To The
Carroll County IL
Fifty Years + Plus

Donald and Lucille (Stoner) Adams 50th

Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Bent

Lester and Mary (Wolf) Brand

Mr. & Mrs. Albet V. & Jennie H. (White) Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Crofton

Mr. & Mrs. Dan and Dora (Weidman) Dauphin

James and Sarah Louise (Todd) Ethridge

Lake & Luvia (Bashaw) Flickinger - 70th Anniversary

Herman & Laura (Carey) Francke - 50th Anniversary

Jacob & Mary (Ripper) Getz - 50th Anniversary

Paul & Clara (Nowaczyk) Grim - 50th Anniversary

S.D. Manning - 50th Anniversary

Paul & Norma (Bingner) Meier

Robert & Sue (Reynolds) Michael

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Millard

D.M. and Mary (Lichty) Miller

George & Rosa Belle (Fahrney) Olmstead

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Quest

Mary (Joy) and John W.B. Roberts - Savanna

Mr. & Mrs. John Sauer - Milledgeville

Harry & Bertha (Mock) Stinemyer 50th Anniversary - Milledgeville

Romanzo G. and Eugenia Shumway 50th Anniversary

Mark & Martha J. (Wells) Thomas

Lyle & Martha Ruth (Fleming) Westzell 50th Anniversary

James and Matilda (Frazier) Williams 60th Anniversary