Mt. Carroll Township

John H. Hartman, a representative farmer living on section 12, in Mt. Carroll Township, was born in Union County, Pa., Oct. 21, 1821. His father, Benjamin Hartman, was born in Dauphin County, Pa., and his mother, whose maiden name was Catherine Moyer, was a native of Union County, Pa. In this latter county they first located after their marriage, and from there removed to Centre County, Pa.; staying there but a few years, they emigrated to Illinois, and in 1854 settled in Jo Daviess County, where they lived about ten years. At the end of this time they removed to Carroll County, settling on a farm in Mt. Carroll Township. In this place the wife and mother died, Sept. 28, 1870, and a year later the husband and father removed to Mt. Carroll village, where, after a week’s residence, he was taken suddenly ill, and died almost immediately, the date of his death being Nov. 17, 1871. Both had become well and favorably known in the county, and were justly held in esteem by every one who knew them.

Our subject was reared on the home farm, and remained with his parents until his marriage, which occurred in Centre County, Pa., Dec. 20, 1849, on which day he was united with Miss Mary Poorman. Her father was William Poorman, also a native of Pennsylvania, and her mother, Sarah Poorman, died in Centre County, Pa. The father, in 1868, emigrated to Carroll County, and thereafter made his home with his son Henry until his death, which occurred April 13, 1884.

After their marriage, our subject and his wife lived for five years in Centre County, Pa., and in 1854 came with his family to Illinois, making their home in Jo Daviess County until 1867, when he removed to Carroll County, and has ever since been a resident of Mt. Carroll Township. He has devoted his entire time and attention to agricultural pursuits and the raising of fine stock, and is the owner of one of the finest farms in this part of the county, comprising 400 acres of valuable land, which he has brought to a high state of cultivation, and which, in its buildings and other necessary adjuncts of the farm, shows the presence of a master mind.

Mr. and Mrs. Hartman are the parents of four children. The eldest, Albert T., is married to Miss Mary E. Ashway, and is a farmer in Mt. Carroll Township; they have three children – Maud E., Ida M. and Grace A. The next of our subject’s children was Catherine A., who died in Mt. Carroll Township April 6, 1878, at the age of twenty-six years. The third was Benjamin F., who is married to Miss Elizabeth Moyer, and also resides in Mt. Carroll Township; they have three children – George W., Edward and Beulah A. The youngest of Mr. Hartman’s children is William J. who still resides with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Hartman are very highly esteemed in the community where they live, and are especially active in church work, both being leading members of the Lutheran Church, of which for many years Mr. Hartman has been a Trustee. They have done much to support and encourage the work, and have contributed largely to its success. He is an ardent friend to any project tending to increase the welfare and happiness of his fellow man, and believing the drinking of intoxicating liquor to be the great curse of the age, he has devoted himself heart and soul to the cause of Prohibition. Carroll County holds within its bounds no more worthy and respected citizens than Mr. and Mrs. Hartman

Transcribed & Contributed by Carol Parrish - Portraits & Biographical 1889 Pg. 1002

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