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Carroll County Biographies


John Airhart, 14, came west with his parents in 1861 from Chambersburg, Pa. He helped build their first log cabin home on the farm now owned by August Roberts (1968) in Mt. Carroll Township. In 1873 he married Louise Hirschmiller who came west with her folks from Hagerstown MD., about the same time. Hirschmillers settled a mile east of Wacker. Louise watched the first railroad in Carroll county built right past her home. Engineer and fireman waved to her as its first woodburner chugged over the rails.

Louise and her parents moved to Center Hill by the side of the road (Hwy 64) on which Indians travelled to the reservatio. Louise and John were the parents of three sons - Albert, Daniel and John Henry and one duaghter Priscilla who became Mrs. Oscar Maurer.

John Henry Airhart (Jr) bought the Fish place in 1913 when his father John sold the Airhart farm to "Gust" Roberts. In 1917 the farm was named Spring Valley, for it excellent spring water.

In 1909 John Henry (Jr) married Nora Ellen Waymack, daughter of Wm. Edward Waymack from Virginia, whose boyhood playmates were negro slave children. Waymack left home at eleven to make his own way West, working for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy RR at Savanna. Nora's only brother, Wm. W. Waymack went from Savanna schools to Morningside Academy, SIoux CIty IA to become a Pulitzer-Prize winning editor of the DesMoines Register and Tribune.


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