Simon P. Renner

Freedom Township

Carroll County Biography

The subject of this notice, who has not quite reachd his three-score years, would pass for a gentleman much younger, as he retains much of the stirring energy of his youthful days. He has accomplished much during the years of a busy life, has been successful financially, and as a citizen has made a record worthy of more than a passing mention. He owns and operates 420 acres of land on section 3, and while this has necessarily occupied a large amount of his time and attention, he has ever had in view the welfare and advancement of the community around him. Public-spirited and liberal, he uniformly gives his support to the various worthy measures claiming his attention from time to time, ever has an open hand for those in need, and a ready sympathy for those less fortunate than himself.

Our subject was born in Washington county, MD Dec. 29, 1829 and is the son of William Renner by his first wife, Susan Slanker. They were both natives of the same county as their son, were there reared and married, and there the mother died, her remains being laid to rest in the cemetery at Washington county MD. Of this union there were two children, the other, besides our subject, being his sister Rebecca. She is now the wife of Hubh B. Taylor of California.

William Renner in due time contracted a second marriage with Miss Mary A. Rench, and they removed from Maryland to Zanesville Ohio, where they sojourned two years. Their next residence was in Mt. Morris, Ogle County, this State, but there they only lived a short time, coming then to this county, and living a year in Elkhorn Township. At the expiration of this time the returned to Ogle County and resided two years in the vicinity of Mt. Morris. From there they removed to Cherry Grove, Freedom Township, this county, whence after three or four years they made another removal to a farm on Section 8, along Plum River, in the same township. In the fall of 1874, they left the farm and took up their abode in Lanark, where they sill reside. Of the second marriage of William Renner there were born nine children, six of whom are living.

The subject of this sketch was but 18 months old at the time of his mother's death. In 1837, after the second marriage of his father, he accompanied him and his stepmother to Illinois, and was reared to man's estate mostly in this county, receiving his education in the common school. He has been mostly engaged in farming pursuits, although in 1851 he served an apprenticeship of one year at the trade of mason, but this not being entirely congenital to his tastes, he then abandoned it. Probably the most interesting event of his early manhood was his marriage, which occurred Dec. 21, 1854 with Miss Elizabeth Swope, at the bride's home in Freedom Township. This lady is the daughter of David & Maria (Renner) Swope who were natives of Washington County MD., where the father died about 1834. Mrs.Swope then removed to Ogle County and was subsequently married to Baltzer Neighoff. They settled in Freedom Township, this county, where the death of Mr. Neighoff occurred about 1879. Mrs. Renner was the only child of her mother by the first marriage; she likewise was born in Washington County MD AUg. 26, 1829, and lived with her mother until becoming mistress of a home of her own.

The five children born to Mr. and Mrs. Renner are Adeline who died when an infant of 11 months; Hrriet was taken from the home circle when an interesting maiden of 16 years; Joseph F. died at the age of 5 years; Charles E. and George O. the only remaining children are at home with their parents. Mr. Renner cast his first Presidential vote for Fremont, and affiliated with the Republican party until his warm interest in the temperance movement led him to identify with the Prohibitionists. Although no office-seeker, he has officiated as School Director a number of years and has always maintained a warm interest in educational affairs. Both he and his wife belong to the Church of God, in which our subject is an Elder, and one of its chief pillars.

The bump of benevolence has been largely developed in both Mr. Renner and his excelletn wife. Besides their own children, they have performed the part of parents to three others - two girls and one boy; Anna M. Spurgeon, who has lived with Mr. adn Mrs. Renner since a child three years of age. Ellen Spurgeon married Charles Stephenson, and lives near St. Louis. The boy, Albert E. Renner, married and lives in Adair County Iowa.

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