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It would seem to the ordinary individual that the man who is comfortable supplied with this worlds' goods, has a pleasant home and a charming family, and the highest respect of his neighbors and fellow citizens, should be measurably content. With these good things the subject of this sketch seem to be surrounded,and, judging from his character and demeanor, he is duly thankful for the manner in which Providence has provided for him, or at least smiled upon his labors and efforts. We find him pleasantly located on section 2, in Freedom Township, where he has 160 acres of thoroughly cultivated land, with neat and substantial buildings, the residence being especially tasteful and attractive; a view of which, with its surrounding is given. Stock-raising enters largely into his farm operations, he keeping excellent grades of cattle, horses and swine.

The native place of our subject was Danube, Herkimer Co NY where he first opened his eyes to the light April 13, 1839. His father was Jeremiah Landt, Sr., also a native of the Empire State and who married Miss Nellie Eliza Ostrander, a native of the same State. After uniting their hearts and fortunes the parents settled contentedly down in in Herkimer County where they lived until the death of the father, which occurred about 1854, when he was 60 years old. The mother later removed West across the Mississippi into Cedar County Iowa, where her death took place about 1880. Their family consisted of seven sons and two daughters, all of whom lived to mature years. Six of these are now living.

The boyhood and youth of Mr. Landt were spent in his native county engaged in farm pursuits, and acquiring a common school education. On the 21st of January 1863 he was united in marriage with Orpha C. Decker and remained in his native county thereafter until February 1865. In that same year he made his way westward, coming to this county and settling in Freedom Township, where he has since lived. Five children have been born of this union - Edith M, Edwin C, John Randolph, Mabel E and Frederick N.

Mr. Landt readily adapted himself to the change from the Empire State to Illinois and in his cultivation of the prairie soil has met with uniform success. At the same time he has taken a genuine interest in the growth and development of his adopted county, and has aided in the advancement of his township as opportunity presented itself. He is especially interested in educational matters, believing in the establishment and maintenance of the public schools, has served as Trustee of his district and with his excellent wife has superintended the training of his children with affectionate and fatherly interest. Politically, he is a sound Republican, but has preferred to leave the responsibilities of office to other men, simply serving as Road Commissioner, and aiding his neighbors in carrying out the various worthy projects for the welfare of the community at large.

Mrs. Orpha C. Landt was born in Danube, Herkimer Co NY July 28, 1842 and is the daughter of Alvin and Melissa L. (Vandenburg) Decker, who were also natives of the Empire State. They settled in Herkimer county after their marriage and there spent the remainder of their lives. Their family consisted of 8 children, one son and seven daughter, all living.

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