Daniel A. Renner

Carroll County IL Biography

A plain, unassuming man, with much latent force of character, Mr. Renner is spoken of as one of the most reliable members of his community, who has been honest and upright in his dealings, and given his influence and support to those measures calculated to uphold the standard of morality and good order in his community. Quiet and unobtrusive in his manner of living, he has never, perhaps, made any great show in the world, but those of his neighbors who have any worthy object in view, or any charitable design to execute, know that they will not apply to him in vain for assistance. In religious matters he and his excellent wife are members of the Church of God, and, politically, Mr. Renner is a strong supporter of Republican principles. He has been School Director in his district, but aside from this has avoided the responsibilities of office.

The son of one of the early pioneers of Freedom Township, this county, our subject was born at the old Renner homestead on section 9, June 8, 1852. His parents, William and Mary Ann (Rench) Renner, were natives of Washington County, Md., and their family consisted of ten children, namely: John, William, Samuel, Mary Jane, Maggie, Theo, Eli P., Ann, David, and Daniel A. Further reference to the family will be found in the sketch of Simon P. Renner, elsewhere in this volume.

Our subject was the youngest child of his parents, and no event of any great importance transpired during his boyhood and youth, as he lived quiet on the farm, assisting as he was able in its various employments, and pursued his studies mostly in the winter season at the district school. Shortly after reaching his majority he was married, Oct. 16, 1873, to Miss Alletta Jane Buckley, and the young people commenced their wedded life together at Cherry Grove Township. Mr. Renner had very little financial assistance at the outset, but his native energy and industry served him well in the place of capital, and in the course of time he found himself on solid ground financially, investing his money in land until he became the owner of 502 acres. This comprises his present homestead, a part of which he took possession of in 1877. He effected many improvements, laying fences and erecting buildings, and after bringing his land to a thorough state of cultivation, gave his attention largely to stock-raising, in which he is a present interested.

Mrs. Alletta (Buckley) Renner was born in Berreman Township, Jo Daviess County, this State, Oct. 6, 1851, and is the daughter of the late Samuel and Lydia Ann (Aurand) Buckley; the former of whom died about 1864, in Indianapolis, Ind., and the latter is a resident of Loran, Stephenson County. Mr. and Mrs. Renner are the parents of three sons John W., William L., and Clarence E. The eldest is fifteen years of age, and the youngest twelve. They are bright and promising boys, in which the parents take a pardonable pride.

There came to the household of Mr. and Mrs. Buckley, the parents of Mrs. Renner, three sons and three daughters, whom they names, respectively: Alletta A., Wesley W., Susan A., Julius (deceased), Emma, and Samuel, who is a physician at Arcola, Ill., and has a large practice. It is hardly necessary to say that they are being given careful home training, and the education suitable to their means and station in life. It will be observed that there was a boy and girl alternately all through, which makes a very beautiful division.

Transcribed & Contributed by Carol Parrish from Portraits and Biographical 1889 Pg 966

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