Carroll County IL Biography

The most valuable heritage that a man may leave to the state or nation is children that will uphold the tenets of true faith in right living and right thinking, by industry, honesty and conscientious attention to the duties of life; and although James H. Millard, an early California pioneer, lived but a short time after coming to Los Angeles county to make his home, his two daughters have rendered splendid service to the city and county and have kept his name and his memory alive. They are Mrs. R. D. Lowry and Mrs. Thomas E. Robinson.Mr. Millard was a native of New York state, born in Steuben county, March 20, 1830, the son of Henry D. and Elizabeth (Hadley) Millard, both descendants of old New York families, his father being engaged in the lumber business. James H. Millard was reared and educated in New York state and in Illinois , his parents removing to the latter state when he was about twenty years of age. In that state he taught penmanship in Carroll and Ogle counties for several winters and later engaged in farming, following this latter occupation for about ten years. He then engaged in the agricultural implement business in Carroll county until his health failed, when he removed toSterling , 111., and retired from active business life. In 1877 he came to California on a visit and determined to remain, having become immediately enamored of the country and the climate. He established a home at Duarte , but lived to enjoy it only about fifteen months, passing away May 12, 1878. The marriage of Mr. Millard and Miss Elizabeth Irwin took place October 26, 1853, in Steuben county, N. Y., and the death of Mrs. Millard occurred in Los Angeles December 29, 1905. There were two children born of this union, both daughters, who have since made their homes in Los Angeles.Of these daughters, Rosamond D. married Hiram N. Lowry, a native of Illinois , born in Carroll county. He came to California as a young man, locating in Eureka , Humboldt county, where he was employed in teaching in the public schools the while he pursued his law studies. Later he was admitted to the bar of the state, being at that time only twenty-one years of age. In 1873 he came to Los Angeles , teaching school for a few years, after which he practiced law until his death, in 1883. Mrs. Lowry has continued to make her home in Los Angeles , having resided on West Fifteenth street near Hill for almost thirty-five years. Her marriage to Mr. Lowry occurred in Los Angeles in May, 1877. In the real estate business she has made many large transaction^ from which she has realized a handsome profit. The other daughter, Alice, was married to John P. McNamer in 1881. He was born in Carroll county, 111., and received his education at Beloit College , at Beloit , Wis. Coming to Los Angeles in 1873, for several years he was engaged in teaching school, but in the early '80s he retired, and in 1884 passed away. Mrs. McNamer was later married to Rev. Thomas E. Robinson, whose death occurred in 1906. Since that time the two sisters have made their home together at the residence of Mrs. Lowry on West Fifteenth street .

Contributed by Nanette White

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