Carroll County Honor Roll WW I

Compiled & Edited


Vade E. Boule & Glenn S. Dille

Shannon, Illinois

Printed by
Gazette Print
Galena, Ill

Transcribed & Contributed
To Genealogy Trails

by Alice Horner

Transcriber’s Note: This book, titled “Carroll County Honor Roll” on the cover and “Honor Roll of Carroll County Illinois” on the title page, was compiled and edited by Vade E. Boyle and Glenn S. Dille of Shannon, Illinois and published by Gazette Print of Galena, Illinois. I can find no publication date anywhere on this book, but because of a few references to veterans who were still serving, I suspect it was probably published in 1920 or possibly 1921. The first 45 pages (as well as 2 pages at the end) are devoted to war photographs of a general nature, not specific to any particular Carroll County veteran’s war service. For that reason, I have chosen not to include them. I have transcribed only those pages related to the more than 800 veterans and a few Red Cross nurses and administrators who served from Carroll County, Illinois.

I have checked each transcription and feel certain there are no errors. However, I found the book itself had many spelling errors, which I have corrected. I also changed some of the punctuation styles which made the text harder to read. I have done brief research on a few errors in the original text that seemed egregious, and have noted them. So this transcription is not an exact duplication of what was in the original book. Christine Walters, the host of this site, and I strive for accuracy, so click on my name,
Alice Horner and email me with any corrections you may have.

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GOLD STAR MEN - those who died


Walter Bailey
Gust Baumgardt
Henry Baumgardt
Wilbur Bieteldiss
Luther Roy Bishop
Arnold Walter Brown
Hugo C.L. Brown
Claude W. Caddell
Arthur Alfred Calkins
Jas. C. Cartwright
Paul Miller Crawford
Madden C. Crouse
Frank Diehl
John Dollinger
Julius Theodore Eickert
Albert Raymond Etnyre
Lee William Etnyre
Oliver Harold Etnyre
Louis Frank
Harry Lee Graham
Spurgeon S. Harter
Irvin H. Hartman
Roy J. Hartman
William Frederick Hartman
George Hicks
Ward Imel
Victor L. Jack
Ralph Keckler
John A. Kingery
Carl Henry Kness
Edward A. Kronning
Harvey J. Koehler
William Koehler
John Kradle
Philip Kradle
Grover Cleveland Lesher
Calvin McKinley Lienbach
Charles Maeckel
Roy C. Marshall
Charles E. Miller
Benjamin Charles Mohrmann
George Naniga
John A. Peat
Dudley Levitt Plummer
Harold Roger Plummer
Alonzo S. Poole
William Arlie Prowant
Walter Pumper
Benjamin Rosenberg
Lloyd J. Queckboerner
Edward C. Queckborner
Harvey Queckborner
Charles S. Schriner
Harry W. Schriner
Forest H. Shibley
Edward F. Smith
C.H. Spahr
William Edward Spahr
Orval J. Spealman
George L. Spinka
George St. Clair
Melvin C. Straub
Donald W. Strauch
Carl H. Wagner
Jesse Wallis
John Edward Waters
John Yoeckel
Harold Sylvester Zewiske

Arthur Adams
John R. Atherton
Frank A. Baumgardner
George Clifford Bender
Harold Bender
Walter Bender
August C. Bornemeier
Clarence Bowman
Claton William Bowman
Zernie Raymond Brenaman
Leslie M. Brooke
Loren Buffington
Howard H. Burkhart
Waldo Emmerson Burkhart
Homer Wolf Butterbaugh
Howard G. Byers
H.L. Camp
Jesse Harold Cheeseman
John Donald Chisholm
Ralph Lewellyn Clark
Clarence William Clay
Herman Glen Coffman
Jere Edgar Crist
Charles Crouse
John Crouse Jr.
Claude DeVaughn
Thomas Hobert Diffenderfer
Everett Burge Dorland
Glenn W. Dresbach
Joseph J. Delp
LaPierre Eastabrook
Daniel B. Eckman
Clarence G. Elmer
Harry W. Engles
Randall H. Ford
Ralph Stanley Gibbs
Fred Hotchkiss Garner
James Madison Garner
Boyd M. Garns
Harry W. Greenawalt
Percy F. Greenawalt
Charles E. Hammond
George Elliott Hammond
Llewelyn John Hartman
Francis L. Harwood
Earl L. Hendricks
Paul B. Hepfer
M. Hildebrandt
Leslie Hoak
Forrest Hodge
Harold Eugene Hogan
Harold Howard Horner
Robert R. Horner
Albert O. Horning
William Robert Jones
Zack B. Kinkade
Elmer Austin Lockwood
Will Lowell
Everett P. Metzger
Albert C. Michael
Albert F. Miller
George E. Miller
Menzo Jacob Miller
Vade L. Minnier
Glenn H. Minnier
Harold Z. Musselman
Vade L. Minnier
Clyde Samuel Newcomer
Paul Newcomer
Ben Noble
Nelson B. Noll
Charles Washington Noll
Harold Van Alstyn Packard
Roswell W. Packard
Raymond E. Palmer
Charles Lee Peat
George Wesley Peat
Clyde M. Penticoff
Albert Radke
Lester Addison Rahn
Ray Foster Rahn
Delbert Harold Rinehart
Harry Blair Rodcay
Leslie H. Rogers
Frank Gerald Schreiner
Guy Shellatoe
Wales Sheller
Carl D. Showe
Harry Beatie Sites
Mark E. Sites
Jeremiah Slick
John Rowe Snively Jr.
Arthur Sterner
Hubert D. Stine
Dee Mason Stumphy
Edward K. Sweitzer
Harold L. Sword
John Valentine Tallman
Henry J. Traum
Frank Geroge Trousdale
Jesse Earl Unger
Albert Harold Wales
Emery C. Wales
George M. Wales
David Lloyd Weed
Brinton C. Williams
Clyde W. Wingerd
Kenneth Zuck

