John Rowland


Carroll County Illinois

John Rowland and his wife, Sarah, came from Maryland to Lanark in a covered wagon on their honeymoon in 1847. John bought approximately 1,000 acres of land at $1.25 per acre. They built a log cabin beside a spring about one mile north of Lanark. Armon Stover owns the farm and Roger Shrader lives there. Land purchased by John and Sarah Rowland is now owned by Reverend Merle Rowland Hawbecker and children, Doctor Byron, and Melvin Hawbecker, and Mrs. Dave (Elaine) Piesen.

John and Sarah Rowland had five children, three Sons and two daughters. Their son, George, married Hannah Zuck and they lived across the road, north from John and Sarah, where George farmed 200 acres. George and Hannah had four children: Bertha, Kathryn, Charles and Addie.

Aaron and Isaac Hawbecker came from Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and were employed as hired help on the Rowland farm. Aaron married Addie Rowland and they lived with her parents, the George Rowlands. Aaron and Addie Hawbecker had three children, Merle, Olive and Doris. After the George Rowlands had died and the Aaron Hawbeckers had retired, the farm was bought by Forrest Thompson, a grandson of George Rowland. In 1967, when Forrest Thompson died, he left the farm to his cousin, Merle Hawbecker and Merle's three children.

Thus this farm land, originally purchased in 1847, has remained in the same family thru five generations to 1975.

Source: A Goodly Heritage

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