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Christian Rosenstock, contractor and builder at Mt. Carroll, is widely and favorably known as one of its most thriving business men and valued citizens. He owns and occupies a fine residence in the midst of ample grounds, tastefully laid out, and forming a most pleasant retreat when the cares and labors of the day are over. Besides this valuable property he has six other lots in the city, and is generally considered well-to-do. He also has eighty acres of land in Butler County, Neb., adjacent to the town of Brainard; only one street dividing it from the city limits. His property has been accumulated by his own industry, and when necessary he even at the present day is not above labor.

Mr. Rosenstock was born in Germany, on the 6th day of September, 1822, and was given an excellent education in the schools of his native town. He was above the average in intelligence and ambition, and at the early age of sixteen years began laying his plans for the future. He was not satisfied with his condition or his prospects in the Fatherland, and accordingly set out along for America, landing in the city of Baltimore on the 21st of August, 1839. He accepted whatever employment he could find to do, and served an apprenticeship at carpentering, and later engaged as a journeyman. There also he took unto himself a wife and helpmate, being married in Washington County, Md., to Miss Sarah McGee, the wedding taking place Sept. 28, 1843. They continued to be residents of Maryland until the spring of 1855, and Mr. Rosenstock in the meantime had been engaged considerably at boat-building on the Potomac River.

Upon coming to Mt. Carroll in April of the years above mentioned, he employed himself at his trade, and saved what he could of his earnings, so that in time he was enabled to carry on business for himself. He has been concerned in the erection of many of the buildings of Mt. Carroll and vicinity. While his upright methods of doing business and his promptness in meeting his obligations has secured for him the patronage of the leading citizens of this part of the county. He is now in the midst of a flourishing business, with a fair prospect for the future. In the meantime he and his excellent wife have reared a large family of children, and given them the advantages of a good, practical education, besides helping those who have left home to a start in life. Their eldest daughter, Ann Elizabeth, became the wife of Mr. H. Boyer, is a resident of Iowa, and the mother of ten children. Mary J. married A. Carney, is also a resident of Iowa, and has seven children; William H. and Sarah J. are twins; they both live in Mt. Carroll, and are still unmarried; Susan B. lives in Nebraska, as housekeeper for her brother, J. W.; William is employing himself as a saddler, and Sarah is a dressmaker; J. W. and Scott W., also twins, are residents, respectively, of Nebraska and Iowa. Scott was married, and his wife died, leaving two children, who make their home with their grandfather; Kate, the youngest living, remains under the parental roof; one child, George H., died when one year old.

Mr. Rosenstock, politically, affiliates with the Republican party, and in religious matters is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mrs. Sarah (McGee) Rosenstock was born in 1823, probably in Pennsylvania, and at an early period in her life became a resident of Maryland, where she lived until her marriage. The father of our subject was Henry Rosenstock who spent his entire life in his native Germany. He was a well-educated man, and followed the profession of a teacher. His son, Christian, was often his assistant during the last few years of the latter’s sojourn in the Fatherland, and, as he was a good penman, often wrote the copy for the pupils. Had he desired, he could have succeeded his father in the school, but he preferred more active employment. The mother is now deceased. Henry Rosenstock departed this life about 1878.

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