Carroll County Illinois History
A Glance At The Early History Of Carroll County
Old Historical Reminiscences and Outlines of
The County as Compiled by
Volney Armour, Esq.,
And Read On July 4th, 1876
Carroll County Mirror, July 7, 14, 21, 1876

This Historical Material Furnished From the Files of the
Lanark Public Library 1980

Transcribed April 2007 by Alice Horner
With Permission of Janie Dollinger

Alice Horner's Notes: Volney Armour's original text featured long paragraphs of more than a page. Writing in this format may have been acceptable in Volney Armourís day, but modern readers donít have the patience to read such text, and researchers looking for people and events in such paragraphs wonít readily find them. So I am taking the liberty of dividing some of the bigger paragraphs to make them easier to read. And if some of the text sounds familiar, it's because it apparently served as the basis of the early county history section written in the History of Carroll County, Illinois 1878, which was published in Chicago by H. F. Kett. But the text in the book does not appear to me to be an exact duplication of this text.

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