W.P. Long - Nursery - P. O. Falls City. Commenced business in 1872. He has forty acres of hedge plants and other stock; fruit trees, berries, grapes, etc. Mr. L. was born in Huntingdon County, Pa., December 3, 1842. His father has been engaged in the nursery business about thirty-five years, and W. P. has been at it all his life. He was raised in Carroll County, Ill., where his parents moved about 1848, and from there he came to Nebraska in 1872, and settled in Richardson County. Mr. L. was married in Carroll County, Ill., to Miss Eshelman of that county. They have six children living, Charles, Nellie, Lindley, Howard, Jessie C. and Fred.

Source: Andreas History of the State of Nebraska - Richardson County

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