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In the career of this gentleman is illustrated that of a man who began life dependent upon his own resources, and who, by a course of prudence, industry and economy, has worked his way up to a good position, socially and financially, among his fellow-men. His parents came to this county during the period of its early settlement, and battled with the elements of a new soil, together with the disadvantages and difficulties which were the invariable accompaniments of pioneer life. There was the distant market, the imperfect farm machinery, the slow and laborious transportation, and the often unremunerative price for crops which had been raised by hard labor and frequently in an unfavorable season.

Those times are long since past, and Mr. Kingery can now look upon his surroundings with a pardonable degree of satisfaction and pride. He has a good farm of 102 acres on section 17, in Rock Creek Township, which he built up from the primitive soil, inclosed it with fences, planted shade and fruit trees, erected a residence, a barn, and other necessary buildings, gathered together from time to time a goodly assortment of livestock and farm machinery, and is now accounted one of the well-to-do men of his township. Not only has he been successful financially, but he is a man of note in his community, where his upright course of conduct has made for him hosts of friends. In compiling a work of this description, it is such men as these whom the biographer delights to discover.

Our subject, a native of this county, was born Jan. 31, 1852, and is the son of David and Barbara (Emmeret) Kingery, the former of whom is still living in Mt. Carroll. The mother departed this life at her home in Mt. Carroll in 1864. Later David Kingery was a second time married. Benjamin F. was the second child of the first marriage. He was reared at the old home farm, where he became familiar with agricultural pursuits, which he has followed contentedly all his life. When 24 years of age he was married, in Mt. Carroll Township, Feb. 16, 1876 to Miss mary E., daughter of George and Christina (Bender) Sheller.

Miss Kingery was born, May 24, 1857, in Franklin County, PA and came with her parents to IL March 7, 1865. They settled in Mt. Carroll Twp., where her father secured land and spent his last years. Her mother lives in Mt. Carroll. In the accumulation of their fine property Mrs. Kingery has been the most efficient assistant of her husband, sharing equally with him the burden and heat of the day, and by her wise administration of her domestic affairs, has assisted him materially in laying by something for their future needs. They have no children, and are spending life together as they began, with a mutual interest, and are now enabled to live in comparative ease after so many years of toil, during which they have provided for themselves against want and anxiety in their declining years. Both are members in good standing of the German Baptist Church, and Mr. Kingery, politically support the principles of the Republican party.

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