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ZACHARIAH T. LIVENGOOD, for many years a minister of the Brethren church, is a man whose example and eloquent expounding of the Scriptures have not only been pleasing to his friends, but the source of continual good in his community. Mr. Livengood was born in Somerset county, Pa., December 13, 1849, being a son of Abraham and Fannie (Meyers) Livengood, the former born September 22, 1822, died February 13, 1890; and the latter born June 11, 1829, is still living. Z. T. Livengood grew up in Somerset county, and after coming to Carroll county, lived nine years on his first farm, nine years on the Telegraph road, nineteen years in Lanark and two years in Milledgeville. Z. T. Livengood, was a great-grandson of Peter Livengood, who came from Germany to flee from military service in his native country. The last named was born in 1730, and died 1826. He spelled his name according to the old German way, Leibundgut. The children of Abraham and Fannie Livengood were, Henry, born July 5, 1845; Elias P., born February 10, 1847; Zachariah T., born December 13, 1849; Joseph, born January 4, 1853, died June 12, 1903, at Seattle, Wash.; Mary M., born February 4, 1855 (married Henry Walker); David, born October 24, 1857, died November 9, 1875; Abraham L., born April 30, 1860; Anna Ellen, born November 30, 1862 (married Wilson Miller, November 30, 1881); William C., born March 14, 1865, died November 10, 1909; Sarah Ella, born July 31, 1867 (married Samuel Flickinger); Samuel Livengood, born December 5, 1869; John Z., born June 1, 1872, died March 19, 1874; and Frank Edwin, born September 4, 1875.

Zachariah T. Livengood was brought up on a farm, and for several years after leaving school, taught school himself, and farmed. He was finally made a minister of the gospel, taking charge of the Lanark mission when there were but seven members. During the quarter of a century he has been in the ministry, he has built up the churches at Milledgeville and Lanark, until they now have a membership of 250 souls each. He has built three churches, one at Bethleham, one at Milledgeville and one at Lanark. Eloquent and arousing in his sermons, he is considered one of the most powerful preachers of the Brethren church in this section.

Mr. Livengood was married November 26, 1872, at Lanark, Ill., to Belinda Hauger, born August 14, 1852, a daughter of Hiram J. and Elizabeth (Horner) Hauger, the former born December 1, 1831, and the latter, April 17, 1832. Mr. and Mrs. Livengood have had one son: John A., born July 29, 1876, married Cora Miller, June 13, 1906, and they live on a farm two miles south of Lanark. Mr. Livengood owns eighty acres of land in Rock Creek township, two miles south of Lanark, and a beautiful modern home in the city of Lanark. He is a man whose good works cannot be measured by any human rule, for much is never known on the outside. His charities are many, and his sympathies broad, and his people admire, respect and love him, and feel bound to him by ties that extend over a lifetime.

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