works has his specialty, and no finer work is turned out in any city in the United States than right here in Mt. Carroll, and the four or five boys have all they can do. Mr. Ivey, senior, is on the road all of the time, in his car, securing work, and at times J. W. and Leslie do some of this business. J. W., George, Jr., and Harry, with the father, Leslie and Preston constitute the firm, and they are among our must popular people. They are among our most enterprising, ambitious, energetic citizens and keep pace with the world. They always carry a large stock of monuments on hand.

The senior Mr. Ivey and who raised a fannly of natural-born marble workers, is cue of the oldest monument men in years and experience in this section. For many years he was located in this line of business in Galena under the firm name of Ivey & Vincent. He disposed of his interests to his partner and after a year or two of leisure come to Mt. Carroll and established a factory. It soon was numbered with the solid business institutions of the city and outgrowing its building, lots were purchased and a larger, nice modern "home" for the business took its stead. The handsome building and fine equipmeot furnishes one of the best of monuments to the integrity and honorable dealing have during these years been serving the public.

N. H. Halderman - J.M. Shirk Co.
The history of Mt. Carroll, is almost the history of N. H. Halderman, of the J. M. Shirk Co. Mr. Halderman's father, the late N. Halderman, was amoog the first settlers here, owned about all of the land on which Mt. Carroll is built, started the enterprises by building the mill, engaging Mr. Hurley, the father of Dan and Jerome Hurley, to build the mill dam. In fact in the pioneer days Halderman and his partner, Mr. Rinewalt, owned about everything there was in the hamlet.

They made business even under the most difficult circumstances, and N.H. Halderman is continuing in the same old mill. For the most of his life he has been a factor is the business of Mt. Carroll, always being in everything that would help the city along. The old mill is a landmark, and "Hub" is the mill itself practically, as he has been the head of it for many years, ever since the death of J. M.Shirk.

Mr. Halderman has the confidence of everbody, knows and is known, perhaps as well as any man in the county, one of its oldest settlers, and as straight as a man can be. He was always energetic, far seeing, ambitious and has made a success of life.

He owns a beautiful home and acres of ground in the eastern part of the city, the old homestead, where he has lived since childhood, except for the years he lived in Milwaukee, while yet a young man. His home is one of the largest and most commodious in the city, although the house was built many years ago.

Mt. Carroll without the name of Halderman would not be recognized, as more than half the plats of the city are in that name.

Mr. Halderman has a wife and one son, Nathaniel Jr., his older eon, Frank, who worked with him in the mill, having passed away some years ago.

Mr. Haldsrman etill personally superintends the business and is at the mill office a reasonable number of hours each day. He is one of our most known, highly respected citizems, and business men.

The family was among the first to come here, and the father of our sketch was in fact, Mr. Carroll, for there was nothing else here than the mill and other enterprises owned by him. Mt. Carroll owns its existence to this day from the efforts of N. Halderman, and the names is known and respected in all parts of the county.

W.S. Stitely - Taxi Line
No history of Mount Carroll would be complete without saying something about W. S. Stitsley, Scott, as he is familiarly called by everybody. Mr. Stiteley is one of the boosters, one of the pushers of Mt. Carroll and always has been. He, as a young man, started in as a grocery clerk, but later established in the grocery business and made a success of that, as well as in everything he has undertaken in life.

Selling out this business he purchased the bus and dray line of B. Vandagrift which was 19 years ago July 1, 1922. lie secured ths mail carrying contract, and was express agent 14 years. He was the first in this part of the country to have a motor bus.

Finally he sold out the bus and dray line, and proposed to take it easy, for he had been successful, but that ambition of his would not allow him to lie quiet and rest, and he established a taxi business, which he is still engaged in.

Mr. Sliteley owns two good farms close to the city, and spends some time looking after the business thereon. Helped to boom a corn carnival, and a home coming.

Dwight H. Fickes - Electrical
A real electrical shop is a necessary adjunct to any city. We have one in Mt. Carroll. Dwight Fickes, one of our hustlers is the proprietor, and his place of busbiess is in the basement of his building, the first floor of which is occupied by the Farm Bureau office.

Mr. Fickes has everything in the electrical line from the common electric light bulb and socket to the new lights which have three degrees of light, and from that up to electric washers, motors, etc. He does a good business as he handles electric fixtures alone in this city, and is anexpert in his line. He has a radiophone, and is always getting the newest in the line of electric appliances.

He also does Plumbing, and puts in furnaces and all around is one of the hustlers of present day in Mt. Carroll. He was one of the citizens committee on the boulevard lighting system and did much work toward getting them here. Electricity is in its infancy, but Mr. Fickes is helping it grow. If there is anything in the electrical line that you want you will find it at his place, and the price will be right.

Broadway Garage - E.C. Turnquist
This is a day of tourists, and many of them are having more or less trouble on the road and when they reach a city or town the first thing they look for is a garage. Those coming in from the south, west or east over Jackson street sight the Broadway Garage first, and its appearance at once gives them confidence that such an appearing garage, must be first class. They stop and they find that their judgment has not been at fault for this garage is one of the best fitted for all classes of work in the city. Mr. Turnquist, himself, is an expert mechanician who can dissemble and assemble any car made and make it run like new. He has had the experience, which accompanied with his ability makes serious trouble to the average man very simple to him. He has tools of all description and can recharge depleted batteries in short order. Carries a full supply of several makes of tires, of all kinds, and has a fine up-to-date filling station. In fact as complete a garage and complement of workmen as can be found in the northern part of the state, is always on the job to superintend the work, and the stranger becomes a booster for him, as well as his home patrons. Ed. Turnquist is a pleasant man to meet, always cheerful and ready to help you out of trouble.

He is also agent for the Dodge and Rco(?) cars, and is a good salesman because he understands an automobile as the average man understands his meals, and he can explain the car to its smallest detail and make a driver out ef you in short order even if you never seen a car.

Mr. Turnquist enjoys the confidence and respect of his fellow citizens, and although he has only been in Mt. Carroll for four or five years has taken a front rank in the business of our city. He is a man who is always busy, ever ready to help in anything that looks to a larger and better Mt. Carroll and has become one of the substantial, reliable, up-to-date men of affairs in this little city, where things are done. His garage is the headquarters of many car owners who know if Ed Turnquist does their work it is well done. He is married and has an interesting family who live in the uptown residence district and are respected and happy. If you need anything in ths line of repair, if your batteries need adjusting see Ed. Turnquist and you will have the work done right.

Henry S. Wise - Sheriff
Carroll county has had a number of very popular sheriffs since its foundation, but none were ever more poular than the present incumbent Henry S. Wise, and were it not for the fact that the law does not permit the re-election of a sheriff in Illnois, Mr. Wise would undoubtedly have been re-elected.

During the years past, his well known ability as a peace officer, often was the cause of his being called by sheriffs to assist during court, and Henry rather liked it. When he retired from his farm and moved to town, his friends urged him to become a candidate for the position and he finally accepted and was elected by a large majority as any sheriff in the county ever received. And that their confidence in the ability and integrity of Mr. Wise was not misplaced has been many times demonstrated during the almost four years that he has held the office. Mr. Wise conducts the business as he does his own, always up-to-date, with courtesy, yet firmness and has made one of the best sheriffs we have ever had.

He still owns his fine farm in Salem township and visits it every few days, his son , Harry conducting the farm. Mr. Wise is one of our substantial present day men,

Fred Hensal
A native of Mt. Carroll and a hustler at all times. Fred is a painter of ability and follows this trade in summer, but in winter he buys furs from all of the trappers along the rivers, creeks, and sloughs in the county, and is known to them all as being the most liberal buyer in the country. Fred also buys wool in season as well as butter and eggs and is an all around speculator in such things, who makes a good market for many persons. Fred is on the square with them all and they take his word against all others as to price, for they know he will give them the top of the market

He is married, lives in his own well appointed property in the east part of town and is known and respected by everybody, as is his family. He is genial and companionable and his vacations consist of duck hunting in the Fall, he being a good shot, has a camp down the river and enjoys himself and is not stingy in seeing that his friends are supplied with wild duck.

Roy H. Fritz
An auctioneer is a success according to his ability to get the worth of an article or animal sold at public auction. Auctioneers, it is said, are born for the business, for it is really a trade, and a man must have much business ability as well as a flow of words and a large vocabulary to become a success in the business. He must have a quick eye to catch a nod, must know what to say and when to say it, must have the confidence of the buyer, must be patient and pleasant, and above all must know values of everything he has to sell.

Roy H. Fritz has all of these qualities and it is for this reason that he is regarded as one of the greatest auctioneers of the day. Coupled with all of these traits Mr. Fritz himself is a pure bred hog breeder and has the pedigrees of all breeds at his tongue's end, and knows their value.

He is a native of Carroll county, having been born on the farm of Thos. H. Fritz in Freedom township, where he grew to manhood, and is a successful farmer and breeder as well as an auctioneer. When yet quite young he took a liking to thiswork and soon became most profient and for the past years not only does all the sales around here, but goes to neighboring counties. During the season, there are few days when he does not have a sale to call. Everybody wants him because he gets the money, is pleasant to have around, always has a lot of bids in his pocket, and draws people to the sales.

He has associated with him Glenn Teeter, another young hustling auctioneer and the two make a team which has no peer in these parts.

Mr. Fritz owns a fine farm in Freedom, is married and has a family, is a director of the Fair association, and Superintendent of the Swine Department as well as an active member of the Farm Bureau, and is one of the most reliable and successful farmers and breeders of pure blood cattle and hogs in Carroll county.

Roy Fritz owes his great success to himself only as he is a self made man, always busy, always trying to do better farming, to have better cattle and hogs, and believing that modern methods are supplanting the old time ones he has kept pace with the improvements as they came along and has a farm under a high state of cultivation.

As an auctioneer and farmer Roy Fritz ranks as A No. 1.

Robert Irwin - Representative
Although the subject of this sketch lives in Jo Daviess county, he makes Mt. Carroll his principal trading point, and is our Representative. He will be elected this fall to fill his third successive term in the Illinois House of the General Assembly.

"Bob," everyone calls him, is one of the most genial gentlemen you will meet with, always with a good natured smile he greet's you, and his popularity does not seem to ho diminished or grow less with the years, as was demonstrated at the April primary, when he was leading man of the five or six candidates in the district on the Republican ticket.

But Bob always was popular, are before becoming a law maker had been supervisor of his town for a number of terms, and sheriff of Jo Daviess county, and wherever he may be he is known and greeted by the people.

He has made a good legislator, looking after the interests of his district and is said to be one of the meat independent memhiera of the house, the Legislative Voters League saying in its report that he was almost too independent, which in other words meant that he did not and would not do the bidding of the so-called bosses, unless he was entwined that it was the right thing to do. He is a live one and has the confidence of his constituency.

Be is a farmer, an actual one and superintends his several big farms in Pleasant Valley. He has been suecessful all his life and he is perhaps, known to more people in this district and throughout the state than any other man in his county. He is most highly respected, for he has always been on the square whether in office or civic life and his word is taken politically as it is at the bank, and the politician whose word is taken in this day and age has surely been square all the days of his life.

Bob Irwin has been one of the history makers of the district and state and will continue in that line, for he is genial and well liked by all, and has ambitions that will yet be fulfilled. As a farmer, as a sheriff, as a legislator, he stands and has stood in the front ranks, and will eoniinne to do so, as a man with the ambitions and ability of Robert Irwin is bound to make a showing and stand in the front of all things he undertakes. He is one of the men in the district who is looked up to, and he never disappoints, fer he does things.

Rebert Irwin will continue in his popularity, for he is one of these men who never go back.

P.M. Hartman - Indian Head Garage
The automobile has become as much a necessity as one's meals, and there is no place where a first class garage is not a place where much business is done, business which makes to the betteruient of travel and business of all kinds. We have several such in Mt. Carroll, but the lead is perhaps taken by P. M. Hartman, whose place of business is at the north end of Main street, in the Hogan building, erected especially for the needs of Mr. Hartman, who has occupied it almost steadily since its erection.

Mr. Hartman is a great salesman, the auto business developing a number of such. He deals in the Overland the Willys-Knight, and the Stearns-Knight, three of the best cars on the market, and has also recently taken the agency for the Buick, and with four such cars, he cannot help making many sales.

Mr. Hartman is an expert mechanic himself as well as driver and salesman.

He named his garage after the Indian Head Trail which runs through here from Sterling, and on to Savanna. He has an Indian head for his literature and is known far and wide as being a man who knows an an auto from starting point to the tail light.

He is a genial gentleman, square in his dealings, and always tells his story in an open manner, so that there is no deception in any transaction,

Mr. Hartman has a great, large room for the storage of cars, and when a car is kept in his garage it is always ready to run. He has competent workmen in every branch of the business.

He is a gentleman who has the respect and confidence of his fellow citizens, and is a man who is building up history in the automobile business.

He deserves the success he is attaining, for there is not a more energetic, ambitious, harder worker in his line than Phil Hartman.

He has also added farm machinery to his line and is agent for the Case threshers, silo fillers, steam engines and gas tractors and is ready at all limes to demonstrate and show what his machinery is like and will do. He is about one of the greatest hustlers we have ever had in Mt. Carroll and is constantly on the job, Phil Hartman merits success and with his ability and ambitions success is bound to crown his efforts. Phil Hartman was a prize winner at the fair, which proves every line of the above,

Mt. Carroll Grocery Co.
Twelve years ago, Fred A. Eggenberger who was looking around for a location, having disposed of a business in Chicago and desiring to locate in the country, came to Mt. Carroll, looked the city over, approached F. G. Edwards, and made him an offer to buy out his grocery business Mr. Edwards gave the matter a little thought and accepted the offer, and Fred Eggenberger became a Mt. Carroll citizen and business man, and he's a real one, today known far and wide. He started in as a hustler and and has never stopped. He made his own prices and hours and won a big business in a short time. He became known to all, was an active working member of the Commercial Club, and was and is always thinking of someihing that will improve over what he has done. About fear years ago, his health failed him and he sold out, but couldn't stand idleness and in eighteen months bought back a half interest.