Ward Powers Beard
Owen L. Burns
Paul Daniel Burns
Harry P. Bowders
Lawrence Fred Buxton
John William Calkins
Don Raymond Chambers
Edward J. Coleman
Robert M. Coleman
Walter Cook
William T. Duggar
Eugene Robert Eastabrook
Harold Alfred Eastabrook
Leo Whitney Gault
Earl Glenn
Fay Glenn
Lee E. Hunt
Elza Oliver Hurless
Glenn W. Kendell
Jason R. King
Harry V. Lester
William Egbert Lester
Norman R. McClannahan
Walter Lowry McKean
Arman Lanphere Merrian
Guy Allen Meyers
William Henry Meyers
Daniel W. Miller
Harold J. Milroy
Walter S. Murray
Raymond Paul Myers
SamuelArthur Nye
Charles Ostick
George L. Ostick
John J. Ostick
George Pashal
Burgett Runnels
Harold Oliver Sarber
Cecil W. Shirk
Earl Shugars
George C. Slick
John Isaac Somers
Earnest Elsworth Spencer
Norman S. Stewart
Howard Noble Stoner
Albert Henry Wagner
Ernest S. Wagner
Verner V. Wallace
John P. Warren
Thomas N. Weatherwax
Merl Harold Yeager

Russell Adams
Guy C. Ank
Richard Y. Ank
Wayne Petty Ashby
Delmar Aurand
Edward B. Aurand
George H. Aurand
Charles Bashaw
Donald J. Bear
John B. Becker
Lawrence Bender
Gustave H. Benson
Charles F. Berkstresser
William I. Berkstresser
Rusel Bird
Allen Weidman Bower
Flave E. Bower
Herbert Willis Bradley
C. Bradeley
Bert G. Buckwalter
Raymond B. Buckwalter
Samuel C. Campbell
Charles H. Carley
Frederick R. Carley
Walter E. Clay
Samuel P. Colehour
Fred E. Coleman
Stewart Cotter
George Franklin Councilman
George Cross
Richard Dale
Wilbur D. Davis
Cecil Sheldon DeNier
Wallace Leslie Derrer
Clifford Deyo
Neale Duncan
Ralph Melvin Eaton
Earle E. Edmonds
Freeman Eisenbise
Sherman Edwin Elliott
Paul L. Emmert
Harry M. Everhart
Harvey Kyle Eyler
Lewis P. Ferris
Robert Andrew Ferris
Vernon Foster
Ralph L. Frazer
Charles Gable
Ralph E. Garman
Ralph Elwyn Gillogly
Charles Ginther
George Ginther
Harold W. Graham
Hommer D. Grimm
Samuel C. Grimm
Herman Handel
Lee D. Hannes
Charles Hartman
Jesse Harold Hartman
Raymond M. Hartman
Ward Hartman
Roy L.Holman
Preston Ivey
Lawrence Francis Isenhart
Oliver Jones
Lawrence Merle Kaufman
Vernon David Kaufman
Fred F. Keller
Lloyd C. Keltner
Lewis Ray Kentner
Frank Kreuder
Hans Kronberg
Ralph R. Leigh
Leigh W. Ludwick
Harry Samuel Mahood
John Philo Mahood
Frank McCray
William McCray
Pierce William McKee
Don J. Merritt
Walter D. Merritt
George Francis Messmer
Owen P. Miles
Theodore Miles
William Miller
John P. Morgan
William F. Morhardt
Ray T. Moyer
Carol E. Myers
O.W. Orr
William E. Patterson
Leigh N. Patton
Edward Phillips
Neptune S. Phillips
Ernest A. Poffengerger
Paul Ashbrook Pratt
Albert T. Rawlins
Earl W. Reeder
Theodore Winter Reedy
Earl M. Rice
Edward A. Richter
Ervie Ritenour
Arthur Joseph Ross
Harry Patton Ross
Fred Lee Sack
Harold Henry Schroeppel
Herman F. Schroeppel
Arthur G. Seiple
Frank D. Siedenburg
Charlie Dustin Sisler
Glenn Sisler
Thomas A. Sisler
Charles Leslie Smith
Wilbur L. Sweitzer
Earl C. Sword
Robert Logan Taylor
John William Thompson
Robert A. Tipton
Fay C. Van
Julius Victor Wagner
Harold Warfield
Glenn S. Wise
Herbert F. Wolter
Harry H. Wootan
Clarence Wood
Henry E. Zurlinden

