Harry M. Rowland


Carroll County Illinois

HARRY M. ROWLAND, the able and efficient postmaster of Lanark, has various financial interests in Carroll county and is a native son of this section, being born in Cherry Grove township, December 10, 1873. His father was born in the same house as his son, the paternal grandfather, John Rowland, having come to Cherry Grove township by wagon from Pennsylvania, in 1847. John Rowland carried on farming in Carroll county the remainder of his life. Harry M. Rowland is one of the two children of C. P. and Sarah (Boyd) Rowland, and was reared on a farm. After attending the country schools of his native township he entered the high school at Lanark, leaving the institution a few weeks before the time of his graduation, in 1901, returning to the home farm. He lived in Cherry Grove township and was engaged in farming until his appointment to the office of postmaster, in 1910, since which time he has been a resident of Lanark. His commission was signed by President Taft, the office at Lanark being of the third class. His bond was filed on April 5 and he formally took charge April 19, 1910.

Mr. Rowland is stanch Republican and has given his party yeoman service in local affairs, acting as delegate from the county to several state conventions. He served eight years as county central committeeman of Cherry Grove township, and at all times endeavored to act for the best interests of his party and of the public in general. Mr. Rowland is a stockholder in the Exchange Bank at Lanark and was the owner of several good farms in the western part of South Dakota which he sold recently. He is well known in business and social circles and is popular with his many friends. Mr. Rowland married Sybil C., daughter of John R. Wolf, of Lanark. They have no children.

Contributed by Carol Parrish
Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Carroll County, Vol. II, Munsell Publishing Company, 1913, p. 881-882.

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