Louis Coleman, the other partner in this company, is a native Mt. Carroll boy, born and educated here, learned the grocery business but quit it to cooduct his father's elevator for several years, and upon its sale drifted back into his well known line and became a clerk in the F. A. Eggenberger store. About four years ago he purchased the store, from Mr. Eggenherger and for eighteen months demonstrated his ability as a business man by doing an immense business. Finally upon being approached by Mr. Eggenberger for whom he had a great regard, a sale of a half interest was made in a couple of seconds.

And the two make a great team, conduct a great store, and are hustlers for the city as well as their own business. Both are married. Mr. Coleman has two children.

They are both men who never tire, and are constantly on the job, saying they are there to accommodate the buyers of groceriess and if they are not willing to accomodate the public, they cannot expect much from thepublic. They are open nights, and take week about in staying there, and do not keep their clerks every night, giving them many nights off. They are among the greatest hustlers and business men that Mt. Carroll has ever had, and they are doing an immense business.

If you need anything in the grocery line, call or telephone your orders and they be taken care of in the best manner.

O.M. Grove - Lawyer
In this day and age, attorneys are as necessary as ministers and school teachers, and educators of all kinds. With the multiplicity of laws the average man dare not trust to himself in drawing up legal papers in selling or buying property. He He needs a good lawyer to see that some loophole is not left, whereby he is going to have trouble.

Mt. Carroll has a number of the best attorneys, and in this class we desire to mention Orion H. Grove, one of the popular members of the bar. He is a native of Mt. Carroll, but after graduating in law and being adnmmtted to the bar he opened an office for practice in Chadwick, where he remained a number of years, but desiring to be at the county seat, he closed his office there several years ago, and came to Mt. Carroll , where he has been located since and has had much to do in his line, before both the county and circuit courts, for there is no better posted lawyer in probate matters than Mr. Grove, who gives earnest attention to the matter of estates, seeing that the widow and orphans get justice in settling of estates in which they are interested,

Mr. Grove is a genial, pheasant gentleman to meet, modest in demeanor, yet deep in the matter of law. That he is popular was attested in the Primary last April when he was nominated for the position of county judge on the republican ticket, which is equivalent to an election in this county, and after next November he will be the "county" judge of Carroll county. That it was a wise choice is admitted by all, for Mr. grove has the elements which go to make a fair and impartial jurist.

He is married and has several children, lives in his own modern residence and has tho confidence and respect of all who know him.

Mr. Grove has been in many of the important cases in the circuit court of this county in the past, and is at present counsel for the Trustees of the Caroline Mark Home, and numbers many other firms and clients of 1arge interests which he looks after. He is one of those steady attorneys, who when he has a case he gives it the best that is in him. Many are sorry to see him leave the ranks of the practising attorneys for the judgeship, as when he takes that position, he can, of course, not practice in his own court,

0. M, Grove when installed in the Probate Judge's chair will be a man whom you can approach as you do now, sure of a welcome,

A.L. Edwards - Druggist
A drug store and a competent pharmacist are one of the necessities in every city. The Edwards Drug Store is one of the most up-to-date ones in the county and is presided over by a man who has for a long number of years been a practical pharmacist.

A.L. Edwards was practically brought up in the drug business, having entered the business when a very young man as a clerk and learned every branch of it, passing a most flattering examination as a practicing pharamacist.

About six years ago he purchased the store he now occupies from F.G. Edwards, his uncle, for whom he had been clerking. From the start, with his new ideas, the store proved a success and his business has steadily increased during the years.

Aside from drugs, he carries a full line of paints and varnishes, books of all kinds, patent medicines, while his lien of cigars and his trade in the line is the largest in the city.

He has one of the finest fountains and fixtures in the city, and has an enormous ice cream and soft fancy drink trade.

Mr. Edwards is one of the foremost of our business men in every venture, was Treasurer of the Commercial Club two years ago, and is one of the most liberal givers to everything that looks to the advancement of the city that we have. He is one of the heaviest payers to the Commercial Club, and whenever there is a project looking for advancement, the promoters are sure of the moral and financial support of A.L. Edwards.

He is one of the younger of our business men with "an old head on young shoulders." His ideas are always of the best and when advanced in anything are generally taken. He lives in his beautiful home with his wife and daughter just a block from the store on Market street.

Young blood is what makes a city boom. Young men have new ideas for there are new things under the sun, and they are not content to continue in the old rut, and Mr. Edwards is one of such young men. He has advanced ideas and carries them out. He is always on the job, and takes few vacations, saying that some day he hopes to retire and be able to take a real vacation. We need more men like hiim in business here. They are the men who make a town look well.

If you need anything in the line of drugs and books you will be welcomed, and our patronage will be appreciated.

Patton & DeNier - Barbers
If anybody is helping make history in this day of bobbed hair and breeches, worn by the women folks, it is the barber, who shears the heavy heads of hair for the girls, and we know of no other firm which has as much business in this line as the above one.

The shop is an up-to-date one provided with electric clippers, shampoo brush, and face massage rubber. The shop is under the First State Savings Bank, and is as clean and sanitary as such a place should be.

Carroll Patton, the Senior partner, is a native Mt Carroll boy, who after his school days learned the tonsorial business and learned it from the ground up. But lie was not satisfied to work for some one else, and soon started in business for himself, being successful from the start, for he is not only an expert barber and hair cutter, but is the most rapid workman in the business. For easy shaving and nobby hair cutting he has no peer in the county.

Cecil DeNier was a soldier during the war and upon returning started to work in the Chas. Eyler shop, but desiring to go into business himself,opened a shop upstairs in the Richter Block. However, soon, he and Mr. Patten formed a partnership and they make a great team, for what we say about Carroll goes for Cecil.

This firm is well known, does much work and is popular among all who have to patronize "The Barber."

Conrad Hartman
Conrad Hartman, a congenial salesman employed by W. W Hartman at the Ford Garage. We will not neglect to mention, Mr. Hartman is a booster for our business world and community; one whose aim in life is to achieve success, who is accommodating and has a feeling at heart for these who are on unfortunate lines in life and are deserving of honorable assistance.

Mr. Hartmon is an able assistant to his brother in the Ford Garage, who conducts one of the most up-to-date garages in the county, both men having full knowledge of the construction of the Ford and Furdson, which is next to the greatest industry in the world.

Mr. Hartman has in the past devoted, most of his life to farming, assisting in carpenter work as well as the work at the Daggetts store.

Mr. Hartman, as well as his brother, are considerate and control a decisive truth in the business world. Mr. Hartman aims to be fair in his dealings, for his employer, as well as the patrons of the community.

W.J. Bleakley - Grocer
In the present history of the city, there is not a business man in the city who bears a higher reputation for square dealing than W. J. Bleakley, who conducts the grocery store on the south side of Market street.

Mr. Bleakley started into the business some years ago, as a partner with A. J. Fester, and the firm was prosperous from the start, but Mr. Foster, with his duties as station agent at the depot, could not be in the store very much and Mt. Bleakley purchased his interest and bringing his busniess ability to the fore has made a decided success of the store and has made a name of being a square dealer in everything.

Mr. Bleakley started with a fresh stock and has kept it fresh. He carries everything in his line and it is always just what he says it is. His patronage comes from all classes

Mr. Bleakley is a leader in many things and a man who loves his city and is willing to go his length at all times to better conditions in any way.

He was Treasurer of the Commercial Club several years age and a director for several ysar.i and an active memher. He is always at the meetings of the club and has sound advice to offer. He is a pleasant gentleman to meet and to do business with, always genial and pleasant.

In writing a history of the present day, it would be mnsomlilctc without the name of W. P. Bleakley occupyingan important place therein.

He is married and own's a pleasant home directly opposite the Methodist Church on Main street. Be has two children, Mrs. Lewis Noble, and Floyd, who is working at the jewelry business in Savanna. The family o among the most highly respected in the city.

Mr. Bleakley has demonstrated what business ability, close applica tion to business, straightforward business methods will do. The fourth grocery house in Mt. Carrell tried it a number of times, but never could make a success of it, but Mr. Bleakley gained the confidence of our people and success has crowned his efforts, for he is today doing his full share in supplying Mt. Carrol and vicinity with the best of groceries in the market, and has all of the fruits and vegetables for them in their season,

W.G. Grim
W.G. Grim handles country produce of all kinds. His office is in the Express Co. office. He pays the highest prices for milk or butter fat, eggs, chicken, and all kinds of country produce.

Raish & Boyd - Bakery and Restaurant
The name of Raish & Boyd is and has been a household word in this city for a long time, made so by their bakery goods. Few women bake in this day and age when they can buy the "Mother Goose" brand of bread, made by this firm. Henry Raish is a baker himself and one of the best who ever stood before a tray or bread mixer. He came to Mt. Carroll as such, worked in the place he now owas for a number of years, From the day he purchased it, it became more popular than over before. Mr. Raish watched the baking as a mother watches her child, and everything has to be of the best.

The business grew to need such a lot of looking after that Henry concluded that he needed a partner and chose Earl C. Boyd. Mr. Boyd is one of the noted hustlers of the town, and is always on the job with his good nature, his geniality end business judgment and the firm has flourished amazingly.

They not only deal in their bakery goods but have a fine fountain, handle ice cream and soft drinks,and their lunch counter is always full for here is the place to get short orders, in less time than it takes to tell about it.

They also deal in the boat brands of cigars and tobaccos, candy and everything that goes to make up a first class restaurant and confectionery store.

They handle all of the Chicago papers aad magazines of every kind and character. If it is a magazine or newspaper you want you can get it there, as it is a complete news stand.

These gentlemen are both married and have modern homes of their own where they live happily and contented. Mr. Raish also owns a farm which he personally superintends and in which he raises much of the produce used in their restaurant. Mr. Raish spent the past summer in Europe visiting relatives and seeing thecountry which he came from when a small boy, but he is back and is attacking his business with renewed vigor.

In Raiah and Boyd, Mt. Carroll has a couple of men who are a credit to any city, men who help to make for the welfare of the town and, make the city and business of all kinds better and are benefactors of mankind, in that they furnish in the "staff of life," their bread, the very best that can be made.

Adam Williamson - Auto Agent
One of the best known and most likeable gentleman in Mt. Carroll is Adam Williamson, an authority on automobiles, as he was among the first salesmen of high priced cars in the city.

He is thoroughly conversant with all makes, and operates a garage and repair shop and his workmen are kept continuously busy, for he himself snperintends the work done at his place and when a job of repairing is done there you know it is right.

But he not only repairs cars, but is still in the selling business and has associated with him, Ira Newell, another hustler. They sell the Case and Oakland cars, which they claim fill all purposes better than any other cars made. They can be found at any time ready to demonstrate their cars.

Mr. Williamson is widely and favorably known as a business man, honorable in all of his transactions, and when he tells you anything you know it is gospel truth, in regard to repairs, a new car, or any business transaction. He is popular, is married and has an interesting and highy respected family living in their own modern home in East Carroll.

Adam Williamson is a native this county, has helped to make history in the auto business and will continue to do so, as the business is yet in its infancy and there is not a better posted man on cars than he.

He and Ira Newell make a team as salesnien and handle their favorite makes if cars, the Case and Oakland, which they believe give more value for thy money than any other. Mr. Williamson says the satisfaction one is having a Case or Oakland, because of the ease with which they are manipulated and all combined, make them the cars to buy, as you will have less trouble with them than any cars on the market, and we will say that he is a judge of cars, as he has been in the business and understands the mechanism of them all.

Mr. Williamson is a leader in the auto line today.

D. Eshelman
Is one of the old timers of Mt. carroll and conducts a shoe repairing shop in the Mirror-Democrat press room, where he also sells second hand shoes, or rather, almost gives them away. He has been in Mt. carroll for 60 or more years and has always been a hustler, and doing business. He calls his shop the "Shoe Hospital".

Rhodes Bros - Lumber, Coal, Cement
The above is the oldest firm dealing in lumber, coal, cement and builders supplies of all kinds in the city. It was established in 1884 by Thomas B. Rhodes and his brothers who following the footsteps of the father, who had been a pioneer merchant in Savanna. branched out and came to Mt. Carroll, where the genial ``Tom'' as everybody calls him, has reared his family and has stood foryears as one of our most honored, and respected citizens, having been and alderman of the city, and has held offices in the various commercial and other clubs we have

In 1906 Mr. Rhodes took his son Fred J. into partnership, and the success of the firm has continued and is really more marked than ever, for in this time of unrest things are not as easily conducted as in the old days of peace and low prices.

This firm is known as a sturdy, honest one, doing business on business principles. They carry a very large stock of lumber, and if anybody has any coal it can be found at the Rhodes yards. Tom Rhodes has sold the lumber for many of buildings in Mt. Carroll and the surrounding country, and to buy from this firm once is to be a life long customer, for fair dealing and honest weight and measure is their motto. Fred is a young man of sterling qualities, with ability, amibition and earnestness in his every move. He, like his father, stands well, and he too is one of the pushers, and has been a member of the city council, board of education and commercial club, and stands for everything that is for the good of Mt. Carroll.

This firm has made history and is making it. It will continue to do so, for with the business principles it adheres to it is as solid as a rock.

Besides the yard, the Rhodes' father and son have purchased and built bungaloes, cottages and residences and find a ready rental for the same, as all are modern and desirable.

The name Rhodes brothers is synonomous with business ability, integrity, ambition, honesty and square dealing during the many years the firm has been in business. It has the confidence of the people, and a firm which has that confidence cannot be other than leaders in whatever lines of industry they may be engaged. Ever ready with their pleasant word and good nature, it is a pleasure to do business with them.

Coal may be scarce this winter, but Rhodes Bros., will get it if anybody gets it.

