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Frank Herrick, Millegeville' s oldest citizen, celebrated his 96th birthday April 24, 1974. Born in Pennsylvania, he came to Illinois as a young man and located in Tampico, where he worked on a farm. For a number of years afterward, he operated grain elevators for Armour and Company in Iowa and Illinois. "I moved around a lot during those years", said Mr. Herrick. "I guess it's like they say, `A rolling stone gathers no moss.'

Herrick came to Milledgeville about 50 years ago and opened a grocery store. He later moved to Morrison and operated grocery stores there and at Malvern, a small crossroads community north of Morrison. He still has a copy of one of the newspapers carrying his weekly ad that was printed in 1940. His stores advertised 25 pounds of flour for 70 cents, and 2 pounds of coffee for 45 cents. Wieners sold for 19 cents a pound, and T-bone steaks were 29 cents a pound!

About a quarter of a century ago, Herrick moved back to Milledgeville and worked in the local Gamble Store then operated by Ray Miller. He is now retired and lives with his wife, Edna, about two blocks from Milledgeville's business district. His only other relative is a nephew in California.

Herrick and his wife are both active members of the Community Baptist Church in Milledgeville. He is a 70-year member of the Morrison Masonic Lodge. The Herricks have a host of friends. "If you want friends, you've got to keep making them," he said. Herrick enjoys fairly good health for a man his age. A hearing problem has been helped with a hearing aid, enabling him to enjoy visiting with his friends. Every year, Herrick has a large garden and is proud of the large amount of vegetables that he raises. In addition to supplying their own table, much of the garden produce is given to neighbors and friends

Source: A Goodly Heritage Supplement #1 Spring 1975

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