To The
Carroll County Cemeteries

Transcribed & Contributed by Carolyn Johnson

Transcribed from photocopy of transcription obtained by Marilyn Carter in the early 1980s. Please note that although I believe to to be correct, it has not been proofread.

COPIED FROM THE BIBLE IN POSSESSION OF _____________, Thomson, (Carroll Co.) Illinois;

This Certifies that the Marriage Contract between George B. Griswold of Thomson, Carroll County, Illinois, and Rose A. Shoemaker of Thomson, Carroll County, Illinois was duly solemnized by me at the Home of the Bride on this Twenty Third day of April One Thousand and Eight Hundred and Sixty Three

Witnesses Present: Hubbard Dyson
Syrena [sic] Shoemaker /s/ Charles Sherwood, Minister of the Gospel


Geo. B. Griswold, February 3d, 1832
Rose A. Shoemaker, December 5th, 1842

Edgar, February 19, 1864
Infant, August 13, 1865
Oscar, July 28, 1866
Luella, June 20, 1870
Bennie, June 13, 1873
Loretta, June 26, 1875
Charlie, March 8, 1878
Dollie Sophia, July 18, 1881

Infant, Died Aug 16th, 1865, aged 3 days
George B. Griswold, May 19th, 1911, 79 yrs 3 mo 16 days
Edgar Griswold, Nov 22 1922, 58 years
Oscar C. Griswold, Jan 28, 1926, 59 years, 3 mo
Ben Griswold, March 17, 1929, 57 years
Rosanna Griswold, Nov 24, 1932, 89 yrs, 11 mo, 24 days
Loretta Dyson, June 13, 1932, 56 yrs 11 mo, 13 days
Luella Gleason, Oct 6, 1947, 77 years, 3 months, 15 days

Geo. B. Griswold and Rose A. Shoemaker were married April 23rd 1863
(above in beautiful script)
Oscar Griswold and Cora B. were married Jan 9th, 1889
Edgar Griswold and Bessie Sanborn were married Sept 18 1890
Luella Griswold and Charles McKee were Married April 23,1891
Lorretta Griswold to Harry Dyson were married Dec 24, 1896
Bennie Griswold to Hattie Green were married Nov 24, 1897
Dollie S. Griswold to Art Atherton married Aug 11th 1903
Charles Griswold to Georgia Cusicks married April 27, 1912


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