Paul D. Adams
Earl J. Alcorn
E.R. Allen
John Frazey Altenbern
William Burton Arnold
Charles H. Bilhorn
Charles Harry Barth
John C. Barth
Herbert Barthel
Shirley T. Bashaw
Earl Batchelor
Ralph Bates
Henry A. Becker
Frank W. Benbow
Irvin Charles Benedict
Harry Benz
Joseph Berner
Louis O. Berner
Warren K. Berner
Charles A. Bertholf
Edwin Bimm
Arthur Blair
Robert C. Blair
Arthur R. Bogue
George G. Bogue
Alfred L. Boothby
Hershey L. Bowen
Albert Bowman
Francis Bradley
James L. Bradley
Frank Brennan
George C. Brennan
Harry Brennan
Virgil F. Briggs
William E. Builte
Grant Delevan Bundy
Burt D. Bush
Charles A. Byrnes
William Cain
Robert Henkle Cassell
R.L. Clark
Francis Connors
Germain S. Conners
John Leo Connors
Henry E. Cooley
George H. Cottral
Max Cottral
Otto Cox
Harry E. Coyle
Jennings B. Craig
Orville C. Cromer
Rufus Cunningham
Earl Curtts
William Paul Daly
Harold Daugherty
Julius Otto Dauphin
John August Dion
Glenn Douglas
Mike H. Downs
Harry P. Doyle
Harry P. Dyer
George Washburn Ellinor
True F. Elliott
Wm. McKinley Ellithorpe
Earle Ernest Engleking
James R. Enright
Walter Raymond Ervin

Charles H. Farr
Harry Fehler
Charles Ferris
Clifford Follett
Samuel G. Fosdick
Peter Hans Fransen
George A. Freeman
Argus Frutchey
Clayton Frutchey
Logan Fulrath
Harold A. Galloway
Louis Garcia
Cacetta Gattena
Ralph D. Gillogly
Levi Gleason
Fred Isabia Good
Robert Grant
Edwin Herbert Green
Walter V. Green
Burton B. Greenleaf
Harold Greenleaf
Albert M. Greison
Walter K. Greve
Hans Peter Grieson
Cecil P. Gunn
Ray R. Gunn
Clarence Haas
Ernest W. Haas
William Z. Hammerstein
August Handel
Jens C. Hansen
Jerry T. Hansen
Peter M. Hansen
Richard E. Hansen
W. Harry
Allen C. Hart
Arthur Hatfield
Perry Hatfield
William H. Hatfield
Herbert Oliver Herrington
Earl Hess
John H. Hinze
Lee Reginald Homedew
Rudolph G. Hoffman
Jason Paul Hoover
George Arthur Howe
Dr. Harry Howe
Spencer S. Howe
Walter R. Irwin
Warren Edwin Jamieson
K. James
Chris Jensen
Carl C.. Johnson
Julius B. Johnson
Levin Johnson
Victor Alfred Johnson
Jesse Jones
William Wilton Jory
Ile. Julien
Eugene H. Kane
Charles Kennan
John James Keenan
William M. Keenan
Russel G. Kenyon
Chester Harvey King
Fay L. King
Lyle William King
Charles Leslie Kling
John Klinger Jr.
Mark H. Klugh
Adelbert Knickerbocker
John F. Kreuder
Martin B. Kugler
Dewey Lahre
Paul Lahre
Clarence Lambert
John G. Lampe
Ernest Lang
Charles LaShelle
Boyd Law
Ives Law
Judd C. Law
Charles L. Leavens
John Lederman
Edward Lewis
John Linderman
Thom Linderman
David M. Listebarger/Listenberger
Raymond Listenberger/Listebarger
Orville Lopp
Marion T. Loughran
Albert E. Lumsden
John Warren Lumsden
George J. Lundy

