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Samuel Hall occupies a worthy position in the farming community of Salem Township, where he has a neat, well-ordered farm, on section 34, comprising twenty-five acres of fertile and highly-productive soil, which, by diligent and well-directed toil, he has brought to a high state of cultivation, and has it provided with comfortable buildings. Besides tilling his own farm, Mr. Hall rents other land, which he also cultivates very profitably. Our subject is a type of the citizen-soldier of this country who so nobly fought to prevent its downfall in the late Civil War. He was scarcely twenty years of age when he enlisted under the old flag, and he spent the opening years of his manhood on Southern battlefields, bravely enduring the hardships and privations of a soldier’s life with the patriotism and loyalty so common among the young men of that generation.

Mr. Hall comes of a sturdy New England stock, though himself a native of Bradford County, Pa., his birth occurring there Aug. 25, 1841. His father, Daniel Hall, was born near the city of Hartford, Ct., Aug. 22, 1791. His mother, whose maiden name was Olive A. Andrus, was born in Cornwell, Vt., Dec. 17, 1809. After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Hall settled in Bradford County, Pa., where they lived for several years, but finally came to Boone County, Ill., where they lived one year, and in 1846 came to Carroll County. They first located in Rock Creek Township, and one year later removed to Woodland Township, where they resided two years, and continued to make their home in Carroll County for some years after that. The father died of cholera in Bad Axe, Wis., May 16, 1855. His community was thus bereft of a useful, valued citizen, and his family of a kind husband and tender parent. His wife is still living with our subject. To them were born four children – Harriet, Jeremiah, Samuel, and John S. Jeremiah died in Joe Daviess County, Sept. 15, 1867.

Our subject was the third child in order of birth in that family, and he was but four years old when his parents left Herrick, Pa., the place of his nativity, and became pioneers of Carroll County. Here he was reared to a vigorous, self-reliant manhood, receiving his education in the public schools. He has since given his entire attention to agricultural pursuits, with the exception of three years in the army. He enlisted, Sept. 26, 1861, in Company E, 4th Illinois Cavalry, and took an active part in several important engagements in the exciting years that followed, among which was the capture of Ft. Henry and Ft. Donelson. He displayed good powers of endurance, notwithstanding the suffering and privations that the soldiers had to encounter, the measles being the only disease with which he was afflicted during the whole term of his enlistment. He was honorably discharged at Springfield, Ill., and returning to Carroll County, settled in Salem Township, and turned his attention to the peaceful pursuits of agriculture, with the success previously noted.

Mr. Hall is in every respect deserving of the trust and esteem in which he is held by all in this community, and his fellow-citizens have shown their confidence in his judgment, intelligence, and sound integrity, by electing him to the offices of Township Assessor and Collector, whose duties he discharged with characteristic honesty and fidelity, with a view to conserve the best interest of his neighbors and all the inhabitants of this locality, without regard to individual or party. In commemoration of his career as a soldier, he is identified with the G.A.R., as a member of George Kridler Post No. 575. He is earnestly interested in politics, and gives hearty support to the Republican party.

Contributed by Carol Parrish from "Portraits & Biographical 1889 Pg 1008

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