Bela C Bailey was born 24 December 1817 in New York, the son of Bela & Elizabeth (Rich) Bailey. He was married first to Zilpha S. who was born about 1824 and died 13 July 1844. She is buried at the Argo Fay Cemetery. His children with Zilpha S. are :
1. Ollis Bailey born 22 February 1842
2. Orville Bailey born 17 January 1843
3. Infant Daughter ..

His second marriage was to Betsy Ann Bailey pictured here. There marriage occurred around 1847. Betsy was born in Feb. 1825 in NY the daughter of Elijah & Polly (Patchin) Bailey. Betsy Ann and Bela C. Bailey were the parents of:

4. Edward Bailey born 20 August 1848
5. C. Rollin Bailey born 10 September 1853
6. Frank R. Bailey born 12 September 1855
7. Emma Bailey born June 1861

Ollis Bailey married Ellen M. Burley in Whiteside County December 6, 1866 and there is an application there for a marriage to Mary B. Phillips 11 October 1873 but the license is missing. He is said to have married Anna Taylor in 1876 - but I've not found the date for this marriage. Anna's parents were Thomas & Honora Taylor, both born in Ireland, and His children with Anna were Mott, Nell and Rita .

Edward Bailey married Carrie Thompson 24 October 1872 in Henry Co IL. Later he married Eva Mae Chappelle - no date available. There were two children with Eva - they were Charles and Gertude.

It is not exactly known just where or when Betsy Ann Bailey died. She is pictured her around 1890 which would make her about 65 years of age.

Ollis Bailey, stepson of Betsy, had moved to Nemaha County KS by 1885-86 and he later died in Corpus Christi Texas in 1926. Family records show his burial in Tillman OK so he must also have made his home there for awhile.

Edward Bailey, the only surviving child of Bela C. and Betsy Ann Bailey, had also moved to Nemaha County KS by 1885. Edward's youngest child Gertrude was born in Nemaha County 19 November 1886 and Edwards' death is shown as 20 November 1886, just a day after her birth.

Its possible (and my guess) that Betsy made the move to Kansas along with the sons.. She would have had no reason to remain in Ilinois without her family.


Place & date unknown newspaper articles from scrapbook owned by Beverly Bailey Cogan, a great granddaughter of Ollis Bailey.

“Mrs. O. Bailey and children and Mr. Bailey’s aged mother (NOTE: Betsey Ann Bailey, died 12 Feb 1906) left us Tuesday for their new home at Frederick, Okla. Mr. Bailey loaded his car of worldly effects here Tuesday and left Wednesday with them for the same place. Mr. Bailey informs us that he has purchased lots in Frederick and will commence at once to erect a nice home thereon. He has also invested in a quarter section of land eight miles from there, besides having bid on land in the big pasture country for both of his daughters. Mr. Bailey has been one of our very best farmers since his residence of a few short years here, always taking the lead in so tilling his land as to reap the best rewards for his labor, and for which he has been well repaid. His departure is regretted by all advancers of improved farming methods. Mrs. Bailey and children have been esteemed by all good citizens and have a wide circle of friends who regret to see them leave, but all join with us in wishing them a bright and prosperous future."

“M.L. Kaffer and family of Minoo(can’t read) Illinois, arrived in Oklahoma Thursday of last week to make this their home. Mr. Kaffer recently purchased the O. Baily (sic) half section of land two and a half miles north of Billings. The family came in by way of Hunter and stayed with relatives west of town until Tuesday of this week, when they took possession of their elegant new home. Their car of household goods, farm implements and horses did not arrive here until Saturday. Monday and Tuesday was (sic) spent in unloading these goods and by now they are comfortably established with us. This family comes well recommended and may they receive a hearty welcome from one and all and take the place left vacant by Mr. Bailey and family. We heartily welcome the family to our best society and with the fine stock and good machinery Mr. Kaffer has brought with him hope he will take the lead with our best farmers.”

NOTEs: Photo of Ollis Bailey has written on back “O. Bailey 2 ½ N Billings Star Route 1-B ----clear.” House mentioned in Kaffer article perhaps built by Ollis Bailey, a man who was inclined toward elegant new houses.

TRANSCRIPTION BY RICHARD ALLEN COUCH, direct descendant of Edward Bailey (1847IL-1886KS), a brother of Ollis Bailey. Transcribed at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, 24 Mar 2005.

Thanks also to Roger L. Goodman

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