John Logn Machen
William Madison
Vernon H. Mann
Walter George Manon
Fred John Manthey
Charles H. Marth
Virgil L. Marth
Claude R. Mason
Lewis Renwick May
Lorrin W. McBride
Frank McCoy
Bertrand J. McElin
Gerald McElin
Leo Ambrose McGrail
Floyd Lawrence McGrath
Will McMahan
Arthur Menneke
Guy Vernon Mercer
Wiliam S. Meyers
Ora Mick
Paul K. Miles
Frederick M. Miller
Lawrence L. Miller
Alexander Mitchell
Franklin C. Mitchell
Thomas J. Morgan
John F. Monty
Guy H. Moore
Talmage John Morehead
Thurman W. Mowry
Clarence C. Mullen
Robert B. Muellen
Edward L. Mullin
Leo Carl Nast
C.W. Nellis
John Ira Nesbitt
Clyde W. Nettleton
Bruce Nichols
Frank S. Nicoletti
Carmello Nogora
James Adam Nolan
Wilbur James North
Albert C. Notz
Fracisco Ojeda
Lawrence J. O'Neale
Clifford A. Parker
Charles Eugene Patton
Ned Paul Patton
Michael Pavolick
Michael Pawlick
Lynn A. Pease
Phil Peltier
V.P. Phillips
Alfred McEwen Pierce
Parker P.Pierce
Austin Phillips
Irvin Plattenberger
John Edward Powell
Dan Webster Quinn
Harry A. Radke
Otto A. Radke
John F. Raish

George E. Raymond
Bernard P. Reese
Leonard Reitz
Clifford A. Ritchie
Daniel Ritenour
Elmer Earl Ritenour
Ervin William Ritenour
Frank Ritenour
George Dewey Ritenour
Harry Ritenhour
Theodore Roosevelt Ritenhour
Ross R. Roberts
Benjamin Rogers
Frank Rogers
Edwin E. Rolphe
Christian Rosenkranz
Earle A. Ross
Harry H. Ross
Ray C. Ross
Charles E. Runyan
Robert E. Samons
John Sazma
Clarence Schmidel
George B. Schmidel
William A. Schmidel
Gus Schneck
Bernard Francis Schunder
T.L. Schunder
Joseph B. Schreiter
Edward J. Schueller
C.H. Schuneman
Frank Schwartzinger
Ted Serrerier
Allen D. Shaw
James F. Sheller
Melvin Shrake
George W. Shreve
Le Shreve
Albert L. Smith
Gervase E. Smith
Guy Smith
Orrin L. Smith
Wayne Lloyd Smith
Eber D. Shepherd
Harrison J. Shepherd
Virgil Shoemaker
Charles Speck
Isadore Speck
Leo Speck
Walter S. Speer
James Spiliotis
Marcellus Stangl
Vernon Staples
Maurice Stark
Roy Evarts Stevens
Lester N. Stoltenberg
Fred Storm
Harry Stulken
John V. Sullivan
Henry C. Tack
Olin W. Talbott
Fred W. Thain
Ralph A. Thain
Jack Thompson
James O. Thulen
John Toban
E.D. Tobias
William Tofft
Lindsay Trader
William Max Treichel
Burton P. Turney
Irvin Francis Tyler
George Ulmer
Arling C. VanBibber
Herbert VanBibber
Paul Samuel Wallace
William Samuel Wallace
Albert W. Warfield
James V. Warfield
Ernest Judson Waterman
Steve Waterman
Eugene Weatherall
Joseph Weatherall
Arthur N. Wellinghoff
Clarence Wentz
Claude LaForest Westfall
Ray R. Westfall
Wayne E. Whistler
Bernard Lyle White
Frank Widick
Claude Wilcox
Frank S. Wilder
Rollin L. Williams
Harold H. Wilson
Charles G. Winkey
Will H. Winkey
Fred Christian Withhart
Edward Wolf
Otto Wolfe
Henry Albert Woodill
Edward A. Wurster
Frank E. Yates
Sam Yates
Adam H. Yoekel
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Milford Earl Baum
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Claude Mastin Cheeseman
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Ralph Barry Crabtree
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Irving H. Earlenbaugh
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Harry Frye
Irvin Wesley Hartman
Claude L. Johann
Harry William Johann
Edward H. Kampmeier
Joseph E. Keninger
William Joseph Kennedy
Bert Wesley Kuhlemier
John Walter Marsh
James M. Messner Jr.
Boerner William Miller
Frank J. Miller
Jessie L. Miller
Charles F. Moon
Francis Mowry
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Gerald E. Mullarky
William Royal Northey
Raymond Henry Parker
Paul H. Prutzman
Grover Edward Reddington
Leo Clinton Reddington
Elmer Noble Riley
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George Paul Sandrock
Arthur R.Shirk
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Ray B. Morgan
John Addison Melendy
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Fred Pearson
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Andrew A. Prins
Claude H. Rice
Victor Elwin Spencer
Fred Jacob Sterenberg
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Glen F. Wilt
Milford Yates

