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REV. DANIEL M. MILLER, (deceased), whose life was spent in faithful ministrations to the troubled souls of his fellow-men and whose eloquence and piety brought many into the fold, was born in Somerset county, Pa., November 22, 1829, a son of Samuel and Mary (Lichty) Miller, the former born August 16, 1833. Mrs. Miller was a daughter of John C. and Elizabeth Lichty, both natives of Somerset county, Pa. Samuel Miller was born about 1830, in the same county as his wife. They were members of the Dunkard Church, and brought up their children in the same faith.

Daniel M. Miller grew up in a Christian house-hold, and early determined to become a clergyman, so studied to that end, and was ordained a minister of the Dunkard Church. He was a man of strong character, and, able to control himself, could lead others. Through his instrumentality, the creed of his church was spread abroad, and many were benefited by his preaching and the example of his godly life. His work as a preacher commenced in his native county, where he bore the affectionate title of “farmer preacher,” and when in 1864, removal was made to Carroll county, Ill., he came possessed with the idea of extending his field of operation. He bought 160 acres of land in Wysox township, and there established a home, building on it a beautiful house. Eventually he became the owner of 256 acres of land. This continued to be his residence until 1908, when he moved to Milledgeville, and lived with his son-in-law, Silas Turner, where his widow still resides. There occurred his death, June 21, 1908.

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