Dee A. Howard - Deputy Sheriff
The office of Sheriff in any county is one of the most responsible county offices. it requires a man of stability, of staminy, of courage and ability to perform the multiplicity of duties that develop upon the man who holds that office, and the people of Carroll county realized that fact last spring when they nominated Dee A. Howard for the office of Sheriff of Carroll county, by an overwhelming majority, and this November he will he elected, for the Republician nomination in Carroll county is equivalent to an election.

Mr. Howard was formerly a telegraph operator in his younger days, and was at the Mt. Carroll office for a number of years, and while here became acquainted with Miss Jennie Fisher, a most estimable and popular Mt. Carroll girl, whom he married. After his marriage he lived in Chicago for some time holding a responsible position, and later moved to Oregon where he purchased and still owns a fruit farm.

He came back to Mt. Carroll, which he always regarded as home, after he had lived here, and ever since the election of Sheriff Wise has heen deputy and right hand man. He is, and has been for the past four years, county truant officer, and filled both positions faithfully and well, and there was no wonder that he had such an easy time being nomniated for the Schrievalty.

Mr. Howard is a man of ability, of executive power, and believes that when he took the oath of peace officer that it meant something and with the courage he has he has heen an able adjunct to the office. He is a fine penman and book keeper, and the accounts of the sheriff's office will compare with those of any other county office. As truant officer, he has succeeded in having all of the children in school. At first there were several who needed a warning and they got it. Dee Howard is all that a man and a county officer should he.

As sheriff he will give the county a faithful administration.

Mr. Howard is a member of the Masonic fraternity and Master of the Lodge at the present time. He is also an Odd Fellow and a faithful member of hnlh o rcauicntions and lives up to the code and teachings of these grand organizations. He is one of the most popular men in the city and is well known in all parts of the country.

During the next four years Mr Howard will be the principal peace officer of the county.

Carroll County State Bank - A Modern Banking House
A substantial bank is the pride of any city or town. A solid banking institution is necessary in the growth and prosperity of a community. A conservative body of men at the head of such an institution are among the most valuable citizens. They form an asset of prime importance and when a bank has been conducted in a city for a term of years and its stability and strength thus established, such a business place begins making new history from its date of founding. The Carroll County State Bank may well be cited as one of Mt. Carroll's foundation stones. It is conducted by men who know the early history of the city, for the founders of the bank were born and grew up here. They are the sons of one of the pioneer and successful business men, a patriarch in mercantile pursuits, a conservative business man and an honorable and influential citizen. We refer to Samuel J. Campbell, now dead and gone, passing from his activities mourned by everybody of his acquaintance, but whose memory has not faded. The two suns, actuated by their father's business career, and joined by John M. Rinewait and Oscar F. McKinney, entered the banking business at a time when Mt. Carroll was making more modern history and they remain today, not only a cog in the business machinery of our city but examples of progreseiveness and well doers in the field of community usefulness, The private banking institution of George D. and Robert H. Campbell was run on a plane that inspired confidence. The men at the head of the institution builded well. The bank was flawless in its transactions. The business grew and expanded until the Carroll County bank was known far and wide In the year 1908 a step was made in advance, and it was a successful departure, it being merged into a stats bank. The bank had a home of its own but it outgrew its proportions and with the feeling that Mt. was entitled to as fine a bank building as could well be provided, the Messrs. Campbell, Mr. Rinewalt having retired and Mr. McKenney having passed away, rebuilt their bank, turning the building into a modern structure, imposing in its architecture and standing as a monument to the enterprise of the banking people who desired to have some- thing in keeping with the advancement in future years and to meet all the requirements of the banking public.

The Carroll County bank was founded in 1888. The two brothers guided its destinies into a channel of success and it has increased in capacity gradually until it is regarded as one of the leading banking houses in Northern Illinois, A valuable addition was made when S. J. Campbell, son of R. H. Campbell, having completed his education, was added to the official roster. He took up the work as one of the younger business men of the city, his adaptability and proficiency was clearly defined and he rapidly arose to one of the leading men in banking circles. The Carroll County State Bank has a strong working team and another valuable addition was made about a year ago when F. M. Linderman came from Beloit and became affiliated with the institution. This young man is possessed of all the requirements as a member of the staff and he has become one of the popular business men of the city. Then come Marion Hartman, MissHelen Novacek, Miss Madge Dynes,all combining to so conduct the institution that only the best of ser-vice is rendered. It gives the Mirror-Democrat pleasure to speak of the bank and its official family, which have ever been found among the foremost in advancing the interests of the city and enhancing any project that is right and of benefit.

The officers of the bank are as follows: George D. Campbell, President: S. J. Campbell, Vice President; R. H. Campbell, Cashier; F. M. Undermaan and A. M. Hartman, Assistant Cashiers. The bank has a capital of $50,000 and a surplus of the same amount. The reports from time to lime show a healthy condition, which show its security and perpetuity.

The Carroll County State Bank has been a history maker during all these years, has grown steadily, and in the future will continue to be one of the largest banking intitutions in the country and in Northern Illinois.

Fred C. Leigh - Insurance
The man who does not carry fire, tornado, or life insurance in this day and age is taking a great chance. And there is more than one kind of insurance. Fred Leigh sells insurance that insures, insurance that makes you feel easy in ease of loss, either to property, stock or automobiles, for he insures all of these things in the old reliable Hartford, which has never repudiated a loss, but pays them all promptly and without any red tape. He also sells life insurance in the best company, the moat liberal company in its contracts that is in existence.

Fred Leigh has made a great record the past year, having sold $300,000 worth of insurance in Carroll county during this time. He is a genial representative of his company, and man whom it is a pleasure to do business with. His office is over the Mirror-Democrat office, where you can see him, or if you will call he will come and see you. He is also an Alderman of Ward 1, and a hustler in whatever he undertakes.

Fred is married, has one child, and is n young nian who has' a good future before inns.

Frank McCray - Electrician
There is no more competent electrician in the county than the war veteran Frank McCray. He was well up in business before the war, but while in the service of his country he was in the electrical service, and there is nothing in the business he is not conversant with. He does all of the work for the Mt. Carroll Electric Light Co., and when he does the wiring of your home you know that it is done in a mechanical like, safe manner. Frank is not only a safe man to do business with, but a pleasant man as well, and he is popular with our people. He is known to everybody, having been born and raised in Mt. Carroll, where he has the confidence of the people. His ability in the world of electricity, which is yet in its infancy is equal to that of any electrician in the country, and he is always experimenting, being the Edison of this county. Frank MeCray has a future before him in this line which is becoming more known every day to men who are making a study of it.

Frank MeCray will rank yet higherin electrical circles for his heart is in the great work.

Jessie Patterson - Secretary
In this day and age women are making more history than men, as they have just come into their rights and are demonstrating that ability and executive qualities are not all

We have in mind Miss Jessie Patterson, a Mt. Carroll born girl, who has been making her way throngh life, and at present is holding a responsible position.

Miss Patterson after going through our schools, worked fur ten years for the Independent telephone Co., performing her labors cheerfully and well. Then she spent two years with the 0. H. Martin D. G. Co., resigning to accept the private secretaryship for W. W. Hartman Auto Co. She is also the secretary of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Miss Patterson is an exceedingly bright young woman, of cheerful disposition, genial and pleasant with all and has a future before her that holds even more responsible positions, for ability, worth and ambition are what counts and Miss Patterson possesses all of these.

Her life has been one of success thus far and will continue through the years to come.

H. A. Humbert - Cafe
Among the hustling young business men of this city is none who is doing more to build up the business of Mt. Carroll than Harry A Humhert. He was formerly in the restaurant business in Chadwick, but decided that he wanted to enlarge his scope of business, came to Mt. Carroll and purchased from Fred Homedew the finest restaurant in the city, all modernly supplied with new tables, dishes and furniture of nil kinds, and one of the finest fountains in the city. Mr. Humbert "took" at once, for he is of the hustling sort that Mt. Carroll likes and he soon built up a most enviable business, his Sunday dinners being a feature, and are partaken of by scores of our people every Sunday who find this better and cheaper than cooking. He has a number of regular boarders, and has a large trade in the lunch line, as well as ice cream and soft drinks of all kinds.

Mr. Humbert is one of our youngest business men and has a future before him, and that future will be one of success.

Frank H. Isenhart - Restaurant
Without the name of Frank Isenhart in it a history of Mt. Carroll would be very incomplete, for hs has helped make it, since the days of the firemen's tournaments. In fact he was a charter member of the first fire company organized here, and for many years handled the thousands of dollars the boys made at their fairs and spent getting ready for the tournaments, and they certainly helped put Mt. Carroll on the map.

Frank then worked in his father's restaurant, which then as now, was a household word. At the death. of his father he took over the business which he has most successfully conducted ever since. He makes ice cream for wholesale and retail, some of our dealers and ships much sway, he being an expert in making this popular and much eaten delicacy.

He is an nntiring worker, and to his energy can be placed the great success he has made of the business which he has made his life work, that of catering to the wants of the public.

Mr. Isenhart is married, and has an interesting family, one highly respected everywhere. Frank Isenhart bears a big share in the history of Mt. Carroll, past and present.

Bender & Sons - Clothiers
The firm of Bender & Son have a place of prominnence in the business circles of Mt. Carroll. The senior member of the firm is one of the oldest merchant tailurti in point of years he has worked at his trade in northern Illinois. He has been here many years and his place is known for a long distance. He took his son Lawrence in partnership a few years ago and established a clothing and gents' furnshing store in connection with the tailoring department and it is a well stocked emporium, kept up in every department as to styles and assortment and the firm enjoy a good patronage. They have made alterations in their room of late to add better facilities and have almost outgrown their spacious room. The senior Mr. Bender has always taken an active part in municipal affairs and when it comes to progressiveness and a worker for his town there are none better. Be has helped make modern history in the business section and is a staunch friend of everything that might add to the welfare of Mt. Carroll.

A.J. Miles - Lumber, Coal, Cement, Oil
In writing a history of Mt. Carroll past and present, the Miles fant figure to a great extent, as the forbears of the present generation hs long been identified with the business and public interests of the city, Owen P. Miles, for long years deceas being the first cashier of the First National Bank, that the writer can remember.

While a number of the family, most of them in fact, have continued in the banking business A. J, took to the lumber and coal business has made his business a decided success from the start. Colehour Miles was the name of the firm when it started, but "Jud," desired to sole proprietor and purchased his partner's interest a number of years ago, and has from that time on conducted a most prosperous businss

A. J. Miles inherited his business ability and it has increased to with years and with experience. His reputation for squareness in his transactions with men is unquestioned. His word is as good as his bond and is taken readily.

He carries a large stock of lumber of all kinds, furnishes cement in any quantity from a sack to a train load, and has coal in his bins when it is possible to have, and his prices are honest living ones, with full weight and full measure in every transaction

Recently he saw that there was great demand for a filling station there in this day of automobiles and he has had built one of the most up-to-date stntions of the kind, draw. his gasoline direct from the tank. He has a convenient place to drive into for filling, with a large shade over the top, so that the weather does not interfere, and he has found that his idea of the demand for the station was ~ustifiod. as he is doing a large business in this line, also.

Mr. Miles drives an autmobile, but he is a great lover of horses and has owned several of the best ever owned in this county. He owns McGinty, but the animal is in pasture this summer. He also raised and owns Ileen, the roan mare that has made a great record this summer in the hands of a Beloit trainer, having made a record of better than 2:11, and he also has a 3 years old colt that is a most promising animal, raised by himself.

Mr. Miles will use his utmost endeavors to see that his patrons are supplied with coal during the ccoming winter months.

M & S Bottling Works - Saltow & McCue
Up to last spring Mt Carroll had been behind in the manufacture of pop, although barrels and oceans of it were sold and consumed here. Irvin Saltow and Donald McCue, two young men of Savanna, experienced in the business, looked the matter over and concluded that a Bottling Works was needed and would pay in Mt. Carroll. They procured a building, bought machinery and cases aad bottles and started the business early in the spring.

Their experience had taught them just about what the people like as to strength in pop, and their article is Just a little the best that was ever in the city and as a consequence everybody is drinking it. The young men have made a success from the start.

They have everything new, as clean and sanitary as it can he and when you drink the product of their place you know that you are getting the purest and cleanest that can be turned out. They have a large truck and deliver to any part of the county The way to help this enterprise is to call for Mt. Carroll pop, no matter what town you are in.

The young men are hustlers, they are not afraid of work and are constantly at their place of busineaa ready to serve you whether you want a single case or a dray load of their cooling heverages. They make all flavors, their grape, lemon and orange, seemingly are the beat sellers and if you like grape pop, Bryan's drink, try theirs for it is almost as strong as the juice itself.

These young men are bound to be history makers in their line of business, which in this day and age is a necessary one, for soft drinks are used by everyone.

The Mt. Carroll Bottling Works will thrive and become greater as the years roll around.

As we have often remarked, Mt. Carroll needs young blood and these young men are of the calibre who do things. They are ambitious energetic, ready to work at all times, and it is this class that succeed and make any city better for their having lived in it. Industriousness is the trade mark of success and lazy men cannot succeed in any line. These two young men knew that if would take work and lots of it In compete with the other works in the county, hut they had confidence in themselves, and in their business and they have found it was not misplaced.

Egererre & Company - Meat Market
The very fact that Mt. Carroll has but one meat market, speaks volumes for the eroprietors, for were they not absolutely on the square there would be room for another,

Henry Egererre the senior partner is a business man, who thoroughly understands every detail of the meat business, having made it a lifelong business. He is one of the most genial and pleasant men imaginable to do business with. Always has a pleasant word and a smile for every customer. He knows everybody in the city and the country for miles around. He is an earnest advocate be a greater Mt. Carroll, has been an alderman and served the city well, is always ready to do his part in any public enterprise.

His partner in the business is the well known and respected Rudolph Gnat, who does the buying of all cattle and hogs for the firm, and also waits on the trade at times when not in the country looking for hogs and cattle. Mr. Gust was alderman of Ward No. 1, for a number of years and was one of tIme most progressive, pushing men on the council. He knows what a city should be and did all in his lower to push Mt. Carroll along. Was a member of the streets committee and other committees and an ardent advocate of good streets.