Fred William Arians
LeRoy Bunch
Joseph F. Butler
Eugene Cain
James Collins
Ambrose W. Cool
Roy E. Crull
Tim Decter
Ernest Leroy Frey
Frank A. Frey
Robert Kelly
Benjamin Lester
Harry Manos
William McGregor
Harold G. Mentzer
Owen T. Redwine
Charles A. Schuman
Guy D. Scoville
Ralph F. Shope
Joseph Tepler
Charles G. Uhrhammer
Robert Wallace Weidenhammer

Mrs. W.A. Adams
Bertha Mary Alexander
Ruth LaShelle
Lucille Elizabeth Porter
Mrs. O.H. Rahn
Mrs. Burget Runnels
Harvey L. Spealman
Dr. G.W. Turner
Elsie May Withhart

A.S. Babb
C.N. Jenks

The Mirror Democrat November 10, 2004
Carroll County Observes Veterans Day Thursday
by Jan VanBuskirk

Americans across the nation will celebrate Veterans Day this week by having a day off work, participating in or watching a parade or attending a ceremony at a cemetery, but too few really know how the holiday began.

Veterans Day was originally known as Armistice Day. It was celebrated on Nov. 11 to commemorate the armistice, or end of fighting in World War I at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 1918 the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

In 1921, an unknown World War I American soldier was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. The site, on a hillside overlook the Potomac River and the city of Washington, D.C., became the focal point of reverence for American veterans.

Similar ceremonies occurred earlier in England and France, where an unknown soldier was buried in each nation's highest place of honor. These ceremonies all took place on Nov.11.

Armistice Day officially received its name in America in 1926 through a Congressional resolution. It became a national holiday 12 years later by similar Congressional action.

If the idealistic hope had been realized, that World War I was "the War to end all Wars," Nov. 11 might still be called Armistice Day. But only a few years after the holiday was proclaimed, war broke out in Europe and 16.5 million Americans took part. A total of 407,000 of them died in service, more than 292, 000 in battle. Realizing that peace was equally preserved by veterans of World War II and Korea, the U.S. Congress was requested to make this day an occasion to honor those that have served America in all wars. In 1954, President Eisenhower signed a bill proclaiming November 11 as Veterans Day.

On Memorial Day 1958, the bodies of two more unknown Americans 0 one killed in World War II and the other in the Korean War - were brought from overseas and buried in the plaza beside the unknown soldier of World War I.

In 1973, a law was passed providing for the burial of an unknown soldier from the Vietnam War, but none was found until 1984 and then he was laid to rest beside the others. To honor these men and all Americans who gave their lives in wrs, an Army honor guard keeps day and night vigil.

A law passed in 1968 changed the national commemoration of Veterans Day to the fourth Monday in October. But it soon became apparent that Nov. 11 was a date of historic significance to most Americans. Therefore, in 1978, Congress returned the observance to its traditional date.

The focal point for official national ceremonies for Veterans Day continues to be the memorial amphitheater built around the Tomb of the Unknown. At 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, a combined color guard representing all military services executes "Present Arms" at the tomb.

The nation's tribute to its war dead is symbolized by the laying of a presidential wreath followed by a bugler playing taps.

Every year the President of the United States urges all Americans to honor the commitment of our veterans through appropriate public ceremonies. The American Legion is an active participant in most of these ceremonies.

This year, as a tribute to the Carroll County veterans who served in World War 1, Alice Horner of California, a descendant of the Preston and Downing families who were some of Carroll County's earliest pioneers, has transcribed for the historical website, the "Carroll County Honor Roll," a book which includes hundreds of pictures and biographical sketches of World War I veterans, as well as a small reference to the Red Cross nurses.

Horner, who has contributed a great deal of Carroll County historical data to the website has been honored for her work by being named "Featured Transcriptionist of the Month."

To go directly to the Honor Roll section of the website, visit

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