This firm has their own cooling system, everything is sanitary, as clean as n market can be kept. The meats are of the best. They also deal extensively in canoed goods and are a credit to the city.

This firm has withstood a half dozen or more other markets which came here to start business, but none of them remained long as the firm of Egererre & Co., nail the confidence of the buying public, had never raised prices, because they were the exclusive dealers here, hence they retained their trade during all the trials of the new merchants. This of itself is something to he proud of, and a credit to their business methods

Mr. Egersrra is one of the best shop men who ever wrapped up a piece of steak, while Mr. Gust's judgment of stock is unquestioned, For some time they bought and shipped stock, but of late years have done little in that line confining their exclusive time to the meat business, as they buy and kill most of the fresh meat they sell.

Harry Phillips
Conducts a Pantitorium under the Kraft store, where you can have your clothes cleaned and pressed on short notice. Is agent for the Savanna Laundry Co., and conducts a shoe shining parlor.

Sherman Myers - Furniture
The history of Carroll county Is the history of Sherman Myers, born and reared here; is a self made man, and one that is respected and honored by all. Years ago Sherman started in as a clerk in the Holman & Son's furniture and undertaking business. Put he was ambitious, and wanted something more than a clerkship and when Charles Holman retired, he purchased a half interest, which he retained until last spring when he purchased the entire furniture interest, together with the brick block, and retained a half interest in the undertaking business.

Sherm Myers is known to everybody, as a genial, companionable, likable business man and numbers his friends by his acquaintances. He is always on the job, an indefatiguable worker, accomodating and pleasant to deal with, square as a die, his word as good as his bond. He carries a large stock, but if there is anything you want in his line which he hasn't in stock he hustles and has it here in the shortest time possible, mail being too slow he uses the telegraph lines.

He has been town clerk for a long number of years and has given such eminent satisfaction that nobody ever thinks of becoming a candidate He has all of the business of the town to perfection, knows bridge work and road tax work as well as be knows his furniture stock. He is a live wire, is married, owns a most modern home and has two sons, both musicians, and popular young men

As a young man Sherm Myers was popular with his fellows and he has never lost any of his popularity. His business ability is unquestioned, and he is one of the most steady business men in the city, seldom being foundaway from the store, always pleasant and ready to accommodate buyers.

He is a Mason and has held about all of the offices of the lodge, has been through all of the Chairs of Carroll Lodge No. 50, I. 0. 0. F,, and is one of the most active of the members in arranging for social affairs of this lodge. He is also an active member of the Knights of Pythias. An all around good citizen and one of oar beat business men.

Valentin Boerner
Clerk of the Circuit court and recorder is one of the most popular well liked and efficient county officers in Carroll county. He is known to everybody, is genial and accomodating to al who have business with him.

Howard L. Elliott - Life Insurance
In this day and age the man who does not buy life insurance to protect his family and business against his premature death and himself against old age and unproductiveness is neglecting his duty, to say the least. The Penn Mutual Life-insurance Company, of Philadelphia Pa. offers to you the most modern contracts designed to meet varying conditions. The Penn Mutual is a purely old line, mutual company time tried and proven worthy of your fullest confidence. It has been protecting widows and orphans for seventy-five years, and the fact that this present year shows a big increase in new business demonstrates the demand for its modern policies. which are a necessity - not a luxury.

Howard L. Elliott is agent for this company. He is a Carroll county man by birth and residence, a pleseant person, approachable to all, and will gladly give you his time in explaining the service offered by the fine company he represents. See him for the best in life insurance. Act today and be safe for tomorrow.

Petty & Deitrick - Automobiles
This day and age has developed some very successful automobile salesmen, but we know of no others who have made a greater success than the two above named gentlemen who are selling the Chevrolet car, and when we say selling we mean it in terms of making the sale and delivering the car. There are seemingly more new Chevrolet cars on our streets this summer than any other kind and they all come from the warehouse of these gentlemen, situated in the northwest portion of the Richter Garage on Market street.

There is a reason for their success The Chevrolet is a great car and the reputation of these gentlemen for square dealing and uprightness in all their transactions accounts for their great success as auto salesmen.

Both are native Mt. Carroll boys, who have been raised and always lived here and whose word is good, and is taken. They are highly respected and are making history for their car and as salesmen.

Their chief ambition is to put their car into the hands of buyers for they kuow its merits and know that a satisfied customer is a life long friend. These yonng moo with their ambition and their knack of salesmen are the leaders in their line.

Derrer & Elliott - Veterinarians
In this day of high priced, pure bred stock of all kjnds, the breeder looks after it as carefully as the human family is looked after, and expert veterinary surgeons are as necessary as physicians for the human family.

In the above firm the breeders in and around Mt. Carroll, have veterinarians who have been most successful in their very large practice. Both are men of experience. During the war, Dr. Derrer was placed in charge of ship loads of horses for Europe, on several occasions, his duties being to look after toe health of the aninolls on their ocean voyage.

Dr. Elliott, after his graduation had several years experience in the Union Stock yards at Chicago, being an example of the United States Bureau of Animal Industry.

The gentlemen being Carroll county boys wanted to locate here and each opened an office, but soon united forces and they surely have made a success. They are both busy day and night, for they answer all calls as promptly as any physician we have, and their diagnosis and treatment of diseases heir to the animal kingdom are correct in every instance, in accordance to latest knowledge on the subject, and to their skill and knowledge, many of the breeders today owe their success.

While young in years both are ripe in experience, and they have the full confidence of their patrons. In fact their work is not confined to Mt. Carroll and vicinity, but they are frequently called to other towns and to Jo Daviess county.

Each bears a graduation diploma and certificate from the Chicago veterinary College showing that they applied themselves daring their college days with the same vigor they are now using `in their practice.

The stock business is one of the leading classes of business in this country, and the veterinary firm of Derrer & Elliott are making history.

It is a pleasure to chronicle the success of our boys at all times.

The farmers and stock raisers of Mt. Carroll and vicinity are to be congratulated upon having a firm of veterinarians, with both exports in their line, snd with the experience they have had. The stock interests demand that only the best of veterinarians should handle the valuable blooded stock bred in this vicinity, and we surely have them.

Mt. Carroll Electric - Light Company
A city is judged from its lighting and from the whirr of its electric motors. Mt. Carroll has in J. W. Webb one of the best posted men in electric lights that can be found. An experienced expert electrician, he looks after many of the details of the lighting system himself, although he has the best of electricians that can he had as his assistants.

Mr. Webb came here when the electric system was anything other than satisfactory to our people. There was a plant here much too small for our needs and in a run-down dilapidated condition. Mr. Webb took hold and built it up so that the lighting system was very satisfactory, but the plant did not have the capacity he needed and ho finally arranged to close down the plant here and buy his current from the Savanna Utilities company. He put in a fine system of distribution, erected a station near the depot, and today has a most satisfactory supply of current day and night for the many motors, which turn machinery of all kinds, as well as furnishing best for cooking and for ironing.

Mr. Webb is a careful painstaking gentleman, one who desires to give satisfaction and a dollar's worth of service for every dollar ho receives, and when anything goes wrong he is out no matter what the weather is to find and remedy the cause. He has often said that when anything goes wrong, that he believes he feels worse than those who have to be inconvenienced by it, for trouble will and does come on the best electric 1ines in the world. But trouble does not remain, as he is after it the moment it appears, be it a street light, or a burned out fuse in a home.

J. W. Webb is a gentleman who enjoys the fullest confidence of our people. They believe in him. He is a gentleman of character, correct in all things and his word is as good as a bank note. He is highly respected by all for his ability in doing things. There are no promises he makes that are unfilled. Morally and from a business standpoint he stands the equal of any citizen. He has the interests of the city and her lighting at heart and is never happier than when everything is running smoothly and the city is well lighted, her citizens satisfied. Mr. Webb has at his home an apparatus which tells him when there is trouble, and he can switch on and off the lights from his home, if necessary, which shows what a complete system he has, and the interest he takes in his business. The electric lights in Mt. Carroll will be added to with the boulevard lights

John R. Connell - States Attorney
John R. Coonell our present able State's Attorney is a self made man to every sense the word implies. He was as a boy, a native of Thomson, where he went to school, after he became identified iwth the Clinton papers, soliciting until he had made and saved enough money to attend the Ann Arbor, Mich. college, taking the law course fromwhich he graduated with high honors. He came to Mt. Carroll and and associated himself with Geo. L.Hoffman in the practice of law. He was successful from the very start, as ability always is. He was appointed city attorney for the city, which position he filled for a number of yeras, drafting most of the ordances our city is now working under.

Two years ago he became a candidate for State's Attorney, and his ability and untiring hustling qualities brought him victory. He has ably filled the office, and is in this, as everything he takes hold of, tied up in his work. He finds time to try civil case's in both of the courts however and his services are much wanted in probate matters, for he is square with his clients, and understands the probate law as thoroughly as the criminal law which he is called upon at all terms of thecircuit court to work under, for there have been many indictments during the almost two years he has held the office and he has succeeded in convicting many.

He holds the office of city Attorney as well as being State's Attorney and is surely a terror to evil doers. He does not persecute but he does prosecute with all his vigor, when called upon to do so.

He lives, with his wife, on the corner of Clay and Market street in one of the handsome homes of the city. John Connell is going to be more greatly honored in the future,

Mr. Connell finds some time to relax from his duties and belongs to the Golf Club, heing one of the leading players at this great game. He also spends a little time at the Connell cottage at Laittesville where he where he fishes and relaxes from his oneous duties. He is a most genial, companionable gentleman, and is popular with all. Mr. Connell is what is called a "mixer", and can make himself popular at any gathering. He is a fine speaker and is called upon many times to talk at celebrations,home comings, and other gatherings in all parts of the county.

In the history of Carroll county in the future the name of John R. Connell will be coupled as it ever has been on the right side of the ledger.

James F. McCray - Electrician
In order to make electricity of any kind satisfactory a person who is attempting to use it moat be an expert in preparing for the current. James McCray of this city has since boyhood been greatly interested in this brunch of science. He worked for J. W. Webb in the electric plant and being apt soon picked up the ins and outs of electric lighting, and of telephone work He is an expert wirer of residences and other places for electric lights, and when he does your work you know you can rest assured that it has been safely and well done, that there will be no fire from imperfect wiring.

He is in the field independently at present doing work in this line all over the county and is kept busy. He is often called to rewire badly wired residences, and they find that he has made great changes in the system, when he has completed a contract. Mr. McCray understands the science of electricity as well as it can he understood, for nobody really knows much about it, as it is in its infancy and men like McCray are learning more and more by delving into it and giving it study. Mr. McCray is a student of the Chicago Engineering Works of Electricity, and will soon graduate under L. L. Cooke, chief engineer.

He is also the state's voluntary Weather observer for Carroll county and sends daily reports to the bureau at Springfield. In this, like in everything he does, he is thorough.

He is interested in wireless as well as in wire electricity and has a rasliophone, which ho is experimenting upon and will, we will venture, make improvemeuts upon, for it is barely known, so far as to the possibilities that the future will bring.

Mr. McCray is an untiring worker and has a future before him that will speak far itself, and we predict that discoveries and improvements will come from his delving into the mysteries of one of the greatest forces in the world.

He is now agent for the Thor Electric washer, one of the greatest pieces of machinery ever invented.

He is married and has one child, lives modernly and happily on Jackson street. "Jim" is for anything and everything to make Mt. Carroll better.

Mr. McCray's record of the temperatures, the rainfall and other weather observations are eagerly sought by all, as they are known to be absolutely correct.

Wilber M. Keim - Mayro
There is an old saying that you cannot keep a good man in obscurity. This is true in the history of our present able and reliable Mayor, W. M. Keim.

Mr. Keim is a native of our city, his parents, Mr. and Mrs C.H. Keim now deceased, having come to Mt. Carroll in 1853. Its has always been a citizen of this city or vicinity, He attended the Mt. Carroll High School, also three years at Carthage College. At Carthage, he met Miss Mary C. Mack, who also was a student of the college, and who a few years later became his wife.

After leaving school he took up teaching, which he followed successfully for six year, both rural and city school. 1n 1889, Mr. Keim decided to try farming and purchased a farm near Mt. Carroll where the family resided for twenty-nine years, moving to our city in 1918, into the house on Cole Ave., where Mr. Keims parents spent their last years. The daughter, and only child, Mary E., now Mrs. C. H. Hawk resides at Moline, I11. Mr. Keim has always been interested in the financial and political affairs of the community. He was township treasurer of Salem for 20 years. He is noted as a good financier He began loaning money early in life, and is interested in more than a dozen enterprises.

He is now acting as secretary and manager of the Mutual Telephone Co. and in less than two years has made a 20 per cent increase in the number of stations, besides improving the eqnipment and service.

As Mayor, Mr. Keim was elected without any solicitation on his part, and while ho has been in office but a few months, the business of the city is being carefully and economically managed and the year will undoutedly pass with some substantial public improvments. Mr. Keim is entitled to all the success that has come to him, for he is an upright, square, honest and conscientious man in every way, and will stand all tests in his business or private life. He is a deep thinker a student, and under his administration as Mayor, we are going to find that he is just as competent in civic affairs as he has been in his previous undertakings.

Mr. Keim has his hands full with the Mayoralty and the telephone company, but he is a man who is not and never has been afraid of work, and will get along without scrimping either in the end.

Kraft, Kessler Co. - Clothing & Furnishing
One of the substantial history making establishments in Mt. Carroll is the Kraft Kessler Co., known the length and breadth of tbis county as the place good dressers go to get outfitted..

This store has been here since 1908, when George Kraft, who is the head of the Kraft stores in the United States, started in the room which had been occupied by Joe Peterson for a number of years. Charles Odell of Brooklyn, Iowa, was placed in charge of it. He cast about for a man who would fit in as a clerk, and he was very particular as to the kind of man, for he wanted one honest and who was not afraid of work. He tried several and finally entered into a contract with Al. Kessler, who was then in the grocery business, to become head clerk in the company.

Mr. Odell often said that he had made no mistake in his choice, for Mr. Kessler took hold with a vim, and the two made a team that bu1lt up the store rapidly, and Mr. Kraft a man who recognizes ability, and it was not long until he concluded that Mr. Kessler was a man he wanted as manager of a store insteard of a clerk. He started a store at Cresco, Iowa, and Mr. Odell was sent there as manager, while Mr. Kessler was taken into partnership and given the management of the Mt. Carroll store, and it was a move that proved the wisdom of Mr. Kraft.

For twelve years Al. Kessler has been managing partner of the Kraft Kessler store here and the business has steadily increased in spite of War and slumps. The reason was that there was managerial ability, coupled with the fact that it was a store that carried what the people wanted and were willing to pay for. To be a good dresser, one must have good clothes and this store carries none but the very best known brands of ready to wear clothes, while at the same time they have their tailors in Chicago who make clothing to order and measurement.

The store carries anything that a man can possibly want from the medium grades to the very best. They do not deal in shoddy things, and when it comes from Kraft-Kessler it is known to be right. That is their slogan, things they sell must give satisfaction or your money back and this motto has given them the name of being the greatest outfitters in northern Illinois. People come from neighboring towns in order to have clothes to their liking. There is no profiteering at this store, the prices being as reasonable as tbey can be in this day of rebuilding.

Mr. Kessler has increased the business so largely that two additional helpers are needed as clerks in the store, and he has the genial, popular E. N. Gsell, as his head clerk and Francis Weidman as second clerk. Mr. Gsell is also city clerk, and has his headquarters for this at the store.

The history of this store has been one of progress, one of steady climbing and it is near the apex of popularity as any store ever was.

Mr. Kessler is a pusher, he is always for anything and everything that will help bring business here and make the town better. He was largely instrumental in getting the boulevard lighting system through, and it is to his hustling ability that the Market street from Carroll street west will be furnished wlth these lights, as he personally went out and solicited the business men of that district and prevailed upon them to get in to this even if the paving does not extend dowu that far. He is an active working member of the Commercial Club, and has been director. He is always looking for ward to better things for his city, and the Kraft Kessler store is one of the bulwarks of the city.

Mr. Kessler is married, owns a beautiful home two blocks from his store in the Strickler addition, where everything has been modernized during the past two years.

Mr. Kessler goes to Chicago once or twice every year to meet with the chain of stores in which Mr. Kraft is interested, and the fact that the Mt. Carroll store shows as well as those in towns many times the size of tbis speaks volumes for the managerial ability of Al. Kessler. In fact the store is going so well, and Mr. Kraft has suoh great confidence that he seldom comes here to look after business personally, relying upon the ability and integrity of his junior partner to conduct the store as he sees fit, and he is satisified with the outcome. They carry a very large stock of ready-made clothing, and their furnishings are of the finest quality and latest styles. This store enjoys a great patronage beoause it is deserved. It is a credit to Mt. Carroll and the men who own it, and one of the largest in the county, being the largest storeroom and one of the best lighted in the city.

Fred Noble
- A clerk in the Bleakley store, is a young man who is going to make his mark. He is a steady, earnest, ambitious, industrious employe, one who has a future before him. A history maker.

Squires Hardware Co.

J. W. SQUIRES, Pres. C. E. SMITH, Sec. & Man. N. C. SMITH, Vice Pres.

There is always the largest store in every city. The Squires Hardware Co., hold this distinction in this city, as their volume of business is greater without doubt than any other firm in the city.

Upon the death of Mr. Squires' father, the late Thomas Squires, the store was taken over by John W. Squires, who conducted it successfully for a number of years. But Mr. Squires' health was not of the best, and he proposed to his worthy and trusted employes, that they form a stock company, and the same was formed.

From the start the firm took on new life. Mr. C. E. Smith became the Secretary and Manager, Mr. N. C. Smith, Vice President, looked after the machinery and other ends of the business, and Mr. Squires, President, the books.

This firm is known far and wide as one of the largest firms in the country, and many a man owes his standing to the liberality of this firm which sells most of the machinery and hardware needed for miles around. Their well known reliability has become so well estabished that if it comes from Squires' it is known to be right.

They are pleasant gentlemen to do business with, liberal in their transactions, sell as low as they can and do business.

Mr. Squires has been spending the summer in Europe, but is now at home from his trip. Each of the firm owns a modern home and are among the men who have and are making, Carroll County what it is. Their history is a history of business deeds, and will continue to be.

N. C. Smith had the plumbing business of the city, but the firm disposed of that branch of the business to his two sons, but in all other lines the Squires Hardware Company is at the front.

They carry one of the largest stocks of every kind of hardware to be found in northern Illinois. They buy by the carload, bave their own dray to haul from the station to their warerooms. They are large employers of labor for their business is verv extensive. They deal in wind mills and pumps and set them up. Gasoline and kerosene engines, in fact anything from a shingle nail to a threshing machine can be purchased from the Squires Hardware Co.

Auman & Peck - Life Insurance
In this day and age every man cannot become a millionaire, but every man can create an estate for his family, and when called away, leave them in comfonable circumstances, and a happy memory of the care he took for their future. It is not only every man's privilege to do this but his bounden duty; and we know of no better way than calling on Auman & Peck and having them explain how you can easily do so.

These gentlemen represent the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance co., of Milwaukee, one of the best in existence, and they have built up an estate for many of the people in Carroll and Jo Daviess counties.

Mr. Auman is the District Agent for Carroll and Jo Daviess counties, and there isn't a better representative of insurance in Illinois than he unless it be his partner, Blaine L. Peck, who is Field Superintendent for the same district, and one of the greatest hustlers in Carroll county.

These gentlemen took over the territory some years ago, and they are a whole team. They have sold more life insurance in their territory than in any agents in a territory much larger. '

They have seventeen sub-agent's, 14 of which are bank officials. And therein lies much of the great success they have made. They are gentlemen of high character and standing, whose word is taken on any matteer. People believe in them, and in appointing sub-agents they have taken extreme care to appoint only men in whom the public in their respective localities has the the greatest confidence. Men who stand high in business circles, whose word is good, who never misrepresent. These are things necessary in any successful business. Almost anybody with talent in that direction can go out and make a talk, misrepresent things and induce people to buy, but where you intend to do business with these same people time and time again, your word must be good, and Auman & Peck, individually and as a firm, are held in the greatest confidence and esteem by all they have ever done business with.

Their company is one that is known all over the world as being of the highest standing and what they do and do not do, is plainly outlined by Messrs. Auman and Peck and their sub-agents.

Their sub-agents are such men as Schreiner and Flowers of Chadwick, State Bank. Roy Bray of the Exchange Bank of Lanark, Messrs. Dow, Nash, Siemen, Cullen, Scott & Hissem, bankers in Jo Daviess county towns.

The Northwestern Mutual is 67 years of age, has assets of $509,000,000. There are more than 5,000 male policy holders in Carroll and Jo Daviess counties. An outstanding feature is the service given by Messrs. Auman and Peck to those who hold policies, and a large share of their time is taken in assisting in changes desired by old policy holders, and information to them.

Auman & Peck is a household word in these two counties, and many feel and display gratitude to them for having put them on the way of building up an estate which they otherwise could not have done.

A policy in the Northwestern Mutual is as good as a government bond and pays more interest on the investment. See the agents and they will set you on the way to good fortune and an estate for those you leave behind.

These gentlemen are among the livest of our people when it comes to doing anything for the benefit of the city, as they are alway ready to do their share, Be it in money or work. They own their own homes, convenietly situated close to their office, Mr. Aumans home being one block from his office on Main street and Mr. Peck's about the same distance on Market street. Their office is in the E:inney building on Main street, and is most conveniently appointed.

Mr. Peck is also a justice of the peace of the Town of Mt. Carrell.

Tyrrell Davis
One of the clerks in the Wildey store is one of the factors of Mt. Carroll, and a young man who has the confidence and respect of his employer, because of his steadiness and strict attention to business.

Walter Fulrath
One of the mechanicians and workmen at the Hartman garage, is a young man with a future before him. He is always on the job an honest worker who puts in honest hours and gives satisfaction to his employer.

Frank C. Mitchell
Conducts a produce depot on lower Market street where he pays the highest prices for milk, cream, poultry, eggs, etc. He sells at wholesale and retail and his prices are always right. If you have anythng in this line to sell, see him.

Dr. Arthur C. Bawden - Dentist
Office Hours - 8 - 12 a. m. 1-5 p. m.
West of Court House Square Ind. Phone Red 27 Mount Carroll, Il1inois

John D. Turnbaugh - State Senator
The subject of this sketch a native Mt. Carroll boy, who by his own efforts has risen to a high position and is known to more men out in the state than any other Carroll County man. He was born in Thomson, went to the common schools and graduated from the Mt. Carroll High School. He then took a course in law, graduated, was admitted to the bar, and opened an office in Chadwick. This was during the time the late R. E. Eaton was State's Attorney, and he cast about for a rising young lawyer who was going to make good, to go into the office with him and he chose young Turnbaugh.

He made good from the start, and some of the greatest criminal cases ever tried in the county were tried by Mr. Eaton and him. Was appointed Master in Chancery. Then he took to politics as well as law, and was elected County Judge for two terms, after which he became a candidate for the Legislature and served one term in the I1linols House of Representatives and for the past years has been State Senator from this district, and is known as one of the most independent officials in that body. He votes as he believes and as his conscience dictates, no matter what the so-called bosses want.

He is a member of the Senatorial Committee which has had the building trouble in Chicago in hand and has been one who has recommended the indicting of a number of labor leaders as well as the big profiteers.

He was asked to become a candidate for Lieutenant Governor at the last election, but declined, preferring the Senatorship. He was frequently mentioned in connection with the Federal District Attorneyship, but, made no active attempt to secure the position. He was, while County Judge, frequently called to Chicago to hold court and the newspapers there spoke in words of praise extoling him as a judge.

He is not only a lawyer but a farmer, and owns several farms which he personally superintends.

He is yet a young man and while he has accomplished much, there are greater things that he will accomplish.

City clerk and head clerk at the Kraft Kessler store, is one of the young men of this city who is coming to the front. He is a steady worker, a good penman and is giving efficient service as clerk of the council.

BEN L. SMITH - Real Estate
One of the livest wires that we have had or now have in Mt. Carroll, is Ben L. Smith, who has sold more rea1 estate than anyone other agent who ever made his home here. Mr. Smith's well known reliability gives the people confidence in him and they like to deal with a man they know wil1 not misrepresent anything he is trying to sell. He has handled innumerable farms and city properties during his business career in this city, which dates back to his very young manhood, for Ben has always been a live wire.

Several years ago he purchassd from the Chas. Holman estate what was known as "The Cave," which in fact, takes in all of Carroll Creek from the "Old Ford" down to below the cave, for a half mile. Ben started to make a summer resort of this and he has succeeded so well that the thousands of people from many miles around visit his property, which is known as "Smith's Park," every summer.

He improved the park grounds without taking away any of the natural beauty or scenery, erecting a pavilion, a store, an electric light plant, sinking a well, putting up swings and the like for children, with a cookhouse, croquet grounds, horse shoe grounds. He has built a dam and has boats and the only thing lacking is a bathing beach which he will probably have in another year. The beauty of this park has extended far and wide and has done more to advertise and make history for Mt. Carroll than any other one thing.

Mechanician at the Hartman garage is a young man who took up the auto repair business early in life and today is one of the best young mechanics in the city. If there is anything wrong with a car he can fix it if it is fixable.

The dray man is a necessary abjunct to any city, and Mt. Carroll has one who for attention to business and good service cannot be surpassed in Frank Hoover who is always on the job.

Dentist - Office in Kinney Building Mt. CarroIl ILL.

Chiropractor - In this day of hackiag people to pieces for almost any and every ailment it is pleasant to contemplate that Chircpractics is a method by which almost any disease that flesh is heir to can be benefitted if not cured without the aid of knife or drugs. The spinal column is the seat of all diseases, the vertebraes getting out of position, and the nerves are pinched and cannot act. It has been proven that most cases are cured by the adjustment of these vertebrae. We have Dr. F. E. Graf in this city, who is recognized as an expert adjuster, and who has benefitted scores of people here, who bear testimony to the healing powers of this method of knifeless, drugless healing. Dr. Graf is a graduate of the Palmer School of Chiropractics, the first and best school of the kind in the United States. Dr. Graf is making 1922 history everyday in the art of healing, and is one of the most pleasant of men to meet. He takes pleasure in explain­g the method to all who are interested. His office is over the Farm Bureau office.

Beaver Shirt Company - The name Beaver has been a familiar one in and around Mt. Carroll ever since Mt. Carroll was first settled. His father, Jackson Beaver, owned the farm which Jacob Richter now owns at the fair grounds. Here he reared his family, each and every one of whom became highly respected citizens of Mt. Carroll. Charles was inclined to commercial business, conducted a clothing store here many years ago, but has for the last years been on the road, the agent for the Beaver Shirt factory, a business which he has made a great success of, and working for himself puts in just as much time each week as he cares to. He is at home here about half the time. Charlie Beaver made one of the best mayors Mt. Carroll ever had, and it was under his administration that the high bridge over the mill pond was built. He was instrumental in having water works extended, supplying the fire company with needed equipment, and has always been a most liberal giver, open hearted, wide awake citizen. He is for everything that will help make the city greater better.

GLENN TEETER - Auctioneer
As a live stock auctioneer, there is none better than Glenn Teeter, who is known all over the county as being a judge of thoroughbred live stoek of all kind. He knows their value, can tell at a glance if they are sound. He is straight forward and buyers have the most implicit confidence in what he tells them, when he is on the auction block. He has cried some of the largest sales ever held in the county and has invariably given satisfaction. He is pleasant, a good, rapid, plain talker, quick of eye and ear, and can dispose of a lot of stock in a short time and realize their worth. Glenn will not misrepresent any animal while selling it, and people know this and bid its worth. He is a young man who also conducts a large farm, raises hogs, and cattle and is a great lover of horses, and raises some of the best.

He is a young man, who is respected for his many admirable qualities, his business ability, his talent as an auctioneer and as a man. He lives on his farm north of Mt. Carroll, with his wife and children, surrounded by all that goes to make a farmer's life one of content and happiness.

HARTMAN BROTHERS - Henry and Lewis
The Hartman Bros. were raised on a farm near where Daggetts Station is, and seeing the possililities of the future fourteen years ago opened a general store there which they have since conducted in a most businesslike way. They sell about everything that is necessary to living, from groceries of all kinds, to clothing. They handle farm products, paying the highest market prices for butter, eggs and the like, thus making a home market for the farmers in that vicinity.

They have been prosperous from the very start and with each passing year their business increases. They are deserving and this is the reason of their success. Everybody honors and respects them, admires them for their business acumen and their desire to help their part of the country. The Hartman Bros. are fixtures, are in fact, Daggetts Station, for without them the farmers in that section would have no local market for their produce and would be very much inconvenieneed. They are reliable, their prices are right, and they are among the most highly respected citizens.

FAMILY THEATRE - No town is without its picture show, and Mt. Carroll congratulates herself in having one of the most up­to-date movies in the state, managed by Mr. Morton. His theatre is in the Wemlander building on Market street and is a well appointed movie house, supplied with electric fans to keep it cool, plenty of exits to make everyone feel safe, no matter what should happen. He gives his patrons the best there is in the line of moving pictures, believing that the best is none too good for the Mt. Carroll picture fans. He is ably assisted by Mrs. Morton, while his children attend to the music features of the shows. Mr. Morton has recently purchased a home and a few acres of land two miles from town, but has his car and can be in from home in less time than he could walk to the theatre when he lived in the city. Mr. Morton is doing a good business and he deserves it, for his aim at all times is to please and provide the best entertainment possible.

There is no more popular business man in Mt. Carroll, than E. L. Kneale, the jeweler. In fact his work and business ability are so appreciated that but one jewelry house is needed in the city. He is an expert on watch repairing. He carries a large stock of all kinds of silverware, watches, clocks, precious stones, also Kodaks and supplies, phonographs and records and everything that is kept in a large well stocked jewelry store. He owns his own building on Market street, and lives above the store in well appointed, modern furnished rooms. He enjoys a large trade and the confidence of the people for he is one of the square dealing merchants of the city.

Mr. Kneale was a member of the city council for a number of years while he lived in Ward Two, and showed much ability in dealing with civic affairs. He is genial, pleasant to do business with, and is reaping the fruits of his industry as he should. He is one of the men who has helped make history in the city and is still in the same line.

Mount Carroll, Illinois Phone Office Blk 116 Phone Res. Red 45

In making history in Mt. Carroll no one we can think of has taken a more active part than our venerable citizen, Otto Jessen. Mr. Jessen came here many years ago and started in the hardware, implement and tinning busniess. He was very successful, became a leader in business and civic life, was elected as mayor and as alderman, and showed much executive ability.

He started his present novelty store a number of years ago, and he has surely made a great success of it, and if anybody wants anything in the novelty line, it is straight for Otto Jessen's that they go. He came heer from Lyons Iowa, where he had lived, in 1874.

In 1888, when the water works were put in he was on the water works committee, and gained by the foreman of the construction crew, the title of "Watchdog of the Water­works." He drafted Ordinance No. 107, the first ordinance written in regard to the control and management of the svstem of waterworks in the city of Mt. Carroll.

R.S. RAHTE - You All Know Him

Constable. Ready at all times to serve papers or make collections. Strict accountings made, and commissions are reasonable.

Painter and Paper Hanger. No contract too large or too small to give you estimates on. Workmanship guaranteed, and prices living ones. Take contracts by day or job.

Every city of note has a greenhouse, where flowers and plants of all kinds can be procured at any time, and in this particular, Mt. Caro11 is extremely fortunate to have as the head of such an institution, Henry Schroeppel, who is in the business not solely because of his profit he makes out of his products, but because he is a lover of the beautiful, and flowers and plants appeal to him.

His place of business is in East Carroll where he has a large geen house in which flowers bloom the year around. He takes all the possible care of them and attends to their needs as a mother does to her child.

He grows anything and everything in the line of flowers and mosses and plants, and has bulbs and flowers for sale at any time. His place is a thing of beauty. The green house is just across the street from his residence, and everything is as convenient as possible. Mr. Schroeprel makes a great exhibit at the fair each year and his exhibit is one that is looked at and admired by all,

Aside from flowers and plants, Mr. Schroeppel also raises vegetables and berries and is a valuable man to the city, keeping the people supplied with everything that can be raised and always early. He is a straightforward, upright man, respected by everybody and his friends are numbered by those who know him. As square as can be made, his word is taken in all business transaction without a word for an order there means that you will get just what you ask for.

Mr. Schroeppel has lived in Mt. Carroll for a number of years and has by his fairness, his generosity, his public spiritedness, built up most prosperous business in his line and people find no necessity for sending out of town when they want flowers for special occasions.

He takes particular pains in filling orders for designs for funeral floral offerings. Henry Schroeppel is one of the substantial business men of Mt. Carroll. He asks the patronage of the people who desire anything in the line o green house plants or flowers, and those who have never tried his products will learn that they can di bet­ter with him than by sending abroad.

Owns and operates THE TAXI LINE of the city. Headquarters at Hotel Glen View. Good cars, safe drivers, and will take you anywhere. He made the low prices.

Milk is one of the chief foods for babies, and for invalids, while many who are not so classed, delight in this the greatest of all foods. The law requires that milk shall be free from all impurities, and Charles Irwin is one man who strictly adheres to the law. His milk is of the most sanitary kind, from cows that have gone through the state test and been pronounced absolutely free from disease of any kind. He sees to the milking, sees that the temperature is kept properly, and those who are his patrons have no fears for their safety. He lives on his farm just at the edge of the city, where he not only has his dairy, but has thoroughbred hogs and chickens. He is a hustler, is a man who has the confidence of his patrons and is doing a large business. Charles Irwin is known, respected and absolutely trusted with the health of the Mt. Carroll children.

One of the busiest all around men in Mt. Carroll is Harry Stakemiller, agent for Avery machinery, seller of Fords and taxi owner, as well as owner of the "Stakemiller Flats," the most pretentious apartment houe in the city located on the corner of Market and Clay streets.

Mr. Stakemiller is one of those men who is ,always busy. If he is not demonstrating a thresher or a road grader, or a Ford, he is taking somebody on a trip in his taxi, or looking after his property, he occupying one of the apartments. He is one of our most reliable business men, one who is highly respect­ed by all who know him, one who is ambitious, industrious, public-spirited, progressive and up-to-date in everything.

With his property, which is so desireable that it is always occupied, with people waiting for someone to move so that they can get in, he is a busy man all the time, for he sees that his property is kept in condition. And for this reason many desire to be one of his tanants. They know that they have a home in every sense of the word while occupying an apartment in the Stakemiller Flats.

Is one of our leading carpenters, and is one of the very best workmen in his line. There is nothing in the line of carpenter work he cannot do, and is as faithful as he is competent.

Watkins Remedies - One of the best known men in Carroll county, is a resident of Mt. Carroll and the valuable and trusted agent of the Watkins Remedy Co. Mr. LaBore has been with this company for so long, that he is known and welcomed into every home in the county. His company manufactures the best of all remedies for ills the flesh is heir to, as well as spices and perfumes, extracts, etc., and Mr. LaBore has built up an immense trade for them in this county. He travels all of the time, driving his team attached to an especially built wagon for his business. Mr, LaBore by strict truthfulness and squareness has made a name for himself as the "Honest Medicine Man," and for his company as well. He is, an indefatiguable worker, a hustler, strictly on the square, honest as the day is long and enjoys the confidence and respect of everybody.

He lives in West Carroll and is always at home over Sunday and as often during the week as possible, but he is one of the hardest workers in the city and his enterprise and ambition, coupled with his industriousness and uprightness makes him a valuable citizen.

Pure milk from healthy cows is one of the great life giving elements of the human being. Milk is the first thing a human being takes into its svstem. But there is much danger in milk unless it is pure. Mr. Frederick is one of the most careful men in this particular. He personally sees that the milking is done in a sanitary manner and properly taken care of. His cows have been tested ard are in full bloom of health. All of the milk he sells is guaranteed to be as pure and free from disease germs as it can be.

Mr. Frederick lives just outside of the city limits, west of the creamery, where he has arranged things to suit his needs, and when you buy milk from him you can depend upon it that it is fresh, pure and wholesome. He also raises thoroughbred chiclens and a reliable farmer and dairman in every sense of the word. He is well known and well liked because he is en the square in all of his businss transactions.

Physician and Surgeon Mt. Carrol, Ill.

Elevators are as necessary in this country, as any other one thing, for they are the store houses of food­stuffs, the grains of the field and other products of the farm.

Mt. Carroll has a gigantic one conducted by Fred H. Colehour, a son of on of the pioneer settlers of the county surrounding Mt. Carroll. Fred is one of those jovial business men whom everybody likes to do busi­ness with, and as a result he does an enormous business all the time. He pays the highest markd price for grains and buys outright, or he will store for the farmer.

Aside from dealing in grain he is one of the largest dealers in flour in the county, handling a number of the best brands, which he sells on a small margin. He handles cement and coal and if coal is not in his bins it is indeed hard to get.

There is no contract for coal, cement or flour too large for him to give you figures on and he has the laculty of getting supplies quickly. Fred is a business man who has made a success of what ever he has undertaken and everybody who knows him is his friend. Square as a man can be, ever ready to do anything for the benefit of the city, his pocketbook is always open, he is ready to do all in his power for the betterment of the city. No one ever heard Fred Colehour "beef" about improve­ments. He has been on the city council, a member of the school board, and a director of the Commercial club, and wherever found his coun­sel is sought and heeded in business affairs whether they be civic or in­dividual.

Fred has just returned from a trip to Europe where he spent three months sight seeing and enioying himself, and has returned with renewed vigor. Fred never did lack pep, and his vacation has given him even more vim than before.

Mr. Colehour has been identified with the business interests and history of this city since he was a young man, and will continue to be a lead­ ing business figure in the future, for with his ambition, his progressiveness and the public spirit which predominates in him he cannot help being among the live ones as long as he continues in business of any kind. He, with his wife and two sons live in a beautiful modern home in East Carroll, surrounded by every comfort and luxury to make them happy.

If there is anyone thing that Mt. Carroll is proud of; if there is any one thing that has helped Mt. Carroll; if there is any one thing that has make history in this county; if there is anv one thing that has benefited the young people of many states, it is the Frances Shimer School, affiliated with the University of Chicago.

Every stranger who comes to the this city, has to pass the grounds and the first question asked is, "What is that?" The buildings and the grounds attract immediate attention.

Most of our readers know the history of the School, it having been started by Frances Wood and Miss Gregory in the early days, as the Mt. Carroll Seminary. Miss Wood married Dr. Henry Shimer and Miss Gregory passed away. Mrs. Shimer conducted the Seminary until her death when she endowed it, and it became the Frances Shimer Academy, affiliated with the University of Chicago, with a board of directors from Mt. Carroll and Chicago and William P. McKee of Minneapolis was chosen as dean. So ably did he handle the school, that he has held the position during all the years, and bids fair to do so all his life, for he has built up the institution until it is almost as well known nationally as any school for girls in the United States, and we will say that it is one of the very best.

It is a school for girls and young women. Tvo-year college course with diploma, admitting to Junior class of leading colleges without examinations. Four years academy work, permitting entrance to all institutions that admit on certificate. Home economics, Music, Special courses in Art, Elocution, and Secretarial. Nine modern, buildings, 35 acres, 70th year. The schcol has had a waiting list for the last three years.

The new College Dormitory now in course of erection, with a kitchen and dining room on the south was necessary for the accomodation of the many girls and young women from all over the United States who desire to attend. It will be a pretentious affair, but will soon be outgrown, as under Dean McKee there seems to be no limit to its growth.

People send their daughters there not only because of the educational advantages, but for the moral air surrounding it, for the girls there are looked after and cared for in this respect as carefully as they would be at home.

Their health is one of the chief things and is carefully conserved. There are tennis and golf grounds, base ball grounds, a gymnasium, where the girls exercise daily. The grounds are beautiful and are well kept. The girls have everything that heart can desire, and are most kindly treated.

The bulidings are steam heated, from a central plant, eletric lighted, well ventilated, with pure city water, and every accomodation.

There is a fine auditorium where entertainments are given during the school year, and one of the best of school papers, The Record, tells of the interests in these entertainment, and in vesper. The School is all that can be desired and Mt. Carroll takes great pride in pointing it out as one of the leading features in the city. It has been a history maker in the city and county, and under the present efficient management will continue to become a great factor as the years roll by.

Dean McKee is, in the opinion of the writer, one of the greatest school men and educators of the present day. He is modest and may resent this assertion, but it comes from a knowledge we have of the man, as a man, and head of such an institution as The Frances Shimer School.

The School opened on the 20th of September this year, and just how he is taking care of the girls during the finishing of the new Dormitory we do not know. Owing to the strikes and delay in getting material, the building is not yet nearly finished, although when the contract was let it was believed that it would be ready for occupancy in some parts of it bv the fall opening. But Dean McKee will find a way, he always has and always will.

The Mt. Carroll Golf Club is allowed to play on the School links, being the only available golf grounds in the city. They have certain hours for play, while the students are at their studies.

FAY F. CHRISTIAN - Furniture & Undertaking
In compilling a history of Mt. Carroll, the name of Fay F. Christian should occupy a prominent position, for his forbears were among the pioneers of the county, and helped establish the city. The names of Daniel Christian, Sr., and Daniel Christian, Jr., appear in the honor rolls.

The former as a soldier of the Revolutionary war and the latter as a veteran of the War of 1812. They were Fay's great, and great great grandfathers, who came here in the 30's took out patent grants for land, established a saw mill above the old "ford" and helped build the first buildings. The log houses, and lumber from their mill furnished the studding and rafters. The name Christian has been identified with Mt. Carroll since its incipiency.

Fay is keeping the "name in the lime light. He graduated from the High School, tried journalism in Joliet, but concluded he would rather be in business for himself, took a course in embalming, secured a license and opened a furniture and undertaking store in Mt. Carroll, and was successful from the first. From one room he opened another, finally purchased the Wherritt building and has converted it into the largest furniture emporium in Carroll county, with the greatest and best display rooms in the county. He is a member of the Commercial Club, an energetic and pushing young man who is forging ahead every day, and the top is his aim. He carries an immense stock, sells at a reasonable profit, is a favorite undertaker as he has the dignity and sympathy that goes with the position. He is one of the youngest business men in the city, but one of firm convictions and business tact. He, like his forbears is a history maker, they of the past, he of today.

Fay Christian is a man of force of character, upright in his dealings and with his present surroundings is taking a commanding lead in the furniture business of this county. His stock is large and varied and his prices are always living ones, and he has made it possible for young couples, who are not too well fixed financially to start out in life with ample furniture for modern housekeeping, and he has found that his confidence has seldom been misplaced. He is a young man who is bound to move onward and upward in commercial life until he reaches the apex.

He is married and has one son. They live over the furniture store in a well appointed home, surrounded by everything to make them happy and contented.

JOHN W. SQUIRES - Hardware
One of the most progressive, successful, enterprising and public spirited men in the city of Mt. Carroll, is the subject of this sketch. He was born in Mt. Carroll, received his education here, after which he engaged in the hardware business with his father, the late Thomas Squires, and upon his death, the entire business was thrown upon the young shoulders of the son John.

But he was equal to the task and the business increased under his administration and grew to proportions larger than any similar business in the county. At the time of the erection of the Caroline Mark home, Mr. Squires had the contract for plumbing and heating, and one day while personally supervising the work, or looking over it, he fell from the second story through an aperature, upon a cement floor and sustained injuries from which he has never fully recovered.

Many a man after the accident, would have sat quietly down in despair, but not so with John Squires, for as soon as he was able to be out, he was on the work again, and continued until some years ago, when he decided that the business was too large for one man to waste his life upon, and a stock company was formed.

Since that time Mr. Squires has given up the active management of the entire business, but still looks after the bookkeeping department, as he is a financier without a peer in this part of the country, and will not allow himself to rust out. He and Mrs. Squires spend most of their winters where the climate is conducive to his health and this summer, he spent three months touring Europe, returning home in much better health than when he started.

He owns a beautiful summer home at Lake Geneva, Wis., and he and Mrs. Squires spend much of the summer there.

He is one of our most enterprising business men, his pocketbook is always as wide open as any when money is needed for enternrises. He has been a director of the Commercial Club and an Alderman of the city and has several times refused the mayorship. J. W. Squires is a history maker in Mt. Carroll and his name is synonimous with that of the city.

Art Studio The Best Work at Moderate Prices Satisfaction Guaranteed

While Capt. W. H. Wildey made history in the war of the rebellion, and since those days has been a large part of Mt. Carroll, his son Harry, is following in the footsteps of his pater and bids to be as great a business man as his father. He is in the store and has taken much of the work from the shoulders of his father. He is a young man with plenty of pep, and business accumen. He is a hard worker, ambitious, upright in all his dealings and has the confidence and respect of all.

Comes from pioneer stock, and has been a history maker in Carroll county, having been a thoroughbred horse breeder, one of the first pure bred Poland China breeders, and is now engaged in gardening in the city. He has been and is still a successful businessman.

Is one of the boys who served his country during the war: He now holds a responsible position in the Hartman garage, as mechanician. He is married and is one of the young men of the city with a future before him.

Conducts a general merchandising store on Market Street, specializing in dress goods, shoes and general outfitting for the ladies. He has been in business here for several years and carries a good stock.

This firm is among the oldest dry goods houses in the county and has always been a store noted for its up-to-date stock of goods. Mr. Sipes owns his own store building, which he has fitted for his needs in the most approved manner.

Conducts the large garage near the stone hotel, where he employs the best of mechanics, guarantees all repair work and sells more tires than any firm in the county and at lower prices. If it is done at Richter's it is right.

Is an expert carpenter and builder and his handiwork is seen in many of the buildings in this city and vicinity.

Miss Bock came to Mt. Carroll some years ago and opened a millinery parlor, which has since that time been the almost exclusive place where the ladies procure their headwear.

This institution is one of the things that is making history for Mt. Carroll and vicinity at present, in that it is demonstrating to the farmers of this neighborhood that in union there is strength. Co-operation among the farmers has come to stay, as it is being demonstrated that they get nearer what they should get by doing business in a co-operative manner, than by selling to Tom, Dick and Harry, at what they choose to offer.

The company was organized in December 1921, and purchased the old Mt. Carroll creamery January 2, 1922, and from the first has made good and has made money for its patrons as well. The company was organized for the purpose of manufacturing butter and so excellent is their product that it finds a ready market at the highest price. The company also buys eggs and poultry and always pays a little more than the market price.

The officers are: Chas. W. Moore, Pres.; Jasper Shamberger, Vice-President; H. P. Hostetter, Sec.; S. A. Keim, Treas.; G. W. Messmer, butter maker and manager.

Prop's. Breeders and Shippers of Pure Bred Duroc Jersey Hogs
Best of Breeding. The Kind the Farmer Wants. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Correspondence and Inspection Invited. Bell & Pitcher Phone , Woodbine, Jo Daviess County, Illinois

There was a time when the grist mill was the greatest need of the country and wherever there was a stream of water there was a mill. That was the day before we had steam engines, and gasoline and kerosene and electric motors.

During the years past mills, except in great centers, have practically gone out of use, but Oscar Weidman, seeing that wheat was again being successfully grown in this vicinity, and noticing that grists of wheat were being taken to Lyons for grinding, and being an expert himself, believes that a mill near the station is a necessity and backing his belief by action has just completed one of the finest mills in the country near the station, where he is now prepared to convert from the grain any kind of flour or feed on short notice.

He will manufacture buckwheat flour, corn meal, and will grind all kinds of feeds at living prices. We have the grains, so why not convert them into the feed you want instead sending away and paying two prices for the same? The mill is new, of the latest pattern, sanitary, and up to date in every particular, and Oscar, well everybody knows him, as he was raised in this vicinitv, and is true blue in every sense of the word, honest, ambitious, public spirited, up to date and bound to succeed in anything he undertakes.

0scar formerly owned a mill in Wacker which he made a success of, but disposed of it, trading it for a farm. Now he still believes in the mill business and has huilt a fine brick building, purchased the latest in the machinery line and is ready for business.

You will find him as straight as a die in all of his business transactions, and if you want grain converted into flour or feeds he asks you to bring it to his mill and he will do the rest in short order, giving you satisfaction and saving you money. Try it for one time and you wi11 become a convert of the Weidman milling process.

County Superintendent of Highways County Surveyor Office in Court House Office Building Mt. Carroll

County Clerk, is one of the best known and most popular men in Carroll county, and coducts the office most fittingly.

In every city, no matter the size of it, there is what is known as "the biggest store in town." This is true in Mt. Carroll, and this appellation belongs to the O. H. Martin Dry Goods Store.

This store was started in 1890, by O. H. Martin, when the McAllister chain of stores was just starting. Mr. Martin and Mr. McAllister are brothers-in-law and they are a whole team. Mr. Martin came personally to Mt. Carroll and started the store, became one of the progressive citizens as well as an enterprising merchant, and a booster for the town. He put in the largest stock ever carried by any store in Mt. Carroll and at once took front rank in the merchandising business of the city.

He conducted the business personally for a number of years, until he concluded he had it on a paying basis, when he concluded to start a store in Dixon, which he did, and where he still remains, his store having been successfully conducted here during these years by most efficient managers.

At the present time the manager is Guy I. Bradbury, a gentleman experienced in this line of merchandising, a gentleman of ability, a gentleman wbo is one of the most up-to­date and public spirited men we have ever had in the city. He is "eternally at it." He has a stock of goods tbat is a credit to the city and would be to a much larger place than Mt. Carroll. He is a gentleman who believes in turning his money and re­investing it, and in this way he never has any shelf-worn goods, as he sells goods in their season at such attractive prices that none are left over.

Guy Bradbury is a manager who has put the store afresh in the history of this city, and there is a reason. He believes in "letting his light shine," and people, buyers are always scanning the columns of the Mirror~Democrat for the bargains he is offering. He knows this is a day when the advertiser does the business, and he is here for business, and he gets it.

He is the President of the Commercial Club and his ideas are always good ones. He is not very large physically, but he is a big man mentally and a forceful one wherever he is. The old saying that "the best goods come wrapped in small packages" seems to be so in his case for mentally and from a business stand­point Guy Bradbury is one of the big men of the business world in this city, and A.H. Martin is to be congratulated upon having secured him as a manager for the "biggest store" in Mt. Carroll.

This dry goods emporium is indeed a sight. It is located in the Kinney building and is the largest store room in town, and the best lighted, having a sky light as well as a glass front and plenty of light in the rear and its counters and shelves are piled high with the best of dry goods that are on the market. Here you get the ready-made, or the material for your dressmaker, shoes in endless profusion, muslins and dry goods of every kind. It would take a writer more proficient than ours and with a larger vocabulary to tell what all they have. If it is in town you will find it here, if it is not they will get it for you.

Mr. Bradbury has surrounded himself with a galaxy of prominent clerks and book keeper, headed by the overseas boy Ralph Leigh, Lutie Watson, Lillian McBride, Gladys J Isenhart, are all popular and highly respected people, who are able, efficient, pleasant and the patron is sure of the best of service from the moment he or she enters the place until exit is made.

The store draws trade from far and near because of the large stock, the reasonable prices and the publicity given.

Mt. Carroll without the Martin store would not be the Mt. Carroll it is today, and all are hoping that Guy Bradbury will be retained as manager here for years to come.

The Farm Bureau movement started a little over ten years ago in Broome County, New York. Recently the Decennial celebration of the founding of farm bureau work in Illinois was featured by a crowd of 25,000 people at DeKalb. DeKalb and Kankakee counties started the work June 1912. Two Iowa counties, Clinton and Scott, were organized soon after and began work in September, 1912.

It has taken many years to convince the greater bulk of the farmers of the United States that the Farm Bureau was worth while, or that the county agent could be of any special service to them. Little by little, however, the movement has won friends until today the majority of the up-to-date and successful farmers of the great agricultural states are enrolled as members. There are a total of over 100,000 members in Illinois and over a million and a half in the United States. Thus, the American Farm Bureau Federation, representing practically all the greater agricultural states has become the most powerful farmers organization ever developed. It is ably lead by J. R. Howard who has many times demonstrated his ability as a leader.

The Illinois Agricultural Association with its 100,000 members and a budget of almost half a million dollars has offices in Chicago where it maintains Bureaus of Grain Marketing, Livestock Marketing, Fruit and Vegetable Marketing, Dairy Marketing, Publicity, Limestone and Rock Phosphate and a Legal Department. It serves its members in many ways which space will not permit mentioning in this article.

The Carroll County Farm Bureau was organized in 1919, with G. C. Lamp as president, Carl Daehler as vice-president, C. H. Gordon as Secretary, and Wm. Werner as Treasurer. The other members of the Board of Directors were H. G. Bolinger, W. N. Sprecher, Freece Senneff, Amos Zillhart, and J. W. Duncan.

In February 1920, the county agent from Scout County, Iowa, was secured on a three year contract and began work. In June a membership camnaign was conducted under the auspice of the Illinois Agricultural Association. Through the efforts of the township committeemen and the public spirited farmers in each township who freely gave of their time and their automobiles in transporting the solicitors, a total of 1,368 members were signed up for a three year period. This number has been reduced somewhat by deaths, removals and other causes. These memberships will expire July 1st., 1923, when it will be necessary to conduct another campaign. The officers and directors who had borne the burden of organization and of the membership campaign expressed a desire to be released. Therefore, an entirely new board was elected January 1st., 1921. Harry Spealman was selected as president, Adam Heinze as vice-president, Ed. F. Auman as secretary and S. J. Campbell as treasurer, with Geo. Morris, W. H. Sprecher, Kyle Melendy, Chas. Kingery, and Geo. Henderson as the other members of the board. The following year, Mr. Auman expressed his desire to retire, and Albert Getz was selected as secretary. Mr. Ren Williamson was also added to the Board at this time.

In the year 1921, the county agent spent 179 days in the field, 198 days in the office and 25 days outside of the county in various ways. 498 farm visits were made and 4,940 office callers were recorded. 58 different specialists were in the county spending a total of 120 days. A larger part of the business of the Farm Bureau has been conducted through the Central office by letters and telephone cal1s. 4,663 personal letters were written and 29,332 circular letters and circulars were mailed out. This includes the monthly bu1letin which is sent out the 20th of each month to each member. The papers of the county have been very ready to publish resulting furnished them and 131 different articles have been sent out to the daily and weekly papers. There have been a total of 114 meetings held here under the auspices of the Farm Bureau or in which the County Agent took an active part. The total attendance at these meetings was 8,632. The county agent traveled in the performance of his duties a total of 5,855 miles by automobile and 1,422 miles by train.

Tbe total cost of operating the Farm Bureau during 1921 amounted to $8,899.70. This includes the salary of the county agent and of the stenographer, traveling expenses, office rent, light, heat, telephone, printing, outside speakers, secretary's expenses, and expenses of the State and County picnic, farm tour and miscellaneous meetings.

One of the mere important functions of the Farm Bureau, has been the sale of various commodities needed by members. The total amount of business done during the year came to $28,222.54. The total number of purchases were 2,560. Among the articles handled were alfalfa seed, seed potatoes, soy beans, limestone, rock phosphat, corn, cats, eating potatoes, apples, worm capsules, worming sets, hog cholera serum, wool sacks, wool twine, wool, limesulphur, lead arsenate, harness, clover seed, timothy, alsike seed, sweet clover, Sudan ,Grass, flour, bran, middlings, red dog, hominy feeds, and cotton seed meal.

The farm Bureau has emphasised particularly the value of silos, the use of alfalfa, sweet clover, soy beans, Sudan grass, the application of lime stone, the use of better sires, treating of pigs for worms and Necrotic Enteritus, poultry cuculling, spraying of orchards, Canada thistle control, the boys and girls club work, improvement of roads, etc. It has worked in cooperation with the Livestock Shipping Association, the Farmers Elevators, Farmers Community Clubs, Livestock & Breeders Association, and the County Fair in every way possible. It has used principally as the mediums through which to present its telegram, the county institute, the farm tour, the short course, the county picnic, the neighborhood club, the county papers, the monthly bulletin, as well as special meetings, telephone calls and personal.

THE FUTURE OUTLOOK: The farmers of this country have been hard hit during the past two years. Many of them have faced bankruptcy and there are many who will not be able to surmount their financial difficulties. The Farm Bureau and State and National organizations have been greatly handicapped. In many instances, farmers expected too much of these organizations. They felt that the general slump in prices might have been prevented, but unfortunately no organization or bunch of men were sufficiently powerful to prevent this disaster. Conditions are improving. Livestock prices are very satisfactory and most of the farmers are now looking ahead with confidence. High freight rates have been a burden, well nigh unbearable, but in time these can be still further lightened. Gradually the price of farm products will be placed on a more equitable plane as compared with the price of the things the farmer has to buy. There never was greater need, however, for a national farmers organization. There is in this country a bunch of men who are determined to saddle a larger part of the taxes upon agriculture. The Nolan bill or a counter part of it will most certainly be presented again.

The fight for a satisfactory market for farm products has only begun. There is great work ahead for the American Farm Bureau Federatior and it behooves every farmer to use this influence and assume some share of the financial burden to carry on this great burden.

The history of the business now conducted by the First State Savings Bank of Mount Carroll is a study in the beginnings and development of the community. Leaving out of account the activities of certain "curb stone bankers" whose inside coat pockets carried their office equipment the earliest banking business in Carroll County was conducted by Mills and Hooker who opened their books in 1853. Mr. Hooker soon withdrew from the firm which was continued under the name of H. A. Mills & Co.

The close of the Civil war saw the passage of the National Bank Act which created a new class of financial institutions in the United States. Mr. Mills, with others, early saw the wisdom of incorporating as a National Bank and under Charter No. 409, organizrd the First National Bank of Mount Carroll in 1864, which for forty-four years played its part in the upbuilding of the community without organizational change, sharing in the prosperity resulting from the growth of the country in population and wealth, and staunchly weathering alternate periods of boom and depression.

Gradually conditions changed. Land became more valuable and banking assistance in financing farm purchases came more and more into demand. National Banks were then prohibited from making real estate loans, so to more completely meet the changing need, in 1908 the First State Savings Bank of Mount Carroll was organized as an affiliated corporation to make real estate loans and to receive interest bearing deposits. The stockholders, officers and directors of the two banks were identical and the business was continued in the same office as a single unit.

In 1913 another piece of constructive financial legislation altered banking conditions.

The Federal Reserve System came into being, welding all of the National Banks and such qualified State Banks as desired admission into a great organization for the protection and mobilization of reserves. Under its provisions a Member State Bank was entitled to practically all of the advantages of United States Governinent supervision formerly accruing to National Banks alone. Recognizing these facts, the First National Bank was voluntarily liquidated in 1920, and the First State Savings Bank assumed by both.

The First State Savings Bank of Mount Carroll stands today with a legacy of nearly seventy years behind it, characterized by a strong continuity of management. During that time the business has been headed by six Presidents and three Cashiers. James Mark, Duncan Mackay, Henry Ashway, Uriah Green, John Mader, Robert Moore and Wm. H. Wildey have served successfully as President. Mr. Mills was the first Cashier and Owen P. Miles and Joseph S. Miles have succeeded him in turn.

The founders of the business have goone, but the service they began continues. The corporate form has altered to meet the requirements of growth and changing conditions, but each change has meant fresh progress. From the modest resources of H. A. Mills & Co., rarely exceeding twenty thousand dollars, the total has now reached well over a million. Prosperity has ebbed and flowed, war loans from '64 through the Victory Liberty Loan have been subscribed, panics and crisis have come and gone.

Through them all this institution has lived, as a factor in the forward march of men and events.

There is no more necessarv occupation than that of plumbing and heating. Both are necessary to sanitation and health. To comfort and safety in the home and store.

Mt. Carroll is remarkably fortunate in this respect, having within her confines one of the largest and best equipped companies that can be found in the northwest, whose scope of operation extends to the furtherest lines of the county, and into other counties.

Charles L. Smith is the proprietor of the above company, and is an expert himself in the plumbing art, having learned it from his father, N. C. Smith, one of the greatest master mechanics in the line who, has ever lived in the county, while conducting the plumbing department for the Squires Co.

The gentleman is a young man in years and wanted to get into business for himself, made a proposition to the Squires Co., which was accepted and started in the building at the north end of Market street. But he soon outgrew this place and is now in the Odd Fellow building, next door to the post office in the heart of the business district of the city.

No contract is too large for him to take, and at present his men are installing the plumbing and heating for the new Community High School building in Savanna, one of the largest jobs ever let in the county.

He is a thorough, painstaking gentleman with his work, and understanding it can figure to a fraction of a dollar what a contract can be taken for. He handles the best of heaters and places many plants each year of the very best makes, and when finished is guaranteed perfect in every detail. He hires none but the best mechanics, his brother Val, being his general foreman.

Charles L. Smith is one of the most prominent men in the city, and is at present secretary and treasurer of the Commercial club, and is a wide­awake hustler, a man with pep.

He was through the late war, having enlisted, and was one of the first from Mt. Carroll to reach Camp Grant, and one of the last home. He was a Lieutenant during the war, and was overseas where he saw service. Mt. Carroll would not be the city it is without the Smith Plumbing and Heating Co.

For years one of the standbys of the Wildey store, the present buyer for the store is one of the best known and highly respected of Mt. Carroll's business men. "Bert" is always at the front when it comes to enterprise, anything that will help Mt. Carroll. He is one of the most competent of Mt. Carroll citizens, looked up to, trusted and relied upon. His word in a business transaction is his bond. He has been with the Wildey store for years and has proved his worth in many ways, and today is regarded by Mr. Wildey as a part of the store.

The above gentleman is not only an able attorney, but is Parole Officer for the Circuit Court, Secretary of the Carroll County Mutual Insurance Co., and manager of the Co­operative Creamery.

Is one of the well known young men of the city. An athlete, a baseball and basketball player and manager. He owns a car and carries passengers to any part of the county. He is well known and well liked and has always been one of the leading athletes of the city.

Agent for the Standard Oil Co. in Mt. Carroll, is a busy man filling orders for the company. He is obliging, a hard and faithful worker, and the right man for the place. The company made no mistake in choosing him.

FRANK DURHAM - Carpenter
An expert builder always helps make the history of the place he is in. Frank Durham is one who does work of all kinds in the line.

Physician and Surgeon - Office and Residence on Clay Street, Mt. Carroll, Ill.

MOORE & MUSSER - Milkmen
Fortunate indeed is the city in which pure milk at reasonable prices and can be purchased. Mt. Carroll in this regard is one of the leading cities in the country.

We have a number of "milkmen." The firm of Moore & Musser, is one who sells milk from pure bred and high grade Holsteins, absolutely guaranteed to be free from impurities of any kind. Charles W. Moore, one of the best known men in the city, and a native of Carroll county, is the senior partner of the firm, and Earl Musser, who came here from Stockton a year or more ago is the junior. The gentlemen both own the cows from which the milk comes, Mr. Musser, however, having the business in charge, he doing the work, and the cows are kept in the Moore pasture where they have the best of feed, pure water, and all of the surroundings are sanitary and perfect.

In this day of tuberculosis in cows, it behooves one to guard well the milk supply of his children. The milk sold by Moore & Musser comes from cows guaranteed to be free from disease any kind, thus insuring healthful life-giving fluid.

The name Moore in itself is a guarantee, that the firm is a popular one, for Charles W. Moore is a man who stands high in the estimation of everybody, and his word goes with all. His associate, Earl Musser, is also a man of honor, and business ability. His guarantee is taken as is his word in all matters.

If you buy milk from Moore & Musser you know that you are getting as good as there is in the country, as good as healthy, well fed cows can give. You need not fear the result of giving the milk to your children or using it in the many ways the house wife does, and this of itself is a pleasure and a satisfaction to all who purchase milk.

REEDY & EMMERT - Grocers
To know that when you order over the telephone, your order will be filled as satisfactorily as if you yourself had gone to the store is a satisfaction enjoyed by the housewife. When you order from Reedy & Emmert, you are sure of this,

This firm is composed of George F. Reedy and Charles F. Emmert, two Mt. Carroll boys who were brought up in the grocery business, having learned from the veteran W. H. Wildey, with whom they were for years.

But like all energetic, ambitious young men they were not satisfied with a clerkship, so formed a partnership and went into business together, and from the start were successful. Their business grew and they are known all over the county as successful, practical, honest, up­right business men.

They carry an immense stock of everything in the line of kitchen and table furnishings, and their prices are always as low, if not a little under the other fellow's. If you cannot find it at Reedy & Emmert's it is not in town.

They own their store building which they have had remodled and fixed to suit their convenience and ideas. They are one of the substantial firms of the city.

Shoe Hospital - Under Mirror - Democrat Office - Shoes Made Good as New - Second Hand Shoes For Sale.

Will Eshelman - Charles Eshelman
Painters and decorators, contract large and small jobs. Practical men who guarantee all of their work.

Mt Carroll City Directory

B.C. Rose
Valentin Boerner
J.R. Connell

Mirror-Democrat Co., Inc.

Attorney at Law:
John R. Connell
Orion M. Grove
Fred S. Smith
C.E. Stuart
J.D. Turnbaugh
A.F. Wingert

Raish & Boyd

Patton & DeNier
King & Stober
Albert Siebert

Carroll County State
First State Savings

Stober & Robbe
John Oberheim

Dr. F.E. Graf

Cigar Maker:
H.J. Kline

Kraft, Kessler Co.
Bender & Son

Frank Klosa
Ernest Moore
Eshelman Bros.
Wm. Schaut
Emil Uppenberg
Eber Patterson
Carlos Robbe
Chas. Welch
Geo Geldmacher
Wm. Wires
Fred Hensal

Mt. Carroll Co-Operative
Wacker Creamery

County Officers:
Circ. Clerk, Valentin Boerner
Co. Clerk, A.B. Adams
Co. Judge. J.L. Brearton
Co. Sheriff, H.S. Wise
Co. Supt. Hwys. S.C. Campbell
Co. Treasurer, J.M. Landis
Co. Supt. Schools, John Hay

D. Eshelman
Harry Parkinson
Isreal Crip

First Baptist
Methodist Episcopal
First Lutheran
Church of the Brethren
Church of God
United Brethren

A.C. Bawden
W.Y. Ritenour
W.R. Tipton

Dray Liens;
Bowers Bros.
Hiram Fulrath
Arthur Hoover
Frank Hoover
Geo. Myers

A.L. Edwards
Edwards & Hartman

Dry Goods;
O.H. Martin
C.W. Wilson
J. Hackin

J.W. Webb
James McCray
Frank McCray
Dwight Fickes

Fred S. Colehour

Express Company:
American Railway Express

Furniture Stores;
Fay F. Christian
Sherman Myers

Broadway Garage, E.C. Turnquist
Indian Head, P.M. Hartman
H.G. Richter
Carl Pfieffer
Adam Williamson

Green House:
Henry Schroeppel

W.H. Wildey
Mt. Carroll Grocery (Eggenberger & Coleman)
Freedy & Emmert
W.J. Bleakley

General Store:
Otto Jessen

Geo Schoen

Glen View
Park House

Insurance Agents:
Auman & Peck
Fred C. Leigh
Frank Schroeppel
Glenn Johnson
Howard Elliott
D.A. Howard
W.G. Smith

E.L. Kneale

Junk Dealer;
Jake Kipnis

Nase Post No. 80 G.A.R.
Nase Post W.R.C.
American Legion
American Legion Auxiliary
Cyrus Lodge No. 188, A.F. & A.M.
Long Commandery Lodge No. 60, K.T.
Carroll Lodge No. 50, I.O.O.F.
Rienzi Castle No. 174, K.P.
Autum Leaf Temple, Pythian Sisters
Ola Chapter, O.E.S.
Priscilla Rebekah Lodge
Modern Woodmen
Royal Neighbors
Mystic Workers

Lumber Coal Cement:
Rhodes Bros.
A.J. Miles
F.H. Colehour

Meat Market:
Egererre & Co.

Lillian Bock
Louise Bell

Ivey & Sons
Wachtel & Son

Oil Companies:

A.L. Edwards
Dr. S.P. Colehour
E.L. Kneale

Harry Phillips

Physicians & Surgeons:
S.F. Colehour
R.H. Wood
N. Rinedollar
G.E. Mershon
R.B. Rice

C.H. Sword

W.F. Patterson
F.C. Mitchell
W.G. Grim

Plumbing & Heating:
Smith, C.L. Smith Prop.
Dwight Fickes

Real Estate:
B.L. Smith
W.G. Smith

Frank Isenhart
Raish & Boyd
Harry Humbert

Frances Shimer
Public School
Community High

J.A. Bender

Western Union

Famers Mutual

Taxi Lines:
W.S. Stiteley
Bower Bros
Chester Ackerman

The Family

Fay F. Christian
Holman & Myers

Derrer & Elliott

Ackerman & Son

Second Section 1922 Souvenir Edition

Third Section 1922 Souvenir